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Calling all "Family" Members

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, yesterday I posted some fierce words.  Cause NOBODY messes with my friends in their space.  Our blogging community banded together, like we do, to make sure that everyone knew that, THAT kind of hate will not be tolerated.

But family is more than that.  We support each other in good times and bad.  And when someone is in need?  We call the family out in numbers.

My very dear friend Stephanie over at The Blue Zoo is having a rough time.  I want you all to go over and support her!  Her daddy is sick and her family needs our support.  Prayers.  Words of encouragement, and for those of you who can, and feel moved to, donations.  (There is a raffle for donations.  You could win some great stuff like a laptop.  I'm not saying that it was knocked off a truck or anything....but you know "FAMILY")

Now, get on over to Steph's place and give her your support. Or I'll bust out some knee caps. Kidding. Totally KIDDING.  Now...go.  Do!  Support!  LOVE YOUR FAMILY!

Comments are closed.  GO leave your words of LOVE for Steph.