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Quack Open Your Hearts at Duck Fest

Thursday, May 27, 2010

DUCK FEST is supporting our fellow blog bud, and my BBFF Daffy. She is setting up the JD Scholarship Fund in honor of her sister, Wendy. JD is Daffy's 5 year old nephew who just lost his mother suddenly, last week. Every parent strives to give the best to their child and as a single father, sending JD to college will be difficult.

I spent almost nine years as a single parent, and I know how difficult it can be to be both mom and dad to your child(ren).  You want to give them everything and try so hard to make sure that they don't want for anything to compensate for the loss of the other parent.  DUCK FEST will one day give JD and his dad hope. That the generosity of strangers helped get him to college, and a community banded together for him and his family during a very difficult time.

DUCK FEST will begin on June 3rd. This day will be very difficult for Daffy and her family as it would have been Wendy's 36th birthday.

Donating to a good cause has never been more fun! Come back June 3rd and check out all the participating bloggers and their giveaways that will be listed!

What is DUCK FEST?

DUCK FEST is a blog party fundraising event to raise money for the JD Scholarship Fund. It runs June 3 - 8 right here in the blogosphere!

How does DUCK FEST work?

By using the McLinky at the bottom of this page, you are able to visit a number of giveaways to raise money for the JD Scholarship Fund. If you find a giveaway you'd like to enter, beginning June 3, you can click on the donate button on that giveaway and donate money for entries. Each entry is $1.00. If you donate $10.00 you have 10 entries to spend however you want. Please follow the PayPal directions for your donation (be sure to leave your blog url in notes for verification!) To enter, leave a comment for each $1.00 donation on the giveaways of your choice!
On June 9, each hosting blog will select their winners using

How can I participate?

Do you have a skill or talent you'd like to showcase? Do you rub elbows with PR firms, have advertisers or sponsors that would support the cause? You are more than welcome to host a giveaway at your blog! Do you have product you'd like to donate, but don't have an outlet to run a giveaway? We're happy to host it for you! If you'd like to participate, send an email to me - That One Mom at OR to Tamara at

What if I would just like to donate money and not worry about prizes?

That is perfectly fine! Just click on the donate button in the side bar. All donations go directly to the JD Scholarship Fund!

In the meantime, grab a button and spread the word!! Word of mouth is key to making DUCK FEST a success!


Macey said...

Can I link back to this post tomorrow?? I wanted to spread the word with my regular friday meme.

Nancy C said...

I will leave a donation for sure. Too tired to write or comment today, but I will support that dear boy for sure.

Busted Kate said...

Hive five!

Tamara Dawn said...

Thanks so much Mama B! I heart you <3

Ducky said...

The endless wealth of generosity consumes me.

I have no words that fare adequate...

Thank you for mixing your tears with mine to the point where they could no longer be separated. Your strength and support pushes me and all the bb girls. Where would I be without your laughter and humor?

Probably hiding in a corner with a bottle ;O)

Ed said...

Look at you. You big softie.

And Daffy, what's so wrong with hiding in the corner with a bottle?!?!?


*hides bottle behind back*

I mean, hypothetically speaking.

KristinFilut said...

I'm so excited for Duck Fest! This is going to be great!

Holly Lefevre said...

OK, bring it on...I have a CC...I don't see a linky?! I'll be back. Really, I will not forget.