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Dear Anonymous.....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well many of you know, that if nothing else, I am honest. Probably to a fault, brutally even.  I put it out there, and I stand by it.  I don't give two shits if you like it or lump it.  A while back, I posted that I am THE Anti-ChristSAHM, for those of you living under a rock SAHM is Stay at Home Mom.  When I did, I made reference to my ex-husband's wife over at and the post "Step Wives Club".

I basically threw her and Mommy Groups under the proverbial bus.  

Anyway, she apparently found the post.  I don't know if she noticed the link tie, or finally looked at a site traffic meter, or referral meter, or Googled me(most likely she is nosy like that), but whatever the reason, she found the post.  Then, in perfect Chattywife form she emailed it out to all her friends, with I'm sure, an email from hell, about the gall of me, and how dare I, and lots of not nice names.  Fast forward......I am monitoring site traffic and see all these hits coming in from email.  Hmmm...curious.  Further discovery into site traffic.  Ah...there you are, I see you Chattywife admin.  Not 10 minutes later, the swarming in the tank started.

They came, they looked, and then I am sure there were some iPhones blowing up with email, texts and the like.  But comments?  Nope, until.  Anonymous.  Anonymous posts, and I quote verbatim, "you sound like a jealous ex-wife."  Really?  Really?  That is what you are gonna go with?  That was the best you could come up with, seriously?

Jealous of what?  A man I kicked to the curb.....18 years ago?  Are you fucking serious?  Kicked to the curb for cheating on me...while I was pregnant, with someone he worked with?  Oooo...I am sensing a theme.  He worked with her.  Oh, he worked with the third wife too.  Oh, wait for it, he worked with Chattywife too.  Why on earth would I be jealous?

So let's clear the air shall we?

Dear Anonymous,

Fuck no, I am not jealous.  Ex-wife, that I am.  For good cause, please see above.

Now, I know that you probably know Chatty and her hubby personally, and you are just sticking up for her, and feeling all indignant because I talked about your beloved Mommy Groups like that.  I know that I called you all catty, and a grown-up version of Romper Room highschool.    I was simply stating the obvious. (Geez.....there is even a Tostito's commercial making fun of Mommy Groups, everyone thinks you are ridiculous.)

The whole concept, a place to say what we really think, to me is ridiculous.  Why can't you say what you really think all the time?  Why hide behind anonymity?  Why pretend that life is all peachy and rosy in day to day life, and face to face, and then get on-line and grow a back bone?  Why sit around and talk about husbands like they are an accessory, and something you have to deal with?  

Hey, here is a tip, find a partner who is in fact, a partner.  Someone who loves and adores you.  Someone with whom you enjoy spending time.  Someone who enriches your life.  Someone who is your best friend, lover and confidant.  But then, that would really require that you be yourselves wouldn't it?  You know, as opposed to pretending to be something you are not.

HEY, here is another tip.  If you have to lie to your friends and husbands about what you really feel/think, then they don't really know you.  Which means, you have no real friends.  If you are afraid someone won't like you if you express yourself, then you can never know true happiness.  Most people withhold or lie when they don't like or agree with what others say or feel, for fear of being ostracized or worse, not liked.  I, on the other hand, don't want to be placated to.  Tell me the fucking truth.  Saves me a whole lot of grief.  Because, ultimately, your true self will come out, and then we will have wasted days, weeks, months, even years thinking that we were compatible, when we weren't even remotely similar.  Then there will be some sort of dramatic climatic falling out and we could've avoided the whole damn thing by being honest in the first fucking place.  Right?  Right!

Since I am handing out tips, I have one more for you.  When you sit around and gossip about the other friends, mommies in your group who don't happen to be there with you, do you ever think to yourself that they do the same thing when you are absent?  Hmmm....

So, I leave you with this little bit of wisdom, Anonymous, if you want to take issue with me, man up, grow a set, and show yourself.  I can trade wit, snark, and insults with the best of them, and I will do it with my real name and no false pretenses.


Think Tank Momma aka Adrienzgirl

P.S.  I really don't know what the big deal is, if nothing else I am driving traffic to her site, and we all know, the more traffic the better your page ranking right?


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

My ex's wife stalks my blog and when ever I reference her, she leaves me crappy comments, but under her own name. She is such an idiot.

Travis said...

That's real. I'll restate what I told you on messenger. Fuck bitches.

Ed said...

Somebody pissed in your pool.

I bet it was Anonymous.

adrienzgirl said...

It was indeed!

adrienzgirl said...

I like to bitch, but I do not like bitches!

adrienzgirl said...

You just gotta ask yourself...why? Seriously. *sigh*
Women are a mystery to me. I must have too much testosterone coursing through my hormone stream!

Jessica said...

Keep it real! None of this girly chatty BS. I agree people like this have no back bone. If you're going to say stuff like this be able to back it up without being "Anonymous". I also agree with you on the mommy groups, say it straight whether the others like it or not, no chatting no back biting. They'll either get over it or their not worth it. Nice letter!

adrienzgirl said...

Thanks Jess. I try yo keep it real always! :D

adrienzgirl said...

For those of you who posted comments, I got them, I responded, Lee, Travis, Ed, Jessica. Then Echo got deleted. Having some issues getting email updates that I have comments.

Sorry guys! AND, I appreciate all your support!

The Peach Tart said...

I agree with you about people who leave anonymous comments - if you have something to say, at least own it with your own name. What's worse are the people who comment as anonymous but you clearly know who they are because of the comment. Coward bitches.

Daffy said...

'Give 'Em Hell Harry!'

With love,

adrienzgirl said...

@Peach - I <3 you!

Duck - You are GREAT! :D

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I love trolls. I picked myself one up the other day, too. I guess that's a sign that we've "made it" in the blogosphere, right?

kys said...

That's why I have issues making friends with other women. I can't deal with the catty, bitchy behavior. (I'm talking about anon. not you!) Life is too short for me to waste time on that bs.

Lily said...

There is nothing more despicable and pathetic than an anonymous hate-poster.

Dear Anonymous:
Get bent.

A fan of adrienzgirl(and foe of all things high-school and catty)

adrienzgirl said...

@mjenks We are just badass bloggers. Period!

@kys - We agree, I hate bitches. Not to be confused with bitching. That, I have been known to do.

@Lily - I totally want to lick your face or something naughty like that!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

OK so you got me. I went over to the group and frankly I was bored. It was not nearly as cool as you made it sound. Just a bunch of boring articles I can find anywhere should I need some material to help me feel drowsy before bed.

That being said I made my way through the Step Wives article and the point I got from that was "I am new wife and I have control so be nice to me or pay the price." then to save face they added the blurb about how the shoe is on the other foot. What a bunch of bs. of course I am fortunate enough not to be an ex or have to deal with an ex so I am not speaking from experience.

As far as your anon commmenter...even their comment was boring.

Seriously *yawn*

I am ready for a nap!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

*sigh* I want a troll, too. Then I can be a badass blogger like you and Mjenks.

Tawnia said...

This blog is your corner of the world! You can say whatever the fuck you want:) and I will be here to read it. I would like to remind anonymous that in this country we have freedom of speech. If you don't like what you are reading... it's pretty simple, in the left hand corner of this blog there is a button that says next blog, feel free to click it. Maybe you'll find a great blog about cats, puppies, or holiday decorating.
Keep telling your truth girl:)
Love Tawnia

Mrsblogalot said...

Confucius or some other old asshole say:

'She who shit out of mouth -must take anonymous suppository'

Okay, I just made it up but at least I'll sign my name to it (-:
Keep writing girl!

Anonymous said...

Joe's ex-wife reads my blog every day, hoping to read of our imminent deaths since she got everything in the divorce including a giant life ins policy on Joe.

Prior to their divorce? I was the one telling her that Joe was lonesome and that Joe would like for HER to sit in the yard with him or spend time with him.

She said "That's what the dog is for". So, 8 years later, I'M sitting in the yard with him AND his dog and she has my blog to read.

She tossed him. I caught him on the bounce.

Hey, I tried.