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Think Jon Deserves the Douchebag Award

Friday, October 2, 2009

OK...let me start by stating that I really could give two shits cents either way, and I think they both suck for putting their eight children under a microscope but I gotta put this out there.

Notice:  I know that everybody just loves this show, but I don't watch (i have seen parts of a few episodes).  I have not been swept away by the TLC Phenomenon that is "Jon and Kate plus 8", nor will I be so moved to watch "Kate Plus Eight", whoa!  Slow down there sistah, apparently you have been issued a cease and desist order.  What?

So...apparently, Jon Gosselin went and filed an injunction with the courts, or his overpriced attorney did for him, after finding out that TLC had decided that their ratings drop was in fact due in whole part to the fact that he is a douchebag.  Yeah so, apparently, when Jon and Kate were parenting together in front of millions of viewers he had no problems with the cameras, cause he was making serious CAKE aka moolah!  But, since his paycheck is sure to be cut, suddenly the dbag has grown a moral compass.  Really Dbag?  You had no problems with it until they announced that they were dropping you from the show title!

Yes folks that's right, in efforts to remedy their popular show's ratings, where they chronicle the train wreck that was Jon and Kate, they are dropping Jon and renaming the show.  Or at least they were before aforementioned injunction.  (How come one of those smart executive types they(TLC) pay good money to didn't see that one coming before they issued that press release.)

Yes folks that right, TLC announced earlier this week that Jon would be playing a much smaller role in the chronicles of the Gosselin Family and they would focus on just Kate and the twins and sextuplets.  Afterall, poor Kate with all those kids trying to "play" single mom on a reality show is much more interesting than Jon running out sporting his much younger new girlfriend around town while trying not to look too obvious that he is loving the paparazzi attention is more sellable to their viewership right?

So, I don't have much more respect for Kate than I do for the douchebag.  One morning this week when I was watching Hoda and Kathie Lee, I was appalled by the account of events as relayed by Kathie Lee.  Kathie and her daughter were out in LA shooting some Suite Life on Deck episode and Mrs. Frank Gifford also made an appearance on Larry King Live while she was there.  Kate was on with Larry the same night.  Before Kathie Lee came out, and while Kate was still on set, Larry said Kathie Lee had some advice for her and asked her to stay.  Kathie Lee said she was in the Green Room (not sure why they have green rooms everywhere or why they are always a Gawd Awful Green, but I digress) and she was like what?  I do?  But once she got out on set she gave a heartfelt warning that she(KLG) too had enjoyed the spotlight and a show with great ratings.  That she made the decision to leave the show(for those of you living under a rock she used to be with Regis before Kellie Ripa), to go home and work on her family away from the media, paparazzi and American public butting their noses in where they don't belong.  Those weren't her words, I am basically paraphrasing here.  She basically said once you turn the cameras off we all lose interest and then she could focus on picking up the pieces.  Once they cut to break or whatever, Kate turns to someone in her entourage (publicist or body guard) and said "yeah, it's called a paycheck."

Hey Kate, you stupid bitch great mom you, your kids shouldn't be going through the stress and trauma of a divorce in front of cameras.  It's traumatic enough without a bunch of strangers(film crew) stomping through the middle of everything.  Also, perhaps you and the dbag needs some time without cameras to do some actual parenting.

These reality shows to me are the equivalent of the chat rooms of the 90s where non-personality pock mark faced, morbidly obese, social outcasts reinvented themselves into Adonis six pack laden Gods and Goddesses. You know before the digital camera became a household musthave.  These shows are not by any stretch of the imagination, REALITY.  AND getting paid, might I say a ridiculous amount of money, makes even the best of people change how they would normally act with no one around to film it.  It's got to be entertaining right?  or they won't tune in each week right?

It's more like when I threaten my children with torture before company comes and tell them that if they are not picture perfect angels while said company is visiting that I will turn into "Momzilla" when company leaves.  That's what they call me when I'm angry, isn't is GREAT?

So, Jon, you deserve a Big Douchebag Award!

Kate, turn the cameras off and take care of your children.  You will be sorry later if you choose the money over the mental health of your kiddos!


Ed said...

Jon is a serious Douche. Him and his Ed Hardy shirts.
Katie is an attention-whore. Anybody who would undergo plastic surgery just to look better on TV has serious self-esteem issues.

I hope the show tanks, and CPS hauls away the kids.

Ducky said...

Are you in my head? Because I thought the same thing listening to the fodder on the radio this morning. I can't stand Jon!

Kimberly said...

Stopping by via Daffy... I agree, never did care about that show, nor will I watch the newer version. They can piss off with all their heartache and problems, which of course, wouldn't have ever occured if they would have just stayed home and away from the camera's.

I love your rant!

Kimberly said...

I totally agree. They should've stopped filming their kids a long time ago...maybe even just stuck with the documentary about having 6 newborns and a set of twins. Seriously...I see these kids being very messed up once they grow up!

Lily said...

It's a shame they don't screen potential parents more thoroughly.

Why is it that I have to take a drug test, have a background check, and then take an editorial test to get a job, but any bozo off the street can just up and decide to be a parent?

It's people like them that make me support government regulation over procreation.

Of course, the government would UNDOUBTEDLY mess that up too, but that's another comment for another day ;-)

Sheila said...

Well said Brandee... well said.

Mammatalk said...

The whole story is just heartbreaking, isn't it?