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Thank You, Thank You

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I got some awards yesterday ya'll!  OMG!  My buddy Daffy of BATCRAP CRAZY thinks that I leave her special comments! :D  Which is kind of ironic because she reads many of the blogs that I do and the whole reason I went to check out her blog is cause SHE leaves the funniest comments!  She also passed along this Best Blog Award.  I appreciate the sentiments, truly I do!  Thanks Daffy!  If you don't already follower her go and check her out, she is witty, and honest and just puts it out there and she makes me laugh!


Ed said...

Congrats. It's well deserved.

Ducky said...

Aww...HUGS! I love hugs! I would still hug you even if you didn't think I was funny :O). The blogosphere has really validated my funny bone. For some reason the hubs just rolls his eyes and thinks I'm a tad on the 'mouthy' side. LOL


Congrats on the bloggy award!