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Gratitude with Attitude Tuesday

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Think Tank Momma

WELCOME SMACKERS!  It's Tuesday!  Time to share just how grateful you are for all those "special" people places and events in your life.  So, sit down, pull out your best 'tude and write some much needed thanks to those who deserve it most.

As you'll notice we have a new PURTY (that's southern for pretty) button.  Cheesecake made it!  If you need a button, an award, whatever, go see her.  Really she does great work!  AND, she will make sure there aren't several others running around sporting your same snazzy button graphics.  YES...they are all ONE of A Kind!
None of that, same old same old you see everywhere else.  So, run over to Cheapskate Designs.  Tell Tamara aka Cheesecake that I sent you!

OH..and you'll probably also notice that we changed the name!  Well, my BBFF The Great Duckalicious kept calling it Gratitude with Attitude, and you know's catchy.  Matter of fact, it's GENIUS really.  So after you go order a button from Cheescake (see above), and after you link up and write your own fuckyouverymuch thanks! out with a fistful of ATTITUDE, run over and see her.


Dear DUMBASS Oh so Smart Neighbor,
Thank you for sending the fire department out yet again in six months time.  I know that you got a good stern talking to from the fire marshal last time, but that really was just to take under advisement.  They were surely just kidding when they warned you about unattended burns in your back yard.  I mean, I realize we live in the sticks and all, but that shouldn't be cause for concern right?  No abundance of kindling.  Surely not.  I appreciate that I had to shut my windows due to all the smoke.  I am sure you were totally thinking of my allergies, and didn't want me to suffer from all the pollen in the air.  So thanks, dumbass safety first neighbor, for putting our neighborhood on the fire watch list!  If I get arrested for blowing up illegal fireworks now, you are so bailing my ass out of jail.  Ya asshat.
Unimpressed Pyro Neighbor

Dear Bellsouth,
Thanks for going out ALL FREAKING NIGHT.  It's certainly not like I was launching a new button and link for my Smackers.  And hey, they are all understanding.  I didn't work on you tirelessly for hours, when I should have been sleeping, because I HAVE AN INFANT.  Thanks for teaching me patience.  Thanks for reminding me that just because I pay my DSL bill on time, every time, that I shouldn't expect that it will always be up and running.  OH, SPECIAL THANKS for your OH SO HELPFUL English speaking technical support group.  They are fabulous.
Thoroughly Pissed and Fit to be Tied.

Dear Rex (Dumbass Smart Safety First Neighbor's dog),
Thanks so much for teaching the Chihuahuas that live with me that the road is a fun place to play!  I almost had a heart attack when my babies ran out in the road to meet you.  Um...this is just a warning.  If you don't quit enticing my puppies to be bad?  I am going to drop you off behind the Philippino Restaurant down the street.  Just sayin'
Chi Loving Momma

Well, there you have it Smackers.  Now go, run smack.  Link it up below.  Go order a button.  And tell Daffy how much you love our new name.  Do it!


Join me tomorrow for answers to your questions!


Daffy said...

MUAH! Thanks for the love and shout out!

The new button rocks my socks off! (I stole that from Erin at The Mother Load)

Dropping the neighbor's dog off at the Phillipino place? LMAO

And nothing like a fucktard to brign attention to everyone around them consequently shutting down any and all Fire Fun. Seriously? Does he WANT you to set his house on fire? I'd be tempted....justsayin

Ian said...

BAHAHAHA. Asshat. That's awesome. Right up there with Ass-Goblin and Turd burglar. Thanks for the great post. I might stick around for a while ;)

Dual Mom said...

Finally woman - geesh I was starting to twitch waiting for the damn button.

One of a kind...ohhh you do snide so well.

Now I must go draft my thank you's. What? You didn't think I actually had my post ready to go did you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, my employer, for burying me with new job responsibilities, and overlooking my personal internet use while I'm working. That was a tiny, but appreciated raise you gave me :)


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I don't participate, but i put your button up cuz I love you!!

Travis said...

I like both the new button and the new slogan!

Also I liked the shot at the buttons looking the same. Shit was funny, yo.

As for the pyro neighbor, maybe a little gas in his water bucket next time? That oughta make things real interesting.

singedwingangel said...

Think I am going to jump on this bandwagon today.. I am in the mood for change lol.. ooh that never turns out well.. ahhh so what lol..

Anonymous said...

Ha! You are so freakin' funny.

Two things: I've been meaning to mention that your vector girl up in the left side of your header? She's got a hawt butt! If I played for that team, I'd be all over that!

AND... Puppies Gone Wild? I've got three mutts, I'd like to introduce you too!


That One Mom said...

Your neighbor sounds SMRT... Can I meet them when I come visit?

Anonymous said...

i just thought you should know that I am follower #200. I feel important.

Laura said...

Your Bellsouth sounds like my Mediacom cable internet. Asshats.

Erin said...

Tamara at Cheesecake did a FABULOUS job, love the new button! I am working on mine now.

Be sure to tweet these!

Shell said...

Love the new button!

I think that Daffy had me convinced that that was what it was called, anyway! Love her.

Viv said...

This is brilliant, I love it! I found you through Laura, and I want in!

Nancy C said...

Love the new button. I'll play next week for sure. Your neighbor sounds like a prince and a half.

Tracie said...

I just got home from work and you are the first blog I'm loving on today. The button is fa-boo baby! As are you.

Meeko Fabulous said...

See . . . That's why my girls don't play with the neighborhood dogs . . . So they don't pick up bad habits! ;) LoL! :)

Holly said...

I LOVE the name! Good job ladies. Our DSL and power go out all the time because they wait for the storms to clear out the dead trees...we cannot cut the diseased ones down...we wait until they fall on houses and power lines...welcome to CA.

Can I add my Gratitude with Attitude to your comment section? I am...
To the XXXX rated site/blogger who followed me...Why? Have you see anything obscene (or remotely obscene) on my blog ever. The image of you and your blog is burned in my mind...and I don't like it! You have been blocked! I don't need followers that bad!

Anonymous said...

hahahhahahahhaha!!!! I love dumbass neighbors. I have them in abundance.

Mrsblogalot said...

LOL! We have Bellsouth's sister up here. She's a flasher and no better!

Conquer The Monkey said...

your neighbor sounds...well, kinda craptastic.

hope all is groovy in your world mamacita!

Ed said...

Your neighbors sound HOT!

Danielle said...

We want pictures of that precious little baby!!!!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Love the new button.

And I am now going to threaten my dog with the Philippino restaurant when she acts like an A-Hole.

So thank you for that.

Momma Fargo said...

Throw flaming turd bags on their porch...that will surely bring their need for the fire department!

Vinomom said...

I was all excited for the button today! I'm going over to contribute my post right now!

Burn Marks in your backyard? Kindling? What kinda sticks do you live in anyways?

LMJ said...

My neighbors are all wannabe's. They're very dumb and caught up in the material things.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the button!! Of course. =)

Sorry I didnt post earlier. Have had a crazy busy day! I still might link up later tonight though. Better late than never! lol

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Ahhhhhhh I wish I had time yesterday to play! I promise ONE DAY I will. Just let me get past all this not having a house stuff first! Love this meme and I usually hate memes in general, lol!

gayle said...

Love the button!! I am not a big fan of neighbors!!

Michele said...

I'm totally going to try and remember to join in next time.

Those were awesome!
You crack me up.

And what a brilliant writer you are. ;)

Corrie Howe said...

Hahaha. Neighbors can be bad influences on our kids and pets. Love your solution. ;-)

Angelia said...

You are SO damn funny! I heart your letters! I'm very behind in my blogging this week! I'm going to grab this idea one of these days. I have tons of letter stored in my vindictive little noggin.