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Taking It Off for Monkey

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do you see that pretty button?  Guess what it means?  I, Zgirl, am challenging Travis over at I Like to Fish to a weight loss challenge.  BUT, here is the deal, I NEED YOUR HELP.

We are going to go head to head.  And everyone knows that men lose faster than women.  Which means, I HAVE TO BUST MY FATASS GLUTEUS MAXIMUS to win.  My Smackers know I HATE TO LOSE.  So I know that you are going to support me right?

Here is the details of said challenge.  We go head to head, starting TODAY.  The challenge ends June 30th.  Why June 30th Zgirl?  We are doing this challenge for Monkey.  WHO IS MONKEY?

PhotobucketMeet Monkey.  See that precious little face?  She stole my heart.  She beautiful.  She perfect.  She's 16 months old.  She has cancer.  Did your heart just skip a beat?  Mine did.  Did your stomach turn over?  Mine did.  Did you feel that sting in your eyes as you fought back tears?  Plenty of those have flowed from mine.  Having a baby in the house makes this all the more real for me.  Every time I see that precious little face I can't help but see my own little princess.  I don't know if it's because we have been calling Khylee Monkey Princess since she came home or just those big brown eyes, or what...but this baby wieghs heavy on my heart every day. 

So, Travis and I are going to get our readers to sponsor our weight loss challenge to raise money for Monkey.  Any amount is fine.  A penny, a dime, a dollar per pound lost.  (Kind of like when we used to get people to sponsor jump rope for heart when we were kids.)  I cannot lose this though, so I need your help.  Travis will lose more weight than me for sure.  MEN SUCK.  Just sayin'.  So I have to work harder, work smarter, and need your pledges!

Just look at that sweet face.  ALL of the money Travis and I raise goes to MONKEY.  The Mission Monkey on my sidebar just below the Take it off for Monkey button is linked directly to a paypal for The Pixie Family.  This family is going to need all the support we can give them.

I want to help Monkey.  AND I WANT TO WIN.  Help Monkey won't you?  PLEASE!   

As an added incentive, and since this is a weight loss challenge, whoever pledges the most to support me gets a BRAND NEW healthy cookbook from Williams-Sonoma compliments of Think Tank Momma.  (Told ya'll, I HATE TO LOSE!)

Every Monday I will post my weight losses and what I did to get that loss.  



Unknown said...

ohhh this should be interesting.. come on girl you can whopp travis all over the place..

SurferWife said...

WOMAN. Stop saying he is going to win. Don't put that negative shit in your brain.

You know I got your back, girl.

Travis said...

Listen. I'm going to win. But I feel like maybe I should make it interesting. But at the same time, I feel like maybe I should lose like 90 pounds in 5 weeks so the little lady can get more money. Either way, my post is up, and this young woman is going to start reaping the benefits of our hard work!

Momma Fargo said...

You guys rock! I pledge to both of you. See...I'm Switzerland.

Lee said...

I'm in. Where do we make our pledges??

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You are SOOOOOO gonna win!! He's already lost a bunch,I see a plateau in his near future.

Really I hope you both do great!

Dual Mom said...

I'll give you a $1 a pound for every pound you lose.

And just to make it interesting...if you actually beat Travis....I'll give $2 a pound.

Now Zgirl, get that ass movin'!!!!

MrsBlogAlot said...

You got this.

Not one doubt about it!

But you guys are both double awesome!!!

Salt said...

Now THIS is an awesome idea! I've got your back, girl. Kick his ass!!!

Ian said...

This is one time where I can truly say you are both winners.

But I hope this helps in the weight loss journey nonetheless!

Babes Mami said...

Get on the 30 Day Shred! Up to 20 lbs in 30 days and it's been kicking mine and many other bloggers asses. I will confer with my 'financier' aka The Husband to see what we can sponsor you for.

Vinomom said...

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred makes me want to shove her head into a blender but IT WORKS. I pledge .25 per pound lost. Sorry I'm broke but I want to participate!

Nancy C said...

Following you both, but my money's on you. How about 20 cents a pound? Do I cut her a check when you're done?

Macey said...

I got your back and your gluteus maximus girl!
You will win this thing.
You own this. When I was typing "own" I typed "won" which is a sign.
You rock.

Lothiriel said...

oohh...! What a nice incentive!!!

I wish you both good luck!!!

Shell said...

That face. It just gets me every time. I swear, I loved all of her girls before all of this and my uterus would cry out for just one more baby every time that I went to her blog. And then for little Monkey to be sick...I just can't imagine.

Love your challenge! :)

Ed said... how does this work?

Do we make an up front donation? Cause that seems the purpose of having a paypal. What happens if you don't lose what you say, or as much as Travis? Do we get a refund? And does that mean your slackerness has caused the poor monkey girl further suffering?

But you also mentioned $1 a pound. How you we do that. Is there like a contract we sign in blood or fat?

Seriously, this is an awesome idea you two.

Unknown said...

Go Momma! Will raid the kids piggy banks and join you for a bit of exercise and weight loss.

Unknown said...

I just came from Travis' place. YOU ARE GONNA WIN. Stay positive!!! I love what you guys are doing for Monkey!

Busted Kate said...

I just donated!! You've totally got this girl, and if you need modivating chat reminders, I'm your gal. Or maybe not, because I'm mostly just an enabler and would tell you to eat ice cream. Where was I going with this? YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

So does my donation count toward your team total or something??

Gabi said...

You can take him. No problem. It's almost a waste of time to have the contest. Can't we just declare you the winner now?

Ducky said...

I'm diggin Dual Mom's idea. I may go in for that too. This is such an awesome idea and I know you are working hard. Remember when even your hair hurts *wink* its all worth it. Have BDC give you a nice rub down...or make him pay for you to get a professional one. Hell I may just run away here in the near future and end up on your door step. :o) We can go get pampered together.

California Keys said...

You better start working hard!Let's get monkey better!

Jeannie, Jane, Angel, Mommy, etc.. said...

I am SO a new follower! I thought that I was the only one who remembered the whole jump rope for heart thing! I, for one, LOVED that and don't know why they don't bring it back. I am sure it is becuase some parents group out there things that the kids could get injured if they trip while jumproping or something crazy like that!