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Poetic Prose and Something Shiny

Sunday, November 8, 2009

If you all haven't figured out by now that I am a little quirky and off beat, well, I don't know about your mental health.  Perhaps by the end of the post you will get a sense of just how different the music I dance to is from the norm.  When I say music I dance to, I refer only to the beat, or beats rather that my mind constantly has running in my head.  Sometimes, just a soft whisper of a beat in the background, but still there.  Other times, it's loud and overtly evident by the bopping around I find myself doing in the kitchen, while there is no iPod, XM or radio playing.  I often hum, or whistle, or sing whatever the track of the day seems to be.  Occasionally it is the music of some endeared or beloved musician I have played one too many times, but more often than not, it is just random music of my own making.

The music anecdote wasn't really the point of this post, just merely my mind off track.  Geez...I do this a lot don't I?  I have a point, and I am getting to it.  I received a BOAT LOAD of awards.  Holy Rusted Metal Batman! (see my mind, Oy! even the stuff that just randomly pops in there is ridiculous)  Anyaward, my friend Cameron over at Conquer the Monkey bestowed me with like a gazillion awards.  I want to say a BIG thank you and *kiss her in public* cause I know most of you readers are into a little girl/girl action!  (PERVS). See the slideshow for all my new pretty shiny things, and the old ones too.  I LIKE PRETTIES!

(So, if you haven't been to see Cameron, go and see her.  She is smart and funny.  But not in the crude and often crass way I am.  She is poignant and clever, and witty and touching.  She talks about the fun, the serious, the world.  I love her take on things.  She asks all Monkey followers for input, and she is very interactive that way.  SO..I heart her, go see her!)

I shared that there is always some melody or beat, if even just lurking in the shadows.  In addition to providing me with a constant life soundtrack, my mind also finds the most inopportune times to fill with stories and characters.  I have always been a poet, since I can remember actually.  Just able to sit and let the pen flow to paper and the words just spill forth like a river flows.  My stories are different.  Not the kids stories I make up, those just come and go.  But, the worlds and the characters that I have developed, they are just like the fuzzy beat in the dark recesses of my mind, always there.  And like that beat that can be muffled at times, there are other times when those characters are as loud as a Live! Metallica concert.

When I lay down at night, or usually the wee, wee hours of the morning, when I am exhausted and ready to drift off to dream sweet nothings, that is usually when the characters want to come out to play their version of LIVE ROCK MUSIC.  And they don't let me just swim into the subconscious and play whilst I dream, no that would be too welcoming.  They are not gracious hosts.  They speak, and with voices I can't quiet, they demand to be heard when I lay my head to rest.  Not when there is pen and paper to capture their wit, not when there is a keyboard for me to transcribe their words and immortalize their conversations with each other.  My muse, she is a fickle bitch.

Last night was interesting though.  While one of my characters was awake, and singing, her opera was more fitting for poetic prose.  She stuck with me through my slumber and she lingers still.  Here is a bit of her story.

I walked along the beach as the sun began to set, the feel  of the cool salty water tickling my toes.
I felt the night pressing forward, upon my back.  Breathing down my neck.
A startled shiver ran down my spine and I looked to see what shadow lurked behind me.
Nothing, alone.  There was no person there, yet I felt the presence of what was on deck.

I walked toward the dune, and sat down in the soft white sand, the air cool, the night sky above.
The beach my place of solitude, a kind of respite from day, when the night is pressing in.
A bit a fear.  I feel the Presence.  It has the face of night.  Darkness, despair.
"I feel you here.  I see you not, yet I know you wait.  My soul will not let you take this win."

A voice from darkness, whisper on my neck, "You will be mine. I can show you pleasures you only imagine."

My heart stopped.  Missed a beat.  My breath escaped me.  Fear shivered me to my core.
A soft audible sigh escaped me as I spoke, "Immortality can hold no joy for me that I don't already know."
His voice melodic in my head came fast and furiously, "My kiss of Immortality shall bring you so much more."

I wanted to run.  To scream.  Get up, move, something.  I sat.  Still.  Frozen.  Contemplating. Considering.
What was wrong with me?  This is his mind fucking.  Get out of my head.  I own me.
"Your will belongs to you.  I will not choose for you, only offer what I have to give.  Life over death."
A choice to make.  Darkness be my day.  Day be my slumber.  Life traded for Immortality.

His velvet voice sang sweetly in my head.  Promises of companionship.  An oath of love and lust.
My mind began to fill with thoughts of the power, the trance, the wanting the need.
Wait.  The hunger.  I would thirst.  Thirst for the Liquid of Life.   Wine of Blood.  Blood to Wake.
My mind spoke up, she yelled, she screamed, "This warning I beg thee, please heed!"

My hands cupped around my neck.  I shivered.  Cocked my head to one side.  Exposed my pale neck.
I twisted my long red locks over my shoulder and shivered with fright.
I felt him kneel behind me.  His arms wrapped round my arms and chest.  His lips pressed against my neck.
Pierce.  Pain.  I felt cold.  I felt my death.  I dozed off.  I awoke, as a creature of the night.

Forever companion to The Night.

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I am a vampire fanatic.  Yes, I have read all the Twilight books.  I am obsessed with all things Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter written by Laurell K. Hamilton.  I watch True Blood.  Moonlight was my favorite show, and I am still pissed off at CBS for mucking that all up.

Anyblood, hope you enjoyed.  Go see Cameron.  Who doesn't need Monkey love?

As always, I leave you with Love!


Erin M. said...

Do you have tickets to New Moon yet?!?!? I can't wait!

This was fun to read!

Anonymous said...

I loved that vampire scene!

Alex said...

I fell in love with Anita Blake books too..dirty but good. :)

Mammatalk said...

I thought I detected a vampira vibe!

kys said...

Great read! I dabble in the vampire stuff myself. I'm missing True Blood!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Very good!! Are you going to post more??

Daffy said...

WOW! (...yeah, that's all I got...sorry :O)

Monkey love is good....

Congrats on the awards! You deserve them. I've gotten some recently and I just haven't passed them on yet. I'm sure you're on my list to pass them too! LOL I'll get to it one of these days....