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Walk on the Wild Side Wednesday: Rumpus Installment Numero Uno

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New tradition here at my place...cause it's my place and I can do what I want.  Walk on the Wild Side Wednesdays.  I think that everyone needs to Feed their Wild Side.  You know what I am talking about, that little creature that we all have.  The whimsical inner beast, villain, rapscallion, devil, evildoer, ruffian, miscreant, monster, varlet, harlot, scamp, scoundrel, transgressor, coquette, siren, temptress, pimp, wench.  You can pick your name, and name your beast, but we all have one.  I say whimsical because there is always a bit of the illogical, the quixotic, the impulsiveness to our untamed wild hearts.

Alrighty then, let your hair down, kick your boots off, or don't, if want to don those high heeled platform, thigh high stripper boots, by all means, zip those bitches up!  Unleash your inner freak id, box up that Superego for a bit, and let's throw caution to the wind and allow the pleasure sensors just a bit of tickling!

Everybody in?  Good, you bunch of heathens!

Walk on the Wild Side Installment Numero Uno

My husband and I have the best relationship I could ever ask for, and we love each other, and only each other.   That being said, I am probably more open to "trying shit out" than many of my friends and peers. 

Case in Point:  Our First Wedding Anniversary 

I planned a very nice dinner.  All quiet, romantic.  We went to dinner at the restaurant we went to on our honeymoon.  It was sweet, special, all the things that the wifey poo is usually so fond of on an anniversary date.   We canoodled all through dinner, loving glances, swooning, the hubs bought me an anniversary ring to match my engagement ring and wedding band, princess cut, three stones(I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I will love you tomorrow) symbolizing past, present and future.  It was lovely.


We got in the car and I took the hubby to our next destination.  It was a secret.  I had anticipation all night, all through dinner, I was so excited, I was going to be the coolest wife in the history of the world!  I took my husband to a STRIP Club.  That's right, we went to a Gentlemen's Club, actually, we went to a couple.  We had the best time.  I am not uncomfortable with sexuality, not mine and certainly not others.  I enjoyed watching the hubby get all excited when the strippers came to our table and made goo-goo eyes at me.  I know that is male fantasy: El Classico  We played it up for him.  It worked!  Yeah!  Go me!

We ended the night alone, together, having hot, dirty, hot, dirty, hot, hot, sex!

So, the moral of the story here folks, is the secret to a happy marriage is hot dirty sex.  I kid, I kid.  Sort of.  Seriously, we keep the fires burning.  We make sure to feed each others inner beast.  Fantasies, role playing, whatever is your poison.  In order to have a healthy anything, it needs nourishment!

So from now on, when you come by on Wednesday, it's skinny dipping in the tank with me!  Sustenance for Your Mistress or Vixen aka Lady Love.

Keep it saucy!  If it ain't got spice, don't leave it here.

That is all for now my sweets, leave me some love!


Ed Adams said...


Start out with a Childrens Book and end with Hot Sex.

I have to say, you're a pretty cool chic for doing that for your man.

The stripper part, not the Children's book. Unless he's into that.

Anonymous said...

I have taken my SO to a strip club before and he was shocked to find out that I knew some of the not only did they pay extra attention when dancing but in between sets they sat with us. He thought it was great...he could brag that his woman took him to the club and knew the girls....ha ha are so easy

Travis said...

Ahem. I am speechless. I am, without speech.

Conquer The Monkey said...

Wow, Apparently I need to get a little freakier. It can be nice to put on your sluttiest high heels, a little apron, and nothing else and cook up some yummy smelling snacks so when Hubs gets home it's sensory overload, that is a fun one. Also, I think every couple should have "toys" in their arsenal!
Hard to live up to your anniversary story sista, nicely done!!!

adrienzgirl said...

I can't believe you are in shock. Snap out of it!

adrienzgirl said...

Actually we started out with a little diddy...doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...singing the chorus...can you hear Lou? Can you?

The Rumpus reference, well, just lettin' ya know that this is where the wild things hang out....and well a book reference seemed appropriate since I was busting out the arsenal of the wordsmith that is sometimes known as me. (Had to do something after all the four letter words yesterday, didn't want ya'll thinking they was all I knew)

AND...thanks! The Hubs thinks I am cool too!

adrienzgirl said...

YEAH...another ROCK star wife! Love!

adrienzgirl said...

Rot Ro Reorge! She said TOYS! Woo Hoo! Can I just say, you are awesome!

<taking bow> thanks!

Ms. Terri said...

Wow. I totally know what to get my husband for his birthday this year!

Michelle said...

Well this is my first time to your blog...and wow. LOL. What can I say?

I wouldnt do the strip bar, personally or porn or anything like that. BUT I do get saucy. LOL.

For Christmas every year I visit a little, discreet internet store and buy him a gift. It always has to do with "us". Something different every year; a game, lotions, tingly things, etc. It's always fun.

Last year I got some cream that said not to use during pregnancy and he was a little concerned to use that one at all. LOL.

adrienzgirl said...

See...another saucy Mommy! I love it! Whatever you are comfortable with, I certainly wouldn't want to impress upon others that they practice everything I do!

Hope I didn't scare you off, I am not always so explicit! :P

adrienzgirl said...

Do a little dance...make a little love....get down on it!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

LOL great post! I went to a strip club with DH once when I was feeling adventurous. I was all pumped up (like nervous but amped) and the more drunk I got I realized they still had their clothes on. A few more drinks and I was asking the bouncers when they were supposed to get naked. He explained they just got their license and it would be 30 days before they could strip down. Needless to say I had a blast and learned some cool stripper moves. Stripper chicks dig it when chicks go on their venues. ;)

Love your new banner, btw!

adrienzgirl said...

That's because most strippers just plain dig chicks.

Awesome....I knew that there were more spicy mommas out there like me! Stripper moves....Cheesecake, you little minx you!

This is officially the coolest Wednesday ever!

dana said...

I came here to thank you for visiting my blog, and to tell you of my FRIDAY'S READER'S SPECIAL where I answer all my comments and leave a link back to your site. Then I read your post and thought: SHE NEEDS TO READ THIS!!! a 60 year old woman (me) demonstrating ON VIDEO the vibrator I bought. My sweetie was there with me......not happily, but THERE. lol

You don't have to be young to be "frisky".

adrienzgirl said...

I totally love that you posted that video!!! You are one hip happenin' lady my friend!

I follow you, so I will be around on Fridays!! :D Thanks for sharing your inner freak!

Cheri said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...Wednesdays on your blog may scare me. lol!! Unfortunatley I have nadda "spicy" thing to share for various reasons. BUT my hubby and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary in FIJI in December so whatever we have been doing has worked pretty well for us. lol!!

Mammatalk said...

Oh, my!!!

joy said...

Wow that was something else! We don't even watch MOVIES about strippers, LOL.

Anonymous said...

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