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Think I need to brush up on some Science facts

Monday, October 5, 2009

Many of you know Kamden as my little mini-me.  He's dramatic, we often call him the drama queen around the house.  My mom says I was just as over the top when I was little.  This past week I had a couple of meetings at his school.  He is bored in class, and ADD and boredom are not really the recipe for a successful 2nd grade class room.  His teacher, the gifted teacher and I met to come together on an enrichment program for Kamden during class that will both stimulate his little smart self and help to remove some of the boredom disruption.

Kamden has been expressing his boredom every afternoon when I ask about his day.  He told me "we are doing baby math" and "Mom, we are not reviewing, we have been in school for four, f-o-u-r, weeks, it's ridiculous" along with "these spelling words only have three letters, they are NOT EVEN SIGHT WORDS."  I told you he has a flair for the dramatic.

So on Friday night, Kenna took Kooper and Michael on a brothers night out with Sissy.  They went to Taco Bell and then on to Cosmic Bowling.  They don't let you use the bumper guards during cosmic bowling so that meant Kamden wouldn't be able to bowl.  So, instead Kamden got a date night with Mom and Dad.  We decided to go out to dinner and to Barnes & Noble.  It is one of Kam's and my favorite places.  He was thrilled because we needed some more books for the series he is reading right now.

The closest Barnes & Noble to our home is a good 45 minutes without traffic.  We left the house pretty early so we decided to go there first.  On the way Kamden was more than his normal Chatty Cathy self.  Yes, I often call him Chatty Cathy, cause seriously he talks more than any little girl I have ever met.  AND that is saying something.  Kenna used to talk non-stop, or at least I thought so until Kamden started speaking.  The hubby jokes often that he is still mad that I encouraged Kamden to speak. (Seriously folks, he jokes, don't send me nasty emails, or I will send Kamden to visit for a week.)  So, on the drive Mr. Loquacious starts rambling out what I thought were non-sense questions.  They all had a science feel to them, but many of them were straight up SCIENCE questions.  And they were all over the map, just one after the next.  As quick as he could get one out he was asking another.  Hubs and I exchanged glances a couple of times.  Then Kamden started waiting for my answers and directing the questions to me specifically.  I would answer and get this response, "That would be correct."  Hubs says to me quietly, "He knows all the answers, he is making sure YOU do."

We stopped at a long light and I turned around in my seat.  "Kamden, how do you know all this stuff?"  His reply, serious as he could possibly muster, "I have this Science book at school, I get bored and I flip through it and read it.  It has a little over 400 pages."  OMG!  Crazy right?

So I guess I will be brushing up on my Science.  I will probably have to brush up on quite a few things to keep up with Chatty.

Anyhoo, we enjoyed our trip to B&N.  We picked up some books in his series, My Weird School Series by Dan Gutman, and we also picked up some poetry books for kids.  I am sooooooo excited about this.  Our last visit Kamden and I sat and read Edgar Allen Poe for quite a bit.  This trip he asked to get the book and Emily Dickinson too.  Before we left the store he made Dad sit and listen to "The Lake" and "Annabell Lee".  The kid is truly just like his mommy!  I loved spending the evening with my hubby and my baby boy reading.


Ed Adams said...

I think I had undiagnosed ADD when I was a kid, cause I used to get easily..hey I just found a quarter in the sofa. That's awesome!..anyway, I think my 10 yr old has it too because he's had trouble at school with I wish I had something to drink besides water here. I'm gonna have to tell the wife to buy some more diet. What was I saying? Oh, have a great day.

Alicia said...

i knoooooow the feeling. seriously there are days when i tell mason i'll PAY him $5 if he can be quite for 5 minutes...he's never made it!! but man, i just love the energy and curiosity he brings into our home...thats awesome that he's found something to channel his interest in! maybe you have a future poet or scientist on his hand...and poe in 2ng grade, impressive! next thing you know he'll be reciting thoreau!