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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have to say....I have the best followers.  You guys gave me some great questions to work with here.  So, fasten your seat belts, grab some popcorn and a soda.  Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

My girl crush Cheesecake wanted to know:

Q: "What's it feel like to have boobs?"
A: Well, honestly....they are quite literally a pain in the neck.  I won't lie and say that with the right outfit and accentuated the right way they don't make me feel sexy, they do (or they did before children and weight gain) but I would rather have just normal sized or smallish boobies.  Shhhh!  Don't tell BDC....he's a total boob man!

Q:  "Are those fish real?"
A:  Baby, everything I got is REAL!

Q:  What is my favorite all time movie quote?
A:  This is a tough one.  I love so many movies.  Different kinds, themes, whatever, and I quote them all, all the time.   A couple of all time favs are from obscure movies:
"You want sympathy from me?  Look it up in the dictionary between shit and syphilis." - Major Payne
"I should never have encouraged you to speak." -The Mirror Has Two Faces (This one was said by Lauren Bacall to her daughter.  I use this regularly with my monsters children.)
"Booyah, Touchdown...I make miracles happen!" - Jerry Maguire

Q:  If I had to pick one movie to best represent my life what would it be?
A:  Hmmm....Ever After.  I met Prince Charming.  We live Happily Ever After.  Cheesy I know!

Q:  Can she babysit Khylee?
A:  Anytime darlin'!

Q:  Can she have a nickname?
A:  Queso Bonito

Q:  Pepperoni or Cheese?
A:  Pepperoni

Meeko wants to know:

Q:  What is the first thing I notice about someone?
A:  Eyes.  Always eyes.  I can tell what kind of person someone is just by the eyes.  They say everything about someone.

My fabulous friend Quirkyloon asked these "SPE-SCHAL" questions:

Q:  Will you adore me and my blog?
Q:  Will you worship me?
Q:  Will you tell me I'm beautiful when I am not?
Q:  Will you make me believe all of the above?
Q:  Will I buy her a Diet Dr. Pepper?

A:  As I lay me down to sleep, I pray my soul to Quirky for keep.  If I die before I wake, Mirror Mirror on the wall tell Quirky she's fairest for Heaven's sake.  As for the Diet Dr. Pepper, I don't have that but you are welcome to use my Dr. Dr. DH line anytime you like.  Don't remember, Don't recall, Didn't Happen.

Surferwife wants a nickname:

Q:  What was the best Christmas gift I EVER received?
A:  The first year I was married to BDC, he bought me a collectible for my Cinderella collection.  We opened gifts on Christmas Eve.  He took the box and rewrapped with a watch he bought me to surprise me.  I was shocked and it was very very special to me.

The Great Duckalicious would like to know:

Q:  What's my secret for getting red sauce out of clothing:
A:  Well, here's the thing.  If the red sauce(gravy for those Italian folks out there) has too much Olive oil, there's not much you can do.  If you immediately scrub with Spray n' Wash or some other stain remover wilst running under cold water, you maybe have a chance.  If it's white, forget it.  Not even bleach will save it.  Soda water will often help lift it, kinda like with red wine.  But often my secret is the trash can.  Anyone got a better answer let me know!

Momof3inVA asked:

Q:  Do I know what a Libertarian is, and would I consider being one?
A:  I don't often talk politics on my blog.  Everyone knows I tend to classify myself as a liberal, but that's about as far as I take things here.  Other than the occasional Palin bash.  The truth is, I am more moderate than anything else.  Yes, I know what a Libertarian is.  I take a lot of pride and care in making decisions as to how I will vote.  AND I ALWAYS VOTE.

The absolutely HILARIOUS Scoman asked this DOOZIE:

Q:  If turtles rise and take over the earth will I side with the goldfish or the grasshoppers?
A:  I think grasshoppers could be considered food, therefore I am going with the goldfish.  Obviously I have a thing for pretty orange fish!

The rest of the questions are all blog related.  

Jessica of Just Another Momma and Holly at 504 Main both asked about my blogging pet peeve, you know other than noreply-comment@blogger.

A:  I hate blogs littered with bad spelling.  Drives me insane.  Especially when in one sentence 'their' is used correctly.  In the next sentence it is spelled 'there'.  Proof read people.  Proof read.  Also, when people use words that aren't words.  And I am not talking about made up words like glamtastic, or anypretend.  I am talking about words like "tooken".

Danon, The Insatiable Host asked:

Q:  Do I consider myself a blogger or a writer?
A:  I am both.  I consider myself both.  I have always been a writer.  I am now also a blogger.  So I guess, I am a writer who blogs.

Tracie, the blogger formerly known as kys of Stir Fry Awesomeness who is uber cool.  I mean anyone who is an artist formerly known as something else (hello? Prince) is freaking COOL.  Anynotworthy, she asked:

Q:  Do I have aspirations of writing a book someday?  Fiction or non-fiction?
A:  I have been writing a book.  I have started many without completing them.  Fiction is definitely my genre.  I would love to be the next JK Rowling.

Ian from The Daily Dose of Reality asked the following FIVE Fabulous Brainteasers:

Q:  Why do I blog?
A:  It's a creative outlet for me.  I have a mind that goes 90 miles an hour ALL THE TIME.  Blogging gives me some place to release that energy.

Q:  What's more important to you...having only 30 followers where all 30 comment on every post or having 3,000 followers with 10 comments per post?
A:  I enjoy the interaction of blogging.  But numbers really don't matter to me.  It's cool when you hit milestones.  Like 100, 200, 500 followers.  Comments are also what keeps most bloggers coming back day after day.  It's a validation of sorts that what you have to say is important or whatever.  But here's the thing, I don't want followers or comments just for the sake of both.  I want people who find me funny and interesting and inspiring to read and comment.  I comment on blogs where I have something to add, or have found them funny, interesting or inspiring.  Comments like "great post" or "funny" or "lol" just to have something to say, yeah really, I don't bother.

Q:  Am I where I want to be in life?
A:  Um...not exactly.  I certainly am not where I thought I would be.  However, I can't think of anywhere I would rather be than with my Prince Charming (BDC) and my kiddos.  Wherever we are is where I want to be.

Q:  Why is fuck such a fun word to use?
A:  Cause it's fucking funny that's why.  Some might disagree, however, is there really any funnier word than fucktard?  Is there a funnier saying than "fuck me running"?  I think not.

Q:  What's the one thing I can't stand watching people blog about?
A:  I can't stand pity parties.  Poor pitiful me.  My life sucks.  The world sucks.  The sky is falling.  Blah, blah, blah.  I don't deal well with it live and in technicolor, I certainly don't want to read it day after day.  I don't mind the occasional I feel blue post.  Everyone has an off day.  But continued posts for comments to lift you up is like those size 0 cheerleaders in high school who say on a daily basis, "I'm fat" so that everyone will chorus in unison, "Oh, no you're not, you are beautiful.

Powdered Toast Man wants to know:

Q:  Do I read all the comments I get?

Q:  Do I read all the blogs I follow?
A:  Yes, I do read them all.  I miss posts occasionally (more regularly lately, please forgive me, I have a new baby) but I do read them all regardless of whether or not I comment.

Happy Hour....Somewhere asked:

Q:  Have I had my comments deleted or not pass approval?
A:  That I really don't know.  I don't typically go back to blogs to see.  I read too many to go back to see additional follow up comments.  I have never received an email stating that my comment was declined or anything.

And finally Deb over at Menopausal New Mom want to know:

Q:  What do I hope to achieve with my blog?  What are my goals?
A:  I started this blog as a way to get in the habit of writing every day, or at least every week day so that I can get to my goal of completing a work of fiction and getting it published.  I continue to blog because it really is a freeing creative outlet for me.  I love the community of blogging.

Whew!  I will shutmypiehole now, cause that was a whole lotta spewing!

As always, LOVE!

ABC's of Me Baby

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is the FAMILY post portion of the Q&A I promised you all on Friday.  I am breaking the post up into two posts so as not to drone on and on....

Almost everyone wants to know about the baby, and when am I going to post more pictures?  ALRIGHT ALREADY!  Geez!  I usually take the kids to have their pictures done the first week home.  However, Khylee had a rash, pretty bad one too.

As you can see here, Kamden is very proud of HIS baby.  My neighbor (not the idiot burn fool) came over to visit and see the baby and she told me Kamden keeps telling her about HIS baby.  At least he likes her I guess.  You can see how red her cheeks and chin are in this picture.  I asked the pediatrician about it because none of my babies ever had anything like this.  He asked if she was a blue baby???  I remarked about how blue she was when she came out and he said she was bruised from coming out face up.  That is why her face looked so red.  It is almost better now!  So once I have some pictures done for announcements, I will post them!
Gayle of Gramme's Blog and Erin of The Mother Load both asked what my schedule, or a day in the life so to speak, looks like now that I have an infant...AGAIN.  Well, it's a little ZOMBIE"esque" at Casa di Romano right now.  BDC leaves for work at 4:00am every morning.  Kenna is doing well and already back to school.  She is back down to pre-baby weight and wearing all her skinny jeans.  YES IT'S NAUSEATING.  But, good for her.  *rolls eyes*  Cameron at Conquer the Monkey that answer is for you.
Sometime between when BDC leaves and Kenna leaves, Khylee and I get up for her second third nightly feeding.  I stumble to the kitchen and make a bottle and stumble back to the recliner to rock her.  I get the boys up and ready for school at 7:00am.  Kooper is my little hero here.  He makes lunches for himself and Kamden and gets them both ready ALL. By. HIMSELF.  We hustle out the door by 8:00am.  Once we get back Khylee and I check email, blog and post for all the job listings.  Then we eat and go to sleep. (or try anyway)  Usually Khylee goes to sleep and I, although exhausted, can't go back to sleep.  Wait...I never really slept.  Crap.  I go in search of caffeine.  LOADS of it.  Khylee sleeps for about 2-3 hours at a time.  She alternates between her bassinet and the swing and cries when she wants someone to hold her.  Yes she is supremely aware that she is the center of the universe.  Scary at only 10 days huh?

Anynap, Kenna gets home at 2:00pm, the boys are picked up about 2:45pm and BDC gets home somewhere around 3:00pm.  I usually switch off with Kenna or BDC and try to catch a quick nap then.  Because when she is sleeping in the morning and early afternoon I usually have things to do (OMG, I forgot how much laundry babies produce in a day!) and can't sleep anyway. I am still working on getting things situated due to my abbreviated preparation schedule for the new arrival.  Two weeks from the day I found out til the day she arrived!  After I catch that quick nap, we(Kamden and I) do homework, figure out what's for dinner and do the nightly family routines.

Sorry to disappoint.  It's not very glamorous.  No Flossy Flossy up in here. 

Many of you asked how it feels to be a new G-Momma.  And honestly, it's a little strange.  I am not old enough to be a Grandma.  I'm only 37.  So, it's really quite unsettling.  Yet, it's oddly remarkable at the same time.  I guess I would have more GMomma feelings if I weren't playing double duty as Mommy too.  I just feel like a new Mommy mostly.  AND can I just say?  This was much easier at 20 something, and 30.  Whew!  I am tired.   But thrilled and overjoyed as well.  She is a beautiful angel and a welcomed addition to our patchwork perfect family.  You know how those patchwork quilts you have that your Granny made, or her Ma made, are always so soft and special even though they are mismatched and not aesthetically pleasing with the decor of your room?  Yet, you want that blanket more than any other because it feels perfect?  That's how I would describe our family.  Patchwork perfect.

LMJ and Gayle both asked about how many his, hers, and ours BDC and I have.  Here is the run down:
Kenna - 18 - my previous marriage
Michael - almost 12 - BDC's previous marriage
Kooper - 10
Kamden - 7
Khylee - just arrived
We also have four fur babies of the Chihuahua variety.  Chimee(short for Chimichanga) Lola-Blu, Superman and Blu-Belle.

LMJ also wanted to know how BDC and I met.  Our story is a strange and complicated one.  We have actually known each other for 20+ years.  BDC is the baby brother of one of my best friends from my wild and crazy teenage years.  I lived with BDC's brother after highschool, along with exhusband and BDC's current boss.

When BDC and I decided we were really "interested" in each other it was sort of a big deal and we had to tip toe around everyone we knew to see if there  WAS "something" before we told everyone.  Obviously it was going to be awkward.  We had one "date" and we pretty much knew that was it.  It was worth the awkwardness it would cause for everyone else.  We really haven't been apart since that first "date".  I will blog more about this in detail if you all would like.  There are several posts worth of crazy story to blog.

Well, that sums up the FAMILY Q&A.  Tomorrow I will post the answers to all the other questions.  And there are some DOOZIES!

Gratitude with Attitude Tuesday

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Think Tank Momma

WELCOME SMACKERS!  It's Tuesday!  Time to share just how grateful you are for all those "special" people places and events in your life.  So, sit down, pull out your best 'tude and write some much needed thanks to those who deserve it most.

As you'll notice we have a new PURTY (that's southern for pretty) button.  Cheesecake made it!  If you need a button, an award, whatever, go see her.  Really she does great work!  AND, she will make sure there aren't several others running around sporting your same snazzy button graphics.  YES...they are all ONE of A Kind!
None of that, same old same old you see everywhere else.  So, run over to Cheapskate Designs.  Tell Tamara aka Cheesecake that I sent you!

OH..and you'll probably also notice that we changed the name!  Well, my BBFF The Great Duckalicious kept calling it Gratitude with Attitude, and you know's catchy.  Matter of fact, it's GENIUS really.  So after you go order a button from Cheescake (see above), and after you link up and write your own fuckyouverymuch thanks! out with a fistful of ATTITUDE, run over and see her.


Dear DUMBASS Oh so Smart Neighbor,
Thank you for sending the fire department out yet again in six months time.  I know that you got a good stern talking to from the fire marshal last time, but that really was just to take under advisement.  They were surely just kidding when they warned you about unattended burns in your back yard.  I mean, I realize we live in the sticks and all, but that shouldn't be cause for concern right?  No abundance of kindling.  Surely not.  I appreciate that I had to shut my windows due to all the smoke.  I am sure you were totally thinking of my allergies, and didn't want me to suffer from all the pollen in the air.  So thanks, dumbass safety first neighbor, for putting our neighborhood on the fire watch list!  If I get arrested for blowing up illegal fireworks now, you are so bailing my ass out of jail.  Ya asshat.
Unimpressed Pyro Neighbor

Dear Bellsouth,
Thanks for going out ALL FREAKING NIGHT.  It's certainly not like I was launching a new button and link for my Smackers.  And hey, they are all understanding.  I didn't work on you tirelessly for hours, when I should have been sleeping, because I HAVE AN INFANT.  Thanks for teaching me patience.  Thanks for reminding me that just because I pay my DSL bill on time, every time, that I shouldn't expect that it will always be up and running.  OH, SPECIAL THANKS for your OH SO HELPFUL English speaking technical support group.  They are fabulous.
Thoroughly Pissed and Fit to be Tied.

Dear Rex (Dumbass Smart Safety First Neighbor's dog),
Thanks so much for teaching the Chihuahuas that live with me that the road is a fun place to play!  I almost had a heart attack when my babies ran out in the road to meet you.  Um...this is just a warning.  If you don't quit enticing my puppies to be bad?  I am going to drop you off behind the Philippino Restaurant down the street.  Just sayin'
Chi Loving Momma

Well, there you have it Smackers.  Now go, run smack.  Link it up below.  Go order a button.  And tell Daffy how much you love our new name.  Do it!


Join me tomorrow for answers to your questions!

Manic Musings on Monday: A Pictorial

Monday, February 22, 2010







I got a new button, and some new code, and you are going to love it!  So write out your special fuckyouverymuch thanks! and link up tomorrow for Gratitude with Attitude Tuesday!

Happy Monday Smackers!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...What makes you Rock?

Friday, February 19, 2010

I have come across many posts lately where bloggers have been defining themselves as what type of blogger they are, or aspire to be.  Carving out their piece of the internet as they see it.  Finding their "tribe" or "clique".  Identifying why they follow, who they follow, begging for others to please follow.

I thought a lot about it.  What draws me to read those I do?  What draws people to read me?    So many questions.

I have many new followers who don't really "know" me.  So, I thought I would give everyone the opportunity to ask me anything.  ANYTHING.  I will answer any and all questions.  If you have questions for BDC (The hubs.  BDC = Big Daddy Cain for those of you who are new) he will answer them too.  We might have a separate post for his questions.  You all know how he likes  You can see that here and here.

So for all my newbies.  I am mostly a humor blogger.  I basically talk smack about life, my family and social media.  I run smack on celebrities, the news and anything else I find noteworthy.  I am pretty "liberal".  *Gasp* I know.  I said the dirty "L" word.  I have little tolerance for stupidity and ZERO tolerance for bigotry.  So other than me hating on stupid people, there ain't no hatin' here.

I have a very unconventional family.  His, hers, ours and now a grand baby to raise too.  I don't sleep much.  I don't sit still much.  I have ADD.  I have two children with ADD/ADHD.  I have two highly gifted children, and there is never a dull moment.  All of that makes for some exceptionally fun blog content.
Oh...and as many of you know.  I like to hand out monikers to my bloggy buddies.  I have named several.  The Great Duckalicious.  The NinjaJew (it's a term of endearment not a slur, back off), Dreamweaver....and the list goes on.  Still a little upset that Ed came up with Cheesecake, but nevertheless, I still call her that.  So beware.  You may end up with something quirky to go by ....compliments of moi!  It's an honor people!  Get in line!

So....tick tock, tick tock...I'm gonna tell you what makes me ROCK.  The floor is open.  Ask away.

I will post responses next week.  Probably Wednesday, or Thursday.  We will be back to Friday Follies and Fun Facts next week.  You are more than welcome to ask for themes for tidbits you would like to have fun facts on as well.  If I know I'll share, if I don't I'll research.  I guess I need a button for that huh?

Alright....get to askin'!

Happy Weekend!

LOVE! ~Mwah!~

Wordless WTF Wednesday

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Hump Day Smackers! You all enjoyed the photo edition of WTF Wednesday last week so much I thought I would bring you more of those head scratching, are you serious, why would someone do that photos.  These WTF? captured moments are brought to you from

At least it's clean?

I love art, butt really?


Poor little Chihuahua...

Star Wars Geeks...*sigh* 



Thank You Note Tuesday: Fry some Gratitude add a Pinch of Attitude

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Think Tank Momma

It's Tuesday!  Time to cook up some Gratitude.  Add a pinch of attitude.  Hell, throw a whole handful in the recipe if you like.  Let those special people, places or things in your life know just how much you are thankful for their ineptness.  Don't hold back.  Everyone needs a fuckyouverymuch thankyouverymuch who crosses your path and hasn't learned the golden rule, Do Unto Others.

Dear Nurse McBitchy,
Thank you so much for your piss and vinegar attitude kind and understanding care while my scared teenager was in labor this week.  You truly made sure she won't be doing that again anytime soon, or ever.  Thank you for blowing three of her veins before asking someone else to help you perform the simplest of nursing tasks.  Hell, she probably didn't need those veins anyway.  I am not really sure how exactly you ended up on the Labor and Delivery unit of the hospital, but we certainly couldn't have asked for a bigger fucking bitch more kind and compassionate nurse given the circumstances.  Thank you for your condescending warm dulcet tone while explaining rules and regulations to me.  Obviously I have never been in a delivery room before.  Those children, including the one lying in the bed, in labor, yeah, I didn't bear them myself.   I must have picked them up at the store where you buy children.  We sure did appreciate you sitting her newly stitched hooha in a wheelchair while you dilly dallied around with whatever the hell you were doing for 45 minutes too.  Yeah, that definitely drove home the point that she didn't want to do this again EVER.  
Pissed Off Over Protective New G-Momma

Dear BitchAssHo Scale,
Thanks for keeping your whore mouth shut this week.  Don't look at me that way either you skank.  I will step on you next week when I have had time to undo the damage of fast food.  SHUT IT!  I was in the hospital and you gotta do what you gotta do.
See you soon,
Back on Track Shortly 

Dear Visitors,
Thanks so much for visiting my site while trying to play coy.  You aren't fooling anyone.  Least of all me.  You are welcome anytime.  Read my snark.  Take it to heart.  Own that shit.  Guess what?  You just keep sending those visit stats up.  Thanks for your support.  Thanks for shall we say this kindly....BALL LESS Spine Less.  Anonymity is a wonderful thing if you aren't man or woman enough to show yourself.  Let me say this, I am me, all the time, all straight up.  No filters.  No editing.  No sugar coating.  If you are hiding your identity what does that say about you?  Hmmm?  Thanks for reminding me that keeping it real is why I love being me.
Sitemeter Monitoring Momma

Well that's what Think Tank Momma cooked up with her handful of attitude this week.  What is your recipe for SMACK TALKIN' Thank You Notes? Write it out.  Link up.  CLEANSE YOUR PALATE.

~Khylee Anne~

Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, I know I told you the due date was next week.  Most first pregnancies do make it to at least the due date.  However, just like everything with this baby, we were unconventional.

Khylee Anne was born February 11, 2010.
She weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces.
She's a tall baby at 21 and 1/4 inches.

Kenna had a very quick labor.  No time to fuss or worry, just quick and to the point.  At least we had time for an epidural.
Both of my baby girls are doing well!

BDC is so proud!  He told me this morning to give both his girls kisses from him as he is working in the rain today.
I will post some more pictures over the weekend once her swelling has gone done!

Welcome to the world and our family Khylee Anne!

I will be MIA for a few understand right?  LOVE~G Momma

Spruce your Juice for Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Many of you have admired my ultra fabby makeover by the good folks over at Bloggy Blog Designz!  So, because I LURVE my Lip Smackers, and I LURVE what Jenna and Whitney did for me.....I am sharing some exciting news with all of my Lip Smackers.  You can Spruce Up and Juice Up your very own site with the SUPER FABULOUS GiveAway for Valentine's Day!  WOOT!  Who loves you?

Here are the details:

It's Giveaway Time!!

Our Design Schedule has finally cleared up, so you know what that means? It's time for another giveaway! If you missed out last time, we hope you enter now... or even enter again! Here are the items up for grabs;

A $30 Giftcard

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A $20 Giftcard

Here is how to enter: Copy the following to a blog post, be sure to leave a comment with your URL so we can check it out, and you are instantly entered! As a special thanks for entering our Giveaway, we are offering ALL entrants 15% off (just mention giveaway in the order form under discount code
So...what are you waiting for....go..go...go!

Thank You Note Tuesday: Serving Up Gratitude with Attitude

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Think Tank Momma

Dear Should not be driving at 115 Mr. McCrusty,
Thank you for missing my Jeep by 3 inches as you pulled out into traffic.  I obviously had the right of way since you were pulling out of a parking lot while I was minding my own business driving down the street. However, given the fact that you are old enough to die at any given second, I should certainly have stopped in moving traffic to let you out.  At least you noticed me before sudden impact.  Please also thank whatever family member renewed your driver's license online.  There is no way you could get one if you tried to pass an eye exam at the local DMV so it what very thoughtful of them to endanger the rest of the driving community.  I will make sure I clear the fucking streets next time I see your big blue boat of car on the road.  You can barely see over the steering wheel, and I know you wouldn't intentionally mow down other drivers.
Thankful to be Alive,
Not a fan of Crash Derby Driving

Dear Bitch Ass Ho Scale,
Thank you for not budging this week.  I do so appreciate that you didn't move in the wrong direction.  I know that I haven't exercised, I have been a little busy.  You know trying to prepare for my baby and all.  I realize that I have eaten like shit crap this week, being out on the go, but I have made some healthy choices.  Nevertheless, you are still my biatch!
Kiss my Fat Ass,
Holding Steady

Dear Pretender,
Thank you for pretending I don't matter.  Thank you for ignoring the fact that I am the most important person in my family's lives. Thank you for reminding me why I make the choices I make.  Thank you for reminding me that sometimes doing the right thing isn't necessarily the path that makes the most sense.  Sometimes, regardless of how much you try there are always pretenders who will do the wrong thing regardless of the latitude they are given.  No matter what, pretenders will always choose the wrong path.  Why?  I don't know.  Perhaps low self esteem?  Perhaps just plain and simply you are fucking stupid ignorant.  Or perhaps pretenders are just so self absorbed and narcissistic that while the rest of the world gets the magnitude of the situation, you think somehow it's all about you.  Whatever the case, thank you for making me look like the saint.
Saintly G-Momma to be

Dear Mail Lady,
Thanks so much for delivering my packages every day.  I appreciate your bad attitude enthusiasm when you honk your horn each day in the driveway, instead of bringing my packages to the door(which is your JOB, just sayin').  Your dirty looks and huffing and puffing like you are so warn out is a bit melodramatic though don't you think?  You can rest assured you will have some more packages to deliver though.  I have the bestest friends and family in the world who are FUCKING STOKED uber excited about our arrival from The Stork!  So thanks for your daily honking!  I'll see ya this afternoon!  Same bat time, same bat channel!
Anxiously Awaiting,
Very Lucky and Loved!

So there you have it Smackers!  Now I know you have some smack to run today.  Grab the button and share your gratitude, add a little ATTITUDE and write your FUCKYOUVERYMUCH Thank You Notes.  Come back here and add your name in the Mr. Linky so everyone can read your notes too!


Memoir Monday: Proud Momma

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lip Smackers, it's a brand new week!  The last two weeks have been a whirlwind at La Casa di Romano.  I promised to share why I have been so scarce lately and the time has finally arrived.

But, it's Monday, and you all know that means it's time for Memoir Monday sponsored by the one and only TravyG over at I like to Fish.  I couldn't skip out, as this is a special edition, complete with pictures and everything.  Travis is debuting his brand new super fabby button made by the one and only FABULOUSLY talented Cheesecake over at Cheapskate Designs. (Look ain't it purty?)


So since this is a photo opportunity, and because it's relevant to the story.  For your viewing pleasure, please meet Think Tank Momma's PRIDE. AND. JOY.

(Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?)
(If you can't read the text, from left to right:  Michael, Kamden, Kenna and Kooper)

It's funny how life throws you curve balls.  When you least expect it, and you have everything all mapped out, suddenly you find yourself not at all where you thought you'd be.

Two weeks ago, BDC and I learned that my beautiful, smart and funny daughter, Kenna is pregnant. She is only 18.  She is a senior in high school.  She is carrying a heavy AP load and preparing for college.

I don't think in my 37 years I have ever experienced quite the range of emotions as I have this last two weeks.  Terror, joy, heartbreak, overwhelming love and pride, sorrow, you name it, I have pretty much been there.

I have had many ask how we didn't know.  I can tell you, many of our friends and family were also just as shocked.  She had put on a little weight, but certainly not enough to make the automatic jump to pregnancy.  It's winter and she wears big hoodies, baggy jeans and jackets.  She is a tiny person, so really it wasn't that noticeable. 

Oh, did I mention she is due in 10 days?  No?  Yeah, she is due on FEBRUARY 17th!  HOLY CRAPOLI is right!

I immediately made her a doctors appointment and they were happy to see her right away.  We went to the doctor's office last Monday.  Thank the Lord and my lucky stars, everything seems perfect despite the lack of prenatal care.  She is young and healthy and very fit, which makes a whole lot of difference.  The doctor and sonogram technician sited her tight stomach muscles as the reason she didn't feel the baby until so late into her pregnancy.

So, after a whole lot of thought, and possibly the most difficult decision any young woman can make, my baby girl asked BDC and me to adopt and raise her precious bundle of joy.  She weighed all of her options very carefully.  She knows that she is not ready to be a mom.  She wants to finish high school, and go to college.  She wants to have a successful career.  She also wants to make sure that her daughter has every advantage in life she has had.

Additionally, Kenna and I were the awesome twosome for a very long time.  I was a single mom from the time her dad walked out on us when she was three months old, until our wonderful knight in shining armor (BDC) became part of our family when Kenna was almost eight.  She did see her dad on a semi-regular basis during that time, but it was not the same as having a two parent home.  It made a lasting impression on her.

While I did the best I could as a single mom, and we did quite well for ourselves, children really miss the other parent.  Kenna wanted to make sure she didn't hurt my feelings in the process, but said she didn't want her baby to grow up with a single mom.  I knew what she meant.  It's a struggle.  It's hard.  It isn't ideal.  It is what it is, and what it was for us.  For her and me, everyday, for most of her formidable years.

Since marrying BDC, our lives have become filled with joy and family.  We have a warm and gracious daddy who is there every. single. day.  He shows our family day in and day out what happiness is.  Little girls have a special bond with the man they call "Daddy" and Kenna wants that for her daughter.

I respect my baby girl's courage.  I respect her decision.  I will support her every way I can as we enter this new chapter of our lives.  As we turn the corner and she enters adulthood in the most difficult of circumstances, and I become Grandma and Mom all over again, I want her to know how much I love her.  How much I admire her courage, her love and her selflessness.  She is an amazing young woman.

(I will share more details of our story with you in the weeks to come.  I have condensed a bit and left out details in order to keep this lengthy post as brief as possible.)

I have been truly blessed with the most amazing group of friends and family that anyone could ask for.  THANK YOU so much for all your support and love.  I don't know what I would do without you.

I will keep you all updated and share our big news as soon as Khylee Anne makes her big debut!

Don't forget tomorrow is Thank You Note Tuesday.  Send some gratitude with attitude to those who deserve it most!

Think Tank Momma

Friday Follies and Fun Facts: Movie Trivia

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Friday Lip Smackers!  I thought I would brighten your weekend with some little known facts and trivia about the Silver Screen.  I am a huge movie buff so, I hope you enjoy.  

Before we get started I just wanted to give everyone a big shout out.  I know I have been a little scarce this week and last week.  I still love you.  I will be by really soon to love all over your blogs.  Momma has a lot of big news to share with you real soon.  

Anyannouncement, moving right along.



In what movie is the following geography error?
In the opening scenes, David and Jack reveal that they are in Northern England.  All the locals speak with Yorkshire accents.  However, the scene was actual filmed in Wales and the terrain is far to mountainous to be Yorshire.

In what film did the following error occur?
This beloved movie was supposed to be set in 1938. In a scene, an orange box can clearly be seen stamped with the words "Produce from Isreal", 10 years before Isreal was founded.


Stephen Spielburg appears as a clerk and receives money from these Brothers at the end of what film?

David Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy has a cameo role in what famous Stanley Kubrik classic?  He is the caretaker for the man who was beaten.


"I like my coffee black, just like my men!"

"That's my philosophy: a hundred dollar shine on a three dollar pair of boots."

"When you're smart, people need you."

"Well, my name is Jim.  But, most people call me.....Jim."

Alright my lovies.   That is all the trivia for today.  Answers are posted at the very bottom.  Now be truthful.  How many did you know?

Happy Friday.  Happy Super Football Weekend (No infringement there but you get the idea.)

(Answers in orderBlunders:  An American Werewolf in London, The Sound of Music.  Cameos:  The Blues Brothers, A Clockwork Orange.  Quotes:  Airplane!, Stripes, Real Genius, Blazing Saddles.)

Wordless WTF Wednesday

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For your viewing pleasure Lip Smackers. 


And a special Thank You to Daffy for sending me this special gem:

Happy Hump Day Smackers!