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Zgirl Soprano calling ALL BLOGFIA MEMBERS

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

By now, many of you have heard that my BFF Daffy is having a family crisis.  

We are here to lift her up and give her strength.  I want every single follower of mine to go over there right now and leave her love.

Ducky's sister is 35.  She is ONLY 35 years old.  Yet, she is on an operating table fighting for her life right this minute.  She has a little boy that is only 5 year old.  A husband who loves her dearly.  Parents holding their breath in the ICU waiting room.  And a sister who we all love and adore.

Many of you have read her updates, some may not have.  You can find Daff's update from this morning here.  Things have taken a turn for the worse.  There is brain swelling and to alleviate that part of her skull must be removed to allow the brain room to swell.  This is not a small procedure people.  Additionally, the tumor that they suspect started all of this must be removed.  The medical team wanted to wait until she recovered from the blot clot this morning, but that isn't possible now.  This family has at least 20 hours of surgery ahead of them.  A team of doctor's that has been working most of the day already to stabilize her.

Please, pray for Ducky's family.  Pray for her surgical staff.  Pray for the surgeon who will be working his miracle.  Pray for a miracle.  If you don't pray then send love and good karma or whatever you believe in.

*Comments are off*  Leave your love for Duckalicious at her pond.  (all highlighted links will get you to the pond!)

Daff will probably post a bit later this evening to update everyone.  If she is not up to it, please check back.  I will add all updates here and via twitter.  If you are following me on Twitter shame on you!  @adrienzgirl


Just spoke to the Duck.  Sister's surgery is going really well.  Tumor is already removed.  Only expecting a few more hours of surgery.  Prayers are working!  Keep them coming!! 


Surgery is complete.  EVERYTHING went much smoother than anticipated.  The tumor was removed successfully.  The second smaller tumor was not seen when the surgeon open her skull.  They have installed a shunt/valve for drainage.  She is still having some clotting, may have to go back on the IV blood thinners.  Keep those prayers coming!  The power of prayer is incredible! 

***SAD NEWS***

Late last night I spoke to The Duck.  We received grim news.  There is no neurological activity and Wendy is on a ventilator.  PLEASE PRAY FOR STRENGTH AND COMFORT for this family in their dark hours.  Lord, please hold this family and help shoulder their grief.