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The Uncontainable Fabulousness

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Having a house full of boys is a full time job and a half.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a BIG FAT LIAR saint, and I aspire to be more like them.  The things that boys find funny are often GROSS DISGUSTING AND WRONG not funny if you are a girl have any breeding whatsoever.

That said, they do provide me hours and hours of GREATBLOGMATERIAL   fun and enjoyment.  As most of you know, the two that live with me all the time are ADD and ADHD.  Koop is ADD, Kamden is ADHD.  There is a huge difference.  Kooper is easily distracted, while Kamden is the distraction.  Kamden literally could not sit still if his life depended on it.

Kamden is what we refer to as Chatty Cathy.  I swear that child talks more than a little girl.  He does not. stop. talking. ever.  He talks when he is alone.  He talks in the shower.  He sings all the time.  He drives us all to drink up the proverbial wall.

The following is a conversation between me and Kooper, in reference to the chatterbox also known as Kamalamadingdong.

Koop:  *huff* *sigh* *beating on the keyboard at the computer like he was going to kill it*
Me:  Would you knock it off?
NOTE: Kamden is sitting as his computer singing LOUDLY in a dulcet tone Taylor Swift for the umpteenth time that hour.
Koop:  I am trying to play my game.
Me:  Sounds to me like you are trying to kill your keyboard.  I am not buying another one if you beat that one to death.
Kamden is still singing.
Koop:  Will you PLEASE  make him shut up?
Me:  He isn't hurting you is he?
Koop:  Um...Mom.  We share a room.  He sleeps in my room.  He doesn't stop talking ever.  Do you know he even talks in his sleep?  In. His. SLEEP!  Now, really, are you going to ask me if he is hurting me?
Me: *fighting back tears of laughter*  to Kamden could you please sing in your head? to Kooper Happy now?
Kamden: Taylor Swift is way too fabulous to keep in my head.  I need to share her with the world.
Kooper: *blink* *blink* looks at me
Me: *blink* *blink* look at Koop
Kamden gets up from his computer, cocks his head and looks at the two of us and says, Me and Taylor Swift are taking our fabulousness in my room.  And with that he turned on his heel and left.
Kooper:  under his breath Girl!
At that point Kooper and I busted out laughing.  A great mom would have corrected that last comment, but I let it slide.  Kooper had endured enough for one afternoon.

Never a dull moment Smackers.  Never.

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Ian said...

LMAO awesome - I needed that laugh - thanks!

Unknown said...

roflmbo... that so sounds like my middle son and my older son.. who by the way sings at the top of his lungs when he is on theputer.. with headphones on!! But if the middle child does it Nelly bar the door..

Moooooog35 said...

Of all these things, I think you should be most concerned about the fact that he thinks Taylor Swift is way too fabulous to keep in his head.

Salt said...

Re: "Taylor Swift is way too fabulous to keep in my head"

I was picturing this being said while snapping in a z-formation. Oh this made my whole morning. Thank you.

Your guys are adorb by the way. :)

Buffee said...

Oh man, I sure do love my nephews! I can hear this whole conversation in my head! lol!

Because of Kamden, aka my pinguin, I too love Taylor Swift! I'm listening to her on my iPod now!

Meeko Fabulous said...

OMG . . . My SO's niece is ADHD and I can't stand being in the same car/room with her. TALKING . . . SINGING . . . GIGGLING FOR NO REASON . . . CONSTANTLY . . . I salute you!

MrsBlogAlot said...

LOL! And I thought it was just me.who couldn't keep Taylor out of my head!

Liz Mays said...

Clearly they keep you laughing!!!

Nancy C said...

That is so hilarious. I love the way your family dishes it out on each other, but always, always, with so much mutual love and respect.

Your house sounds like the kinda place where I can eat good food and laugh my ass off...but I better bring my "A" Game to keep up with all the smack talkers.

I mean this in the best way possible. It sounds lovely.

Ducky said...

Siblings are the best...I can just hear his little voice boppin away to Taylor Swift!

Thank you for the smiles today AND the support.

Yankee Girl said...

That is a fansmashingtastic story! Never a dull moment, I guess!

Anonymous said...

Hey...I think Taylor Swift is too fabulous to keep in my head too! :)

Okay, not really...

Thanks for the laugh!!!

Danielle said...

I would think about having another rugrat just for the banter. That is great!

Lothiriel said...


My nephew is in love with Lady Gaga and when he texts people, his signature is set to: (his name) Gaga


KristinFilut said...

Similar things happen in our house. But usually, The Boy takes matters into his own hands which in leads to him losing an XBox.

Lizzy said...

You have to love it so we stole stuff right from you

Viv said...

That sounds like a day in the life of...ME!!! Too funny! I would have laughed too. :)

drollgirl said...

GIRL! i should be offended by that comment, but i'm not. hilarious! and so wrong!!!!!

The Random Blogette said...

He so sounds like my son! I can just picture him saying that about Taylor Swift.

My Mercurial Nature said...

Love having boys! LOVE IT! Every single second of insane, mind-boggling,, life that is a home with boys. They're not here right now. Wait until later. I'll threaten their lives and they'll ask for peanut butter fudge. They're not afraid of me. I'm rambling...because this post is Teh Awesome!

Tracie said...

LOL! Both of my boys talk all the time. My mom says if you tape their mouths shut, they'll fart themselves to death.

Anonymous said...

LMAO Thats awesome!!

My Howler Monkey NEVER shuts up. Ever. He has very long in detail convos with himself all the time!

Alicia said...

lol..i know the feeling! mason NEVER shuts his piehole..EVER! why do you think i'm up at one in the morning blogging?? its the only time the house is quiet!

Macey said...

bahahahahaaaa! That IS pretty fabulous!

gayle said...

I have 5 add and adhd kids in my class!! If I had money for everytime I said shhh this year I would be rich!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have an ADHD child who never. stops. talking. Same thing. In the shower, to herself, to her stuffed animals. And the constant singing I try to encourage until it becomes too much to bear!

That was great! Too Funny!