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These are a few of My Favorite Things

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well, it's Christmas...ALMOST. I am not really sure WTF? (see how I slipped that in since it's Wednesday?) My Favorite Things has to do with Christmas, or why it's a Christmas song, other than it was Christmas time in The Sound of Music, or whatever. Anysong, since it's are my favorite NO PARTICULAR ORDER....

Elephants.  I love them.  Really what a majestic creature.  And they remember everything.  Kinda like moi.  And they are revered as good luck in many Asian countries.  Love them.

Kisses and snuggles with my kiddos. No explanation necessary.

Laughing.  I love to laugh.  Thankfully my life is full of it (laughter not the other thing associated with full of it!).  Best medicine in the world.  Seriously!

Diet Coke.  Give me an IV, I love it!

My Chihuahuas.  They love me, I love them.  It's a ChiLOVEFest up in La Casa del Romano.  (They don't realize they live in an Italian house...Shhh!  Don't tell them please...they will have some kinda melt down.  We do tell them Feliz Navidad!)

Chic flicks.  (Don't judge.  This is my list.  I like what I like.  If you want a list make your own.)

Blogging.  Reading them, writing them, loving all over them.  Yes really, I don't do this for any other reason.  Well, except for the whole attention whore thing, but I think we have covered that before.

Television.  I love it.  Love it.  I tape so much crap on my DVR.  Oooo...add that to the list here too!  I LURVE my DVR.

American Idol.  (SHUTYERPIEHOLES!)

Tyler Florence....*sigh*

Joshua Jackson.....*sigh*

Dates with the hubs.  Nothing better than just the two of us.  Out to dinner.  Adult conversation.  Holding hands (yes we PDA) (Shut it!) kisses.  Just being best friends.  I truly am the happiest wifey wife in the world!


Cinderella.  I don't want to hear it.  I love her.  I own like a gazillion Barbies, porcelain dolls, plates, crystal shoes, etc....(Note to Disney:  Please stop putting all the princess bitches on my Cinderella stuff.  I only like her, thanks so much!)


Calvin Klein fragrances.

Red shoes.

Really good chocolates.

Tinis...any will do.

BLING!  I love shiny, sparkly, shiny, sparkly....BLING!


Crackberry chatting....

(Notable mentions:  ninjas, monkey, vampire books, music, Alec Baldwin circa 1993, 80s movies, Geico Gecko, vanilla ice cream, cookies)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Just Another Momma said...

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! If you find the Diet Coke IV lemme know, I need one . . . bad!

Danica-Dragonfly said...

Tres kewl!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Alex said...

Sad to admit it...I have Barbies too. And they live in their boxes and if the damn kids ever touch them there'll be trouble.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, hope Santa brings you lots of pretty, shiny things!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Merry Christmas! :) P.S. AI is my guilty pleasure... LoL! ;)

Shell said...

Love your list, even though I claimed Joshua Jackson long ago!

Merry Christmas!

gayle said...

Wow I do love your list and there are tons on it that would be on mine too!!!

Mrsblogalot said...

Oh I'm so happy that I am going to have an American Idol buddy!!!

So excited that I won't even mention that the vampire books were listed waaaaaaaay down at the bottom of this list (-:

Daffy said...

I very much need to send you video of Girl when she demostrates what an elephant says. Cutest shiz you'll ever see!

As for the Chihuahuas and the Italian's all in the Latino family so I'm sure it'll be okay. :O)

Merry Christmas doll!

Lisa E said...

I approve of your list............totally.Merry Christmas and ENJOY!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Cinderella, you're as lovely as can be....she's my niece's fave too.

Dual Mom said...

Great list!

I heart Cinderalla too, someday I'll live in a castle and have a prince charming!! ha

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Here is wishing you and your wonderful family all the best this Holiday Season and all through the New Year. I'm so glad I found your blog!!

kys said...

I have a deep, deep love for blogging (the whole package), reading, chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper. That is all.

Merry, Merry wishes and all that holiday goodness!

ScoMan said...

I enjoy diet coke too. Good stuff. I was reading MJ Box's book and it talks about when they meet the neurosurgeon and his wife offers him a drink and this takes place...

"I'll have a diet soda thanks"
"Really? I'm surprised a neurosurgeon is drinking that stuff"
"I hear it's bad for your brain"
"It might be, but it relaxes me"

Good onya doc!

Ed Adams said...

Nice list.

Anonymous said...

Diet Coke! I so appreciate it, in fact it's one of the few things in life that is FAIR.

Cheesecake is Very Unfair!

Nice holidays to you, Secretia

Corrie Howe said...

I love your list. Very comprehensive. I love going on dates with my husband. I love listening to him and my children sing and read bedtime stories. I love my teenager and his friends (most of the time). I love Mark Harmon. I love diet cherry Dr. Pepper. (I love diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper more, but I can't find it any longer. I guess I was the only one buying it.)

Just Another Momma said...

Left you something on my blog post today. Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

Joshua Jackson is on my favorite things list too ;o)

Erin said...

We have lots of favorite things in common! I knew I liked you for a reason! LOL