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Think DVRs are the greatest invention in the history of the world....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have many vices, if you will.  All of them are things I think I cannot live without.  Well, I could, but then what kind of sad little life would that be.  So let's talk about my favorite.  TELEVISION!  Since it's fall and the new schedule is in full force, let's talk t.v.  What's on your TiVo or DVR?  How many things do you record?  You can be honest, no editing, even the guilty pleasure ones.  I wanna know. There shall be no judging, no snarky comments from me.  None of that.  O.k. so I might cringe if you watch all the Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and all that self help crap, but I will keep my snark and loathe of those shows to myself!

To be fair, I will share mine.  We have two DVRs so I will only share what's on mine, because my husband's is MuscleCar this and ChopShop that.   Although, I do often watch those too, cause I am a car girl.  Anyhoo, here is the list.

Most embarrassing first:  Daily recordings - The Young and The Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful
(yes, I'm ashamed I watch that trash but I do...and I gotta say, if they can write that crap, I should be able to get a job writing.)

NBC - Heroes, Trauma
FOX - House, Lie to Me
ABC - Castle (one of my favorite shows on t.v.  great writing, great characters, love it!  sooooo glad I got into this one in the off season and that it made the cut)

 FOX-Hell's Kitchen (Gordon's my hero!)
ABC-Shark Tank (I wanna be a Shark when I grow up!) The Forgotten (I set it up to record.  Christian Slater has been one of my favs for like a hundred million years.  I am still pissed that NBC canceled My Own Worst Enemy.)
CW-Melrose Place (Don't judge me, I was addicted before, I can watch the beautiful people again if I want and feel bad about myself.)
SyFy-Warehouse 13 (I think this one is over but I am not through watching all the shows I have recorded yet.)
CBS- NCIS Los Angeles (I set it up and watched, not great, BUT, LL Cool J is so cool, I will give it a few weeks.)

FOX - GLEE (This show just makes me happy.   FAVORITE show of the new season.  Love it.  Smart, clever, musical, it's like Fame meets The Goonies for 2009.)
NBC - Mercy (Haven't watched but it's on there.)
ABC - Eastwick (Hubby says the chics are hot!  He's hooked after one show.  He has a thing for red heads and there is a lead with red hair so we will be watching.)

FOX- Bones, Fringe (I LOOOOOOOOVE Joshua Jackson, he's so dreamy!)
CBS - The Mentalist
CW - The Vampire Diaries

FOX - Dollhouse
CBS - Numb3rs
Cartoon Network - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Remember no judging!)

NOTHING!  I watch what is taped and dedicate several hours to my favorite Food Network personalities.

Showtime - DEXTER (my favorite neighborly serial killer!) 
ABC - Brothers & Sisters (It's like my family minus the alcohol, drama, drama, drama!)
CBS - Three Rivers (This week starts the new drama with my favorite t.v. vampire EVER from Moonlight, Alex O'Loughlin .  I am still REALLY BITTER about the writer's strike.  It killed Moonlight and Life which were two of my favorite shows!)

As you can see I don't watch most of the rating favorites.  I like quirky off beat shows. I usually am one of the four people watching the programs that get canceled.

So I am sure you are asking yourself how do I have time to do all that I do and watch all this too?  DVRs and TiVo are the greatest invention in the history of the world, well, at least of the 21st Century!  I watch it all commercial free!!  You add that to the fact that I sleep very little and it really isn't that big a deal!

So spill it peeps....what are you watching?


Ed Adams said...

We have similar tastes in shows. I don't own a DVR/Tivo (the missus refuses to pay extra for the service), but I keep and plenty busy.

Here's mine, but first...WHY are ALL the good shows on MONDAY?...Man, that pisses me off.
In no particular order, season, or station:
Heroes, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Lie to Me, Lost, Chuck, Dollhouse, Leverage, True Blood, Dexter, Any Football, Dirty Jobs, Monster Quest, The Ultimate Fighter, Whatever else I can find on Discovery, History, TLC, Spike, Versus, or NFL Network.....Occasionally, something on Comedy Central......If one more of my shows get canceled.....

Kimberly said...

I watch everything on Discovery Health...I know, it's so weird. And I love 18 Kids & Counting! I don't care much for Jon & Kate Plus 8 now that they've broken up...too sad.

Travis said...

I noticed that The Office isn't mentioned here.... I am deeply offended! I've been DVRing My Name Is Earl reruns, just because it's based on my life. Loosely.

Daffy said...

I made it! Yippie! My little vampire is slumbering well right now. Keep your fingers crossed she stays that way ALL night. 4:30 am comes oh so quickly...

On to the post... hmmmm...TV... I've heard about it before. I think its that thing that hangs on my wall. Voices come out of it sometimes and little animals flit by every now and then. I haven't watched much lately. Well... in probably a year or so...BUT when I do have the rare moment to catch up its Grey's Anatomy all the way. I've started DVR'ing GLee. I'm still on the fence about it. I do have almost all the seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond. That's my weakness. :O)

Noelle said...

Okay...because you asked (in no particular order because I can't remember the days)

Amazing Race
NCIS/NCIS Los Angeles
Criminal Minds
Extreme Makeover Home Addition
The Closer

...and any good show that might appear on Hallmark or Lifetime or...