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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have to say....I have the best followers.  You guys gave me some great questions to work with here.  So, fasten your seat belts, grab some popcorn and a soda.  Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

My girl crush Cheesecake wanted to know:

Q: "What's it feel like to have boobs?"
A: Well, honestly....they are quite literally a pain in the neck.  I won't lie and say that with the right outfit and accentuated the right way they don't make me feel sexy, they do (or they did before children and weight gain) but I would rather have just normal sized or smallish boobies.  Shhhh!  Don't tell BDC....he's a total boob man!

Q:  "Are those fish real?"
A:  Baby, everything I got is REAL!

Q:  What is my favorite all time movie quote?
A:  This is a tough one.  I love so many movies.  Different kinds, themes, whatever, and I quote them all, all the time.   A couple of all time favs are from obscure movies:
"You want sympathy from me?  Look it up in the dictionary between shit and syphilis." - Major Payne
"I should never have encouraged you to speak." -The Mirror Has Two Faces (This one was said by Lauren Bacall to her daughter.  I use this regularly with my monsters children.)
"Booyah, Touchdown...I make miracles happen!" - Jerry Maguire

Q:  If I had to pick one movie to best represent my life what would it be?
A:  Hmmm....Ever After.  I met Prince Charming.  We live Happily Ever After.  Cheesy I know!

Q:  Can she babysit Khylee?
A:  Anytime darlin'!

Q:  Can she have a nickname?
A:  Queso Bonito

Q:  Pepperoni or Cheese?
A:  Pepperoni

Meeko wants to know:

Q:  What is the first thing I notice about someone?
A:  Eyes.  Always eyes.  I can tell what kind of person someone is just by the eyes.  They say everything about someone.

My fabulous friend Quirkyloon asked these "SPE-SCHAL" questions:

Q:  Will you adore me and my blog?
Q:  Will you worship me?
Q:  Will you tell me I'm beautiful when I am not?
Q:  Will you make me believe all of the above?
Q:  Will I buy her a Diet Dr. Pepper?

A:  As I lay me down to sleep, I pray my soul to Quirky for keep.  If I die before I wake, Mirror Mirror on the wall tell Quirky she's fairest for Heaven's sake.  As for the Diet Dr. Pepper, I don't have that but you are welcome to use my Dr. Dr. DH line anytime you like.  Don't remember, Don't recall, Didn't Happen.

Surferwife wants a nickname:

Q:  What was the best Christmas gift I EVER received?
A:  The first year I was married to BDC, he bought me a collectible for my Cinderella collection.  We opened gifts on Christmas Eve.  He took the box and rewrapped with a watch he bought me to surprise me.  I was shocked and it was very very special to me.

The Great Duckalicious would like to know:

Q:  What's my secret for getting red sauce out of clothing:
A:  Well, here's the thing.  If the red sauce(gravy for those Italian folks out there) has too much Olive oil, there's not much you can do.  If you immediately scrub with Spray n' Wash or some other stain remover wilst running under cold water, you maybe have a chance.  If it's white, forget it.  Not even bleach will save it.  Soda water will often help lift it, kinda like with red wine.  But often my secret is the trash can.  Anyone got a better answer let me know!

Momof3inVA asked:

Q:  Do I know what a Libertarian is, and would I consider being one?
A:  I don't often talk politics on my blog.  Everyone knows I tend to classify myself as a liberal, but that's about as far as I take things here.  Other than the occasional Palin bash.  The truth is, I am more moderate than anything else.  Yes, I know what a Libertarian is.  I take a lot of pride and care in making decisions as to how I will vote.  AND I ALWAYS VOTE.

The absolutely HILARIOUS Scoman asked this DOOZIE:

Q:  If turtles rise and take over the earth will I side with the goldfish or the grasshoppers?
A:  I think grasshoppers could be considered food, therefore I am going with the goldfish.  Obviously I have a thing for pretty orange fish!

The rest of the questions are all blog related.  

Jessica of Just Another Momma and Holly at 504 Main both asked about my blogging pet peeve, you know other than noreply-comment@blogger.

A:  I hate blogs littered with bad spelling.  Drives me insane.  Especially when in one sentence 'their' is used correctly.  In the next sentence it is spelled 'there'.  Proof read people.  Proof read.  Also, when people use words that aren't words.  And I am not talking about made up words like glamtastic, or anypretend.  I am talking about words like "tooken".

Danon, The Insatiable Host asked:

Q:  Do I consider myself a blogger or a writer?
A:  I am both.  I consider myself both.  I have always been a writer.  I am now also a blogger.  So I guess, I am a writer who blogs.

Tracie, the blogger formerly known as kys of Stir Fry Awesomeness who is uber cool.  I mean anyone who is an artist formerly known as something else (hello? Prince) is freaking COOL.  Anynotworthy, she asked:

Q:  Do I have aspirations of writing a book someday?  Fiction or non-fiction?
A:  I have been writing a book.  I have started many without completing them.  Fiction is definitely my genre.  I would love to be the next JK Rowling.

Ian from The Daily Dose of Reality asked the following FIVE Fabulous Brainteasers:

Q:  Why do I blog?
A:  It's a creative outlet for me.  I have a mind that goes 90 miles an hour ALL THE TIME.  Blogging gives me some place to release that energy.

Q:  What's more important to you...having only 30 followers where all 30 comment on every post or having 3,000 followers with 10 comments per post?
A:  I enjoy the interaction of blogging.  But numbers really don't matter to me.  It's cool when you hit milestones.  Like 100, 200, 500 followers.  Comments are also what keeps most bloggers coming back day after day.  It's a validation of sorts that what you have to say is important or whatever.  But here's the thing, I don't want followers or comments just for the sake of both.  I want people who find me funny and interesting and inspiring to read and comment.  I comment on blogs where I have something to add, or have found them funny, interesting or inspiring.  Comments like "great post" or "funny" or "lol" just to have something to say, yeah really, I don't bother.

Q:  Am I where I want to be in life?
A:  Um...not exactly.  I certainly am not where I thought I would be.  However, I can't think of anywhere I would rather be than with my Prince Charming (BDC) and my kiddos.  Wherever we are is where I want to be.

Q:  Why is fuck such a fun word to use?
A:  Cause it's fucking funny that's why.  Some might disagree, however, is there really any funnier word than fucktard?  Is there a funnier saying than "fuck me running"?  I think not.

Q:  What's the one thing I can't stand watching people blog about?
A:  I can't stand pity parties.  Poor pitiful me.  My life sucks.  The world sucks.  The sky is falling.  Blah, blah, blah.  I don't deal well with it live and in technicolor, I certainly don't want to read it day after day.  I don't mind the occasional I feel blue post.  Everyone has an off day.  But continued posts for comments to lift you up is like those size 0 cheerleaders in high school who say on a daily basis, "I'm fat" so that everyone will chorus in unison, "Oh, no you're not, you are beautiful.

Powdered Toast Man wants to know:

Q:  Do I read all the comments I get?

Q:  Do I read all the blogs I follow?
A:  Yes, I do read them all.  I miss posts occasionally (more regularly lately, please forgive me, I have a new baby) but I do read them all regardless of whether or not I comment.

Happy Hour....Somewhere asked:

Q:  Have I had my comments deleted or not pass approval?
A:  That I really don't know.  I don't typically go back to blogs to see.  I read too many to go back to see additional follow up comments.  I have never received an email stating that my comment was declined or anything.

And finally Deb over at Menopausal New Mom want to know:

Q:  What do I hope to achieve with my blog?  What are my goals?
A:  I started this blog as a way to get in the habit of writing every day, or at least every week day so that I can get to my goal of completing a work of fiction and getting it published.  I continue to blog because it really is a freeing creative outlet for me.  I love the community of blogging.

Whew!  I will shutmypiehole now, cause that was a whole lotta spewing!

As always, LOVE!


Menopausal New Mom said...

Wow! That's a lot of info to take in but I feel I know you much better now! Thanks for taking our questions, what a great idea!

That One Mom said...

I love it! I love it and I love you? My question for you, did you talk to BDC about May?

xoxoxoxoxoxo (not copyrighted)-hmm, maybe I should copyright that shiz, lol!

Anonymous said...

you should totally get a formspring. I have one, it's It's a website where ppl ask you random questions anonymously. I've gottten some doozies.

Nancy C said...

I love the comment about the size zero and her friends telling her "You're beautiful!" I'll remember that whenever I'm tempted to go all boo-hoo poo-poo face on my blog.

It's totally true. :)

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Dang! You are so poopular with all of your questions to answer!!

And I am highly disappointed in myself with my stupid ass question. Please forgive me and I will do better next time.

I must have been drunk.

Ian said...

Two things

Fuck me running, that's certainly a new one. I'm used to Fuckalicious, FML, and fuck me two ways to Sunday.

and thanks for taking the time to read and answer my questions. I am going to submit more soon and you will answer them *using my jedi mind trick*

Alison said...

I really like that you take the time to have this Q&A...the questions and your answers are i read each question I tried to answer for myself. I am not as eloquent as you
....and that you read each post.....brings some humanity to blogging... thanks

Vinomom said...

I love your answer about comments. I struggle with that one. Sometimes bloggers write something and I really just don't have anything to say about that particular post. So do I comment just so they know I read as a show of support? Lately I've been skipping that part. I feel like it's almost insulting to the writer just to put "lol" as a comment.

Momof3inVA said...

Hey, I will take a Liberal over a Palin lover ANY day! ;)

Thanks for answering my questions (oh, blame Ian for sending me over here...he knows about my obsession with politics...or rather, my obsession with wishing there weren't any politics). ;)

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Yay! You answered MINE!! Awesome, thanks!! What a fun person you are, I loved your answers on these!! Great post, Girl!

Alicia said...

fantastic answers mama!! and can i just say that i LOVE my new nick name!!! it's the shiz!! and i'm with you...i can't stand the doom and gloom posts! wah wah wah...

Homesick Cajun said...

I'm an idiot. I read your post yesterday and got so caught up in the baby that I didn't even think to post a question lol. You did get some really good ones though!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! Great Q&A!

You had me at tooken. My almost 9 yr old says it so often, Im almost used to hearing it and almost forget to correct him!

Conquer The Monkey said...

my personal fav questions are what is it like to have boobs AND why is fuck such a fun word, I needed that smile, LOLLLLLLLLL! I have boobs too these days adn I agree with you, being small is really sooooo much easier.
GREAT Q & A, next time I will find a good question, been a brain dead week mama!!!

Shell said...



Dual Mom said...


I'm in awe of your ability to remember movie quotes.

Ed said...

Man I hate when I miss out on submitting questions.

Daffy said...

You really are the best at handing out nick names! You just rock!!

I usually toss the gravy stained stuff too...I just thought maybe you had a trick I didn't know about. Sometimes if you use Dawn or a dish soap thats a grease lifter the oil will come out but most times I just trash toss too.

Fuck me running? I haven't heard that one and you can best yo sweet ass that I'll be using it tomorrow!

These were fab just like you!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit that was funny! I am surprised how many people have not heard "fuck me running" in the South here we say, "Well fuck me runnin'"

Anonymous said...

Ack! I hide my head in proofreading that appears to be NONproofreading shame!


But thanks for answering my questions!

You are one rawkin' wo-man! Truly, you crack me up.

ScoMan said...

So you're siding with the goldfish? Interesting... interesting...

That question about the followers / comments ratio was a good one. And it made me think about what I would prefer.

There were lots of good questions there.

Thanks for giving us the chance to ask you stuff.

PS I'm with you on the bad spelling and the their / there thing.. I hope I have never been guilty of those sins.

Tgoette said...

I'm with you about the spelling and grammar errors in blogs. I don't know why, but it bugs me to no end!

You gave some great answers to some very good questions and I feel like we all know you so much better!

Very cool indeed!

Alex said...

Hey momma, can't believe you have the energy to post! Let me know if you haven't received a little bling in the next 2 weeks. Don't expect diamonds, but its just a little thing that I found that was cute for the littlest K.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

Dude! I missed Q&A??? Damn it, I'm behind. I'm so behind I could probably count the hairs on my own ass!! lol

We share the same rule of thumb for stains!

Erin said...

WOW! You've done a great job answering all of these.

I love that you spoke to those who don't watch their spelling & make grammatical errors. I know I'm a nerd, but that is one of my pet peeves, too. I feel like it's common sense!


Michele said...

Wow, wow, and wow.....
That was awesome.
I loved this post.

"You want sympathy from me? Look it up in the dictionary between shit and syphilis." - Major Payne
That is also one of my favorite quotes. Laughed out loud when I saw that!

I've missed reading your posts in my absense...

You're awesome!

drollgirl said...

you are too much! and i hope you have a super weekend!!!

LMJ said...

I loved these answers! I feel like I know you better, now!

I totally agree on the pity party posts. I try to post stuff that will make people smile because I love to smile and laugh.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Dang girl! That is one heck of a post! I love the garbage can..I'm a big fan of that one. For kids like to leave tracks..well, who the heck is going to spray and wash those?? NOT ME! GARBAGE CAN!

Mammatalk said...

I want to be JK Rowling when I grow up, too.

Corrie Howe said...

I'm so glad that someone else admitted trash for all their laundry problems. I thought I was in the closet all by myself.

I love the grasshopper and goldfish question and answer.

Busted Kate said...

Hey Chickie!! Love the questions, love you!

Tracie said...

You called me uber cool! That's the nicest thing someone has said about me all week. I can't wait to read your book. I know it will be fantastic.

PS Should I change my moniker to a symbol?

The Queen said...

Man that is a lot to know about one blogger, I think I can steal your identity now... wait... I have enough personalities,, your safe!!!

gayle said...

I love your honest answers!! One day when you know me better, I'm going to ask for a nickname...because my grandpa never would give me one!!

This was a great idea... questions and answers!!!

Momma Fargo said...

Funni und intresting al at teh same timme. And I misssssppeelllledd on purpose! Cool Q & A!

Anonymous said...

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ScoMan said...

Double commenting to thank you for contributing to "What Shall We Do with the Drunken Blogger?" and let you know it's been posted with your contribution.

Anonymous said...

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