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Memoir Monday: Friends

Monday, December 7, 2009

So, it's Memoir Monday, as hosted by the Famous in his own mind TravyG over at I like to Fish.  And we will get to the story in just a few moments.  But first, I have to give some love to my chatting buddies.  Apparently, there were some folks who didn't appreciate all the work that went into our group post on Friday.  I however can assure all my sweet peeps that there was care and effort, and in no way shape or form did the following people think that we were being "lazy".

This is for TripleH as I like to call her.  You all know her as The Queen, or Lee over at Headaches, Hotflashes & Hormones.  She will be forthwith known from here on out at my place as The Jewish Ninja!  See the photo for reference!  For those of you who haven't read her, or don't follower her, she is a snarkilicious read!  She is kind and caring.  She always responds to comments and follows those who follow her.  She is a loyal friend.  I am proud to call her one of mine!

Next up, The One and Only Duckalicious, as dubbed by moi!  You all know her as Daffy over at BATCRAP CRAZY.  I know that most of my followers also follow Daff.  If you don't please go see her.  She is uber funny.  She is quite possibly as sarcastic as I am, and smart, like wicked smart!  You will not be disappointed!  I mean c'mon, would I steer you wrong?  Wait, don't answer that.  It was a rhetorical question.  Anyduck, isn't her pic like absolutely the coolest?

Next  is June Cleaver.  Actually, it's Carol over at 3! A Charm.  June discusses life with Ward and Pinkus.  She also has a quick wit and some wicked funny love to spread around.  If you don't follow.  GO see her!  We have become fast friends and I am nothing if not a giver!  You want followers, and friends, and loyalty?  Here is your gift.  The picture?  That's her gift from little miss me!  That only leaves one more.  The next has been dubbed TravyG but Carol.  And she encourages him almost daily to give us an ultra fabulous, and I am sure, beyond HYSTERICAL vlog of RAP!

So, last but not least:  The soon to be vlog rappin' fisher of stories himself.  I found something special just for him.  But I am quite certain you all will be entertained as well.  Cause I was dyin'!

So that was my homage if you will to my wonderful chatting buddies.  We will carry on with the Memoir Monday portion of the post.  And how exactly does my bloggy love, as seen above relate to Memoir Monday?  It's about friends.


Without further ado, I share my story of a friend I wish I could find today.

Circa 1990, my senior year of highschool. We got a new student in a couple of my classes.  We became fast friends.  You know how you meet someone, and you just click?  Before you even find out how much you have in common, you just know somehow that the fates of whatever you believe in, have brought you together for some purpose that is greater than you?  That was me and Shonnie.  We were always together.  She was instantly my best friend.

We shared everything.  We laughed, and cried, and dreamed of the great big world out there.  We skipped school. (Duh!  It was senior year.)  We partied.  We played.  She got a job at the local pizza joint.  My sister ended up working there with her.  We just spent my entire senior year together.

She was with me the day I got married.  She stood with me.  She congratulated me, even though deep down, I knew she thought I was making the biggest mistake ever.  But she was my best friend, and she supported me no matter what.  Shortly after I got married, my ex-husband started showing his true colors.  He had a wicked mean jealous streak.  Like jealousy you have never seen.  UGLY is what it was.  Anyway, after many fights about Shonnie and us hanging out together he gave me an ultimatum.  "It's her or me."

I struggled.  Oh my God did I feel like I was going to die.  How could someone who supposedly loved me ask me to choose between my very best girlfriend and my husband, my marriage?  Why would he do that?  But, I loved him, at least I thought so.  I was only 18, and I talked to my best girlfriend.

She held me as I cried.  I sobbed.  We sobbed.  She wiped my tears.  And she said one of the most profound things anyone has ever said to me.  "I love you.  I respect that you have to do this.  I was your friend long before him, and I will be your friend when he is gone.  You will call me one day, and I will come to wipe your tears away again."  She was right.  She was there for me when my marriage was over.  But really, my marriage died that very day when she wiped my tears away the first time.

Time and travels have caused Shonnie and I to lose touch.  But I think of her every day.  Friendships like that never die.  I know one day we will find each other again, and I can't wait to sit and giggle together of days long past.


Mad Woman said...

I had a friend like that .... and I'm still sad that we lost touch. It's a very special kind of friendship really. I hope you find Shonnie awesome would that be?!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am cracking up over the Ninja Jew!! LOVE that picture!! Your post was so touching. I also have a friend like that...I think I'll try to call her today.

BigSis said...

I hope you do find her again - what a great friend!

Anonymous said...

I hope you find your dear friend.
Good friends are unique and can't be duplicated.


Moooooog35 said...

Ninja Jews.


Daffy said...

The picture tributes are so incredibly awesome! YOU are awesome!!! Thank you so very much. I love the Duckalicious pic...and the Ninja Jew...well thats just pee your pants funny.

I couldn't see the tribute to TravyG but I'll come back later! And dear dear June...she's a trip isn't she???!!!

I hope you find Shonnie. I hope she finds you. Friendships like that are so rare!

Hugs and Love Friend

Travis said...

This makes me very sad that I'm not hosting the MM today. But for sure, this shit will get linked tomorrow.


It just inspires me to get workin on the video.

Ed Adams said...

I could help you find her. I'm an expert at doing that. I've tracked down several Navy Buddies I haven't seen in 15 years, and also found an old girlfriend from before I met my wife. Before you get any ideas, she died in 1999. But I never knew until I looked.

Raoulysgirl said...

What a great friend! Hopefully, the two of you will find each other again and nothing will have changed. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!!!

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I have a friend like that. We see each other at least once a year, talk frequently on the phone. I hope someday you find her again. I would die without mine.

Carol said...

Thank you for your little tribute to us chatty blog buddies!
You brought tears to June's eyes with that heart warming picture of her and Ward. So much love B!

I have "3" friends that it doesn't matter how far away, how long it's been or how different our lives are, we still feel that bond of friendship.

Take Ed up on that offer - find her!!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Good luck finding her! I found a few old friends on FB that I'm really glad I found, too.

kys said...

I have a friend like that. It doesn't matter how long we've been apart. When we see each other again, we can pick up where we left off.

Iva said...

what a sweet, touching post!! You are so right, true friendship never dies! I hope you find her, and I bet you'll pick up right where you left off ;) Happy Monday!

Lily said...

My horrible, HORRIBLE first husband made me choose between my sister and him.

I chose him.

I missed her wedding.

Now that he's gone (thank god), I regret my decisions, but she always tells me that I did what I had to do at the time.

You really find out who loves you and who doesn't after going through something like that, don't you?

Alicia said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAA!!! oh the jewish ninja?!?! i love it! lee is so awesome! and that video!! hahaaa! i love that fact that someone took the time to tape that!!!! you lady! have an awesome monday!

Dual Mom said...

You're me or I'm you, either way we have alot in common.

I fortunately still have the bff that stood beside me when I got married (even though she knew I was making a huge mistake). Over 20years as friends and she is probably the only adult in my life who I know, without a doubt, would drop everything in her own life if I needed her.

My friends are my family and no guy will ever replace them.

Nancy Campbell said...

Man, she said exactly the right thing. That's a gem, for sure.

Erin said...

Okay, so first I'm laughing my ass off at the Lee/Jew Ninja pic, and then I'm sniffling and snotting as you talk about your friend wiping your tears away again. Geez. Didn't realize Memoir Monday was about me crying!

She sounds like a sweet friend and I hope you will reconnect with her soon.

Neuffj said...

I love friends, and super hate losing touch!

blueviolet said...

OH your friend has to be one of the most wonderful people I've heard of. I SO hope that you find each other again! I hope you'll share with us when you do!

Dame Nuisance said...

Love the new button!

What was the old Girl Scout song? Make new friends/but keep the old/one is silver/the other gold.

gayle said...

omg!! you have me crying!! I have had a very good friend (best) since 1968 (where you born:)We share everything but I still wonder about my first best friend!! Do you know where yours is? She sounds like an awesome friend!!

Noelle said...

awwww, geez! you gotta find her. you know what they say about good girlfriends..? kids will move out, husbands will come and go, but a good girlfriend will be there til the end...playing bingo at the senior center side by side.

you gotta find her. you can't quit her.

The Peach Tart said...

I hope you find Shonnie. Good girlfriends are hard to find.