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Tick Tock, Tick Tock...What makes you Rock?

Friday, February 19, 2010

I have come across many posts lately where bloggers have been defining themselves as what type of blogger they are, or aspire to be.  Carving out their piece of the internet as they see it.  Finding their "tribe" or "clique".  Identifying why they follow, who they follow, begging for others to please follow.

I thought a lot about it.  What draws me to read those I do?  What draws people to read me?    So many questions.

I have many new followers who don't really "know" me.  So, I thought I would give everyone the opportunity to ask me anything.  ANYTHING.  I will answer any and all questions.  If you have questions for BDC (The hubs.  BDC = Big Daddy Cain for those of you who are new) he will answer them too.  We might have a separate post for his questions.  You all know how he likes  You can see that here and here.

So for all my newbies.  I am mostly a humor blogger.  I basically talk smack about life, my family and social media.  I run smack on celebrities, the news and anything else I find noteworthy.  I am pretty "liberal".  *Gasp* I know.  I said the dirty "L" word.  I have little tolerance for stupidity and ZERO tolerance for bigotry.  So other than me hating on stupid people, there ain't no hatin' here.

I have a very unconventional family.  His, hers, ours and now a grand baby to raise too.  I don't sleep much.  I don't sit still much.  I have ADD.  I have two children with ADD/ADHD.  I have two highly gifted children, and there is never a dull moment.  All of that makes for some exceptionally fun blog content.
Oh...and as many of you know.  I like to hand out monikers to my bloggy buddies.  I have named several.  The Great Duckalicious.  The NinjaJew (it's a term of endearment not a slur, back off), Dreamweaver....and the list goes on.  Still a little upset that Ed came up with Cheesecake, but nevertheless, I still call her that.  So beware.  You may end up with something quirky to go by ....compliments of moi!  It's an honor people!  Get in line!

So....tick tock, tick tock...I'm gonna tell you what makes me ROCK.  The floor is open.  Ask away.

I will post responses next week.  Probably Wednesday, or Thursday.  We will be back to Friday Follies and Fun Facts next week.  You are more than welcome to ask for themes for tidbits you would like to have fun facts on as well.  If I know I'll share, if I don't I'll research.  I guess I need a button for that huh?

Alright....get to askin'!

Happy Weekend!

LOVE! ~Mwah!~


Anonymous said...

You are more than a humor blogger to me. Youy talk about life the way it is, and you are a wonderful human being, How's the new baby?
Everyone's good I hope!


Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Question. Without more than 30 seconds to use, give me your nickname for me.

I guess that wasn't a question. More of a bossy demand. Oh well. I don't like to be conventional either.

**we also need to finish our convo.

Ian said...

Questions are awesome, I'll throw a few your way.

This is why Darla chose the two of us. I fit no mold. I blog about what I want when I want.

One day I blogged about how much I fucking hate Peyton Manning. The next day I blogged about how I miss my mother on the anniversary of her death.

And so forth. In doing so I love to entertain, I enjoy new readers and new blogs.

With that in mind thanks for following and here's some questions...

1 - Why do you blog

2 - What's more important to you...having only 30 followers where all 30 comment on every post or having 3,000 followers with 10 comments per post

3 - Are you where you want to be in life

4 - Why is fuck such a fun word to use

5 - What's the one thing you can't stand watching people blog about

Ian ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions:

1. Will you adore me and my blog?
2. Will you worship me?
3. Will you tell me I'm beautiful, when I'm not?
4. Will you make me believe all the above?
5. Will you buy me a Diet Dr. Pepper?

Just Another Momma said...

How's it feel to be a brand new grammy???

What is your most annoying blog pet peeve these days?

Dual Mom said...

Ohhhh the possibilities!!

Though I have to admit, Ian is rocking the question segment.

I have no question, but will be very interested to see how you answer Ian's!

BigSis said...

Oooh, I want a new nickname. Bare Ass was so long ago and Bitch just isn't original.

Peterson Family said...

With the new baby I am surprised you even have time to blog! I have no idea how to define how or why I blog, I just do.

Have a great weekend my friend!

Kat said...

I really have nothing to ask. I hope you, your family and the new baby are all doing well! I read you cuz you're cool! And I like your style and pizazz! Keep writing!

Meeko Fabulous said...

What's the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet them?

Ed said...

Hey look! That's me up there. You said my name! Awesome!

Oh wait, it was only cause you're jealous.

Don't be.

Cheesecake totally sent me some nudie pics of her as payment for making up that nickname for her.

Daffy said...

What's the secret to getting red sauce out of clothing?

I figured since you're so saucy and all you'd know for sure!

MUAH all my love to you dear friend!

The Insatiable Host said...

Ok, so we know why you rock, and why people adore you....also, hope baby is doing well!!

my question for you is this:

do you consider yourself a writer or a blogger??

my hubs told me I was neither, as I didn't have anything hard copy until I wrote in my journal "go fuck yourself" and smaked him over his head...but what do you call it?

Be well and thank you for turning me on to SITS and Lady Bloggers..I know you and I have never really talked about it but it was on your site and I really love these forums. you rock!


ScoMan said...

I have a question that both you and BDC can answer. Or one of you. Or the other one of you. It doesn't matter.

I want to know if the turtle's do eventually rise and take control of the planet, will you side with the goldfish or the grasshoppers?

Think carefully before answering.

LMJ said...

congrats on your grandbby!! sry abt my typing ihave baby w/me

1. how many children between u and ur husband?

2. how did u meet BDC?

just want to add, i don't care for cliques or clubs; i read blogs that are funny and REAL!

Holly said...

I have no question...but I think I saw someplace up there about a blog pet peeve...other than "no-reply at blogger"...what would it be? SITS started the tribe thing (I think) about a month ago. I figure many of us have multiple tribes. I read different people for different reasons and love 'em all!

Conquer The Monkey said...

I will think up a good questioni!!!

for now, how is your daughter doing????

lots of hugs mama,

Vinomom said...

I JUST started reading you so I don't even know you enough to ask questions. But I've been seeing a lot of this in blog world too. This need to "Define" yourself, I guess. I wondered for awhile - Am I a Mommy Blog or a Funny Blog, or a Drinking Blog? Then I realized I am all the above and MORE. I don't need a category.

Happy to get to know you better in the very near future.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Wow!! You're really put yourself out here! What to ask! What to ask!!!

Okay, what do you hope to achieve with your blog? What are your goals?

Ian said...

Hey congrats on winning the TRUE FALSE game and blog of the week..check out my site for details!

Alicia said...

hmmm....i'm gonna have to think long and hard about this. that's what she said!

what is your favorite movie quote of all time?

if you had to pick one movie to best represent your life what would it be?

can i baby sit baby k?

what's my nickname?

pepperoni or cheese?

Tracie said...

Do you have any aspirations to write a book - fiction or non-fiction?

Are you ever going to show us some more pictures of the baby?

Momof3inVA said...

I am a 'new' follower and I loved your blog when I was introduced to it...I am not a Liberal per se, rather a LIbertarian...

So, here's my you know what a Libertarian is and would you ever consider being one? (wait, that's really two questions, isn't it?)...ok, so there's my 2 questions... ;)

Me-Me King said...

Oh boy, here's my chance.....

Are those fish real?

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Since you have some Italian in your family background, do you have a good tiramisu recipe?

What does it feel like to have bbobs? I've always wanted to know..

How is being a grandmother different than being a mother?

(I hope I didn't repeat anyone else's questions I just asked without reading all the others!)

Erin said...

I wanna know what a day in the life is like over there w/ the new bebe in the house. Paint a picture, give us the scoop.

And you know I love your blog!

DiPaola Momma said...

You ALWAYS crack my butt up! I've been SO sucky about commenting lately.. but I'm still lurking and no I'm NOT wearing a trench get your mind out of the gutter geesh!

So like is my nickname suckalicious or what?

gayle said...

Ages and grades of your kids?
What does you schedule look like now that the baby is here?

Would love to see baby pictures>
Just want to say even though you are much younger than me~~~
You inspire me!!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I LOVE "get to know you" questions like this! Here's my favorite to ask: What was your favorite Christmas present that you received, EVER?

BTW, Hi! I'm new to your blog and I'm so glad I found you! I think your site is fantastic, and I can't wait to read more of your work! I'm your newest follower!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Have you ever posted a comment to a blog and have that comment either be deleted or not pass approval?

Jewels Diva said...

You sound like me!

Powdered Toast Man said...

Do you read all the comments you get?
Do you read all the blogs you follow?

Anonymous said...

My very good friend Ian over at
sent me to you!
great blog!!! love it...

Corrie Howe said...

Can't wait to read the next round of Q&A.

Anonymous said...

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