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I think I had the Yak! Flu........

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well, it's Wednesday, and last week I instituted Walk on the Wild Side Wednesdays here at my place.  Well, that was last week and this week, well, due to some dreaded strain of some sickness that probably isn't from birds or pigs, but perhaps Yaks, cause, that's what everyone in my house has been doing, yacking, I will replace this week's issue of WWSW with something else.  Let's face it, obviously since I have been talking to the toilet this week, I am not feeling even slightly sexy or wild.  I spent the entire day yesterday in bed or in the bathroom.  I'll spare you the details, except to say projectile YACKING almost killed me.  DEAD!  Really, I am one of those people who would rather lay there and feel bad, then get up and just puke so that you feel better.  I HATE to vomit!  But whatever sick strand of YAK flu we had here at Romano Central, just laying there was not an option!

So, today I feel a bit better.  No more projectile anything coming from both ends!  Yes, we had that too.  Now you are feeling my pain aren't you!?

Since there is a whole bovine theme here today, and since it's almost Halloween, I also give you my kid joke of the week:

"What do you do to a cow bitten by a vampire?"  
"You STEAK him."
(The boys think that I am so talented because I came up with that one on the fly last year around this time.)

So...never fear, next week, we will be back to Walking on the Wild Side.  We will wear our high heel stilettos, latex this, and latex that.  We will do a little dance....make a little love...and shake what our momma gave us.  But today, today is not that day.  Sorry!

And...since I am in a not so chipper mood, you know given that I had Yak Flu and all, I thought, it's been awhile since I gave you my thoughts on current events.  So here it is, here's what I think!

I think:  balloon boy and his family of hoaxsters, pulled one off!  Holy shit, you captivated a nation full of morons.  Now the media is hesitating to report real news, like the Amber Alert in Clay County, FL.  A little girl is missing, and they waited to make sure it was REAL. Congratulations, asshats!  I hope you get YAK FLU!

I think:  Jon and Kate have gotten the message. They haven't been headline news in like three days!  Woo Hoo.  Jon and Kate, we hate you.  Move on!  You suck, and I hope you get YAK FLU!

I think:  Disney's Train Tour for their new Christmas Carol movie with Jim Carrey was put together by the mentally challenged.  Hey, there is only parking for like 100 cars at the Amtrak station in Jacksonville, FL.  Let's plan an event, promote said event as "FREE", and then laugh at all the people who show up and stand in line for FOUR hours to see the train after they have driven around for two hours to find a parking spot, when their mom is at home in bed dying with the Yak Flu!  Hey planners of this event:  HP and Disney, I hope you get the YAK FLU!  Asshats!

Well, my sweets, enough of what I think.  What do you think?  Who do you think needs a good case of YAK?

Leave me some love!  I need it, been feeling puny the last couple of days!


The Peach Tart said...

Sorry about the yak flu. What about the crazy octomom. Tired as hell of her too.

adrienzgirl said...

Oh yeah, Octomom is uber creepy! She actually said this week "Jon Gosselin is hot!" WHAT? He's a creep! You're a creep! Be gone with both of you!

Thanks Peach! You are right again my friend! :)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

So sorry you were yakking. That sucks. Hmm...current husband, ex husband, other ex husband....

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Glad to hear you are getting over that nastiness! I am going through bottles of Purell trying to avoid that foolishness!

Did you see my Caption This photo on sat? Seems it got swept under the rug or no one knows WTF to say about it. It was about Balloon boy's adventures. I swear I hate that family for freaking me out. I was SO scared for that little boy. All I could imagine was being his mother and having to endure that kind of torture.

You know it would have been a great hoax IF they had not included the boy in it. Why not a beloved cat or ferret? Oh yeah - that' right, the news wouldnt have broadcasted all over the world if it was a pet.

Yeah so I am pissed about it. I hope they have to pay some HUGE fines. I pray those boys don't get ripped from their family as a result of their selfish need to feed their egos. I have a feeling we are not hearing the end of this.

Daffy said...

I'm with you - I HATE YAKKING! I'd rather just lay there and feel terrible than get up and let it all out..... ugh!

Since WWSW is on hold, I'm saving mine for tomorrows TMI Thursday. :O)

It must be THE day for cow jokes...heard two on the radio today... now you...weird...guess we should have some moo for dinner :O)

Conquer The Monkey said...

OH PLEASE FEEL BETTER barfing is just the WORST!!!!

Travis said...

I will NOT throw up. I refuse to. So when it happens, it'll ruin literally my entire year. I feel for you. Get better!

adrienzgirl said...

On the mend! Thanks!

adrienzgirl said...

Glad to know am not the only vajay!

Ed Adams said...

Germs! Germs! Everywhere GERMS!

I feel contaminated just from reading.

I'm going to go wash my eyeballs now.