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Movie Trivia - The Answers

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YOU ALL ROCK!  I enjoyed this game.  So I think we will do this one again.  Who  was the big winner you ask?  Hmmmmm????

She knew all of them but number #3

Honorable mention goes to Alicia.
She got all but #3 and  #6

So here are all the answers.  You guys ROCK for playing along!!!

1.) Ever After - 1998
"That was harsh Marguerite."  said by Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent played by Anjelica Huston
"You're just the same as me, a big nobody." said by Marguerite played by Megan Dodds

2.)  The Goonies - 1985
"I feel like I'm babysitting 'cept I'm not getting paid." said by Steph Steinbrenner played by Martha Plimpton

3.) Jerry Maguire - 1996
"But I still love you, ain't got nothin' but love for you." said by Rod Tidwell played by Cuba Gooding Jr.
I say this a lot.  I don't know why obscure passages stick with me.  So now if you read this from me, you know where it came from.

4.) The Godfather - 1972 (that was a good year, yeah, the year I was born!)
"In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns." said by Calo played by Franco Citti
This movie is a CLASSIC.  I can't believe some of you movie aficionados didn't know this one!  Just sayin'.

5.) Pretty Woman - 1990
"Can I call you Eddie?" said by Vivian Ward played by Julia Roberts
"The pressure...of a name....Cinda-fuckin'-rella!" said by Kit de Luca played by Laura San Giacomo
Seriously, I think I have seen this movie like a gazillion times.

6.)  Jumpin' Jack Flash - 1986
"Mick, Mick, speak English to me." said by Terry Dolittle played by Whoopi Goldberg

Thanks for playing! 

Noelle over a Because Nice Matters left me with two quotes to test my awesome skillz.
"It none of my nevermind." and  "These mashed potatoes are so creamy.  Mary mashed 'em"
I believe the first one is from the original The Parent Trap circa 1961 said by The Housekeeper, but I have no idea who played her.
The second is from While You Were Sleeping circa 1995 said by the mom Midge Callaghan, and I would have to look up who played her too.

If you have favorites that you would like to test my skillz on send em to me  and next week when we play again I will answer yours, to the best of my abilities!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I think I should get an honorable mention for being stupid, dammit.

Ed Adams said...

Yep, I had all of them.

Travis said...

And I think I should get a mention because I said, "Yeah, what K said."

Alex said...

Yeah, seeing I have three functioning brain cells, I'm on the stoopid list too.

Noelle said...

ok...i've got two for you:

"Oh, he's so full of manure, that man! We could lay him in the dirt and grow another one just like him."

"This dress makes me look like a Woolworth's lamp shade. I'm not wearing this dress."

gayle said...

I wanted to play,,,I really did but didn't know any of the answers!!

Anonymous said...

I like stuff like this cause it makes me realize I'm not the only one that remembers and uses obscure movie quotes in everyday convo's


PS How did I NOT remember the Jerry Maguire line???

Erin said...

Shoot, I shoulda known some of these! I LOVE Jerry Maguire. And anything with Julia Roberts...I suck at movie trivia.