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#ShareaSpoon Theme - Let's Spoon

Saturday, August 27, 2011

 Think Tank Momma

It's Theme Time Smackers!

Share a Spoon

"Let's Spoon"

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So remember that Gevalia giveaway a couple of weeks ago?  Well, I asked for themes from you all, in exchange for extra entries.  This theme actually came from those entries.   Eclairre asked for a "Spoons" theme.  That's's you eat with a spoon!

At first I was a little iffy about a theme of spoon foods.  Why?  Well, my mind went directly to pudding, jello, etc.  Many of you know, but for those that don't, I have texture issues when it comes to food.  Not a fan of jello or pudding.   After going directly to a place my mind was uncomfortable, warm sunshine filled my mind and suddenly I was swimming in the sweet warm bowl of soup.  *lightbulb moment* 

Yes...let's spoon!  After my momentary mental block I realized we could do a theme for spoons.  There are soups you eat with a spoon.  Ice cream is eaten with a spoon.   Cereal is eaten with a spoon.  Yes....there are loads of things we can eat with a spoon.  Plus, it gives you all the latitude to do sweet, savory, breakfast or dessert.  There's a lot of creative freedom in a theme with spoons.

Now, I would like to see some creativity!  Come share your favorite thing to eat with a spoon this week!  You know you want to!  Let's Spoon!

#ShareaStraw - Shake It Up Baby #Martinitime

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon


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Welcome to Happy Hour Smackers!  This week's theme is compliments of The Quacker, Daffy of Batcrap Crazy.  You might know her as The Duck, a moniker I am proud to say is compliments of yours truly!  She requested we shake up some drinks this week like she shakes her tail feathers.  Appropriate no?  It's the end of Summer.  Soon....hopefully.  Please let it be over soon. order to beat the heat, or at least quench a wicked thirst brought on by anything outdoors we are throwing back some martini recipes.  I love martini glasses.  I think they are beautiful.  They make any drink look fancy, alcohol in it or even a simple lemonade.  They make desserts look fancy schmancy too.  They are just pretty.  I like the ones with stems, without stems, with crooked stems, whatever.  I just love them!

Google Images
Aren't those just the coolest things ever?  

So this week's drink recipes are short and sweet and to the point!  You need a cocktail shaker to make a great martini.  Must have.  Even if you buy a cheap plastic one, you need one!  Martinis are shaken.  Especially the sweet variety.  In order to get the alcohol well distributed and that frothy look martinis are known for, you must shake shake shake.....shake shake shake....shake your boo-tay....  Wait!  That's something else, but you get the idea.

BDC loves him a Wallaby Darned, or whatever that peachy adult slushy in a mug from Outback Steakhouse is called.  So...I made him a Fizzy Naveltini at home to give him the same tastes.  What the hell is a Fizzy Naveltini?  It's my take on a Fuzzy Navel, mixed with a little Fizz (Champagne) which is in that Wallabywhateverthehellyoucallit drink.

Image provided via Google Images.

Fizzy Naveltini

1 oz Peach Schnapps
2 oz Vodka 
1/4 cup orange juice
Splash of Champagne

Fill a cocktail shaker 2/3 full with ice.  Add Schnapps, Vodka and orange juice put the lid on.  Shake vigorously for a few seconds.  

Strain drink into martini glass.  Top with a splash of Champagne (or Prosecco).
Garnish with a Maraschino Cherry.

Pomegranate Martini

3 shots Tito's Vodka (trust me)
2 jiggers Rose's Pomegranate Twist Mix
Slice of lime

Fill cocktail shaker 2/3 full with ice.  Pour vodka over ice.  Add PomTwist mix.  Shake well.

Pour into a martini glass and squeeze in lime slice.

Now, this isn't the recipe on the mixer bottle.  It calls for way more mix, which is really really sweet.  3 parts vodka to 2 parts mix, with the acidic bite of the lime works best.

Alrighty Smackers....Happy Hour is officially on!  Bring on your favorite drink recipes!!  

Dear Family, It's On Like Donkey Kong!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have mentioned before that we are gaming geeks here at Casa di Romano.  We love us some board games.  I will pretty much play most anything.  I do draw the line at Monopoly.  That game sucks the life out of me.  I mean.....seriously!  Until such time as I can actually purchase things (in the real world) with all the money I win in that game, I am not playing again.  Unfortunately, they make that damn game in every freaking flavor.  We have a Spiderman version, a Hello Kitty version, a Mario version, a new updated electronic version that includes inflation readjustment for today's day and age, and about seven other flavors.  Blah!  I hate that game.  However, that is not the point of this post.

In addition to board games, we love us some video games.  I have mentioned before that we own every game system.  I do mean EVERY game system.  It's actually a sickness.  We're addicted.  Fine, whatever.  At least the Wii and the XBox360 Kinect get us up and moving!  We play the sports games, the blow them up, shoot them up, run them down games and everything in between.

My boys are hopelessly addicted to the MMORPG games.  That stands for Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games.  BDC and I aren't into those so much, but, to each gaming geek their own, right?

I play word games online.  We have a membership to one of the monthly game sites where we can download a game a month and earn credits.  We do a lot of picture in picture games, match 3 type games and puzzle games.  None of this is really the point of this post either.  Just back story.  Oh how I love to play card games.  Poker.  Uno.  Hell, I even like to play Go Fish.  Crazy 8's.  Old Maid. Spades.  Rummy.  Gin Rummy.  Cards are good to me.  They love me, and I them.  A family favorite of ours is Phase 10.  It's a Rummy type game.  You get runs and sets.  It's a fun game....unless.  Unless what you say?  Unless you get stuck.  Then it sort of blows.  But more about that in a few...

So here is the point of this post.  I am a teensy way bit competitive.  And by teensy way bit, I mean in the crazed lunatic, I have to win, I won't let my kids beat me kind of way.  It's not an unhealthy crazed lunatic, I have to win, won't let my kids beat me sickness per se, but of course I might see it differently than those I live with, or you know, just about anyone who has ever played a game with me.  EVER.

Here's the thing though, I am either really really lucky, or I have badass ninja skills when it comes to games.  Let's go with BADASS NINJA.  It doesn't really matter if they are board games, video games, cards games....whatever.  I just win.   Especially if the game is part strategy, includes a number component and a little luck of the draw.  Then it's almost impossible to beat me. family has now instituted a rule.  Apparently it's been going on for quite some time and I didn't know....I am too busy making strategical moves in the game to notice, but they are ganging up on me.  ALL OF THEM.  It's a collective thing.  They don't care if they win, just so long as I DON'T.  Take today for example...we played Phase 10.  I LOST.  I was pissed.  Every time they could, they dropped skip cards on me.  ALL OF THEM.  Even when I was losing...badly, they still skipped me.

So now?  It's on.  It's on like Donkey Kong!  NO MERCY!  Mercy is for the weak!  I have been known in the past to "throw" a game or two, just to keep them interested in playing with me, because I like to play.  Scrabble for example....other than online play, no one has ever beaten me legitimately playing face to face on the board.

So....Smackers, what do you think?  Are they teaching me a lesson?  Do you get crazed out of your mind and drunk on the taste of sweet sweet victory?  Do you let your kids win to build their confidence or do you play to win?

I've shared my dark need to beat even five year olds.  Fess up.  Do you or don't you?

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Whispering Writer over at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time does this little diddy on her blog every Tuesday.  She got the idea from Glamour Magazine and has encouraged others to give it a whirl if they like.  She always makes me smile so...I thought what the heck.


It's Okay....

To admit you gave up on daily showers the moment you had children.

If you dream of yelling at your children like Gordon Ramsay yells at his cooks and  wish you could tell everyone to "Piss Off".

That you think the idea of restaurants that don't allow children is the best idea ever even if you have kids.  Seriously, on date night?  Don't you want to eat in peace and quiet?

To love Flo from the progressive commercials.  She's funny.  Just might want to keep that one to yourself.

If you consider chocolate a food group, especially for breakfast, no matter what Michelle Obama says.

To admit that extra poundage you're carrying around has nothing to do with babies.  Period.

To pretend you were raised by wolves because you're family is completely nuts.

To admit the only reason you don't carry a gun in the car is because you would hang out the window shooting idiot drivers GTA (that's Grand Theft Auto for you non-gamers) style.

If you don't understand why The Kardashians are on television, popular or famous, no one really gets it.

If Blogger makes you want to punch babies in the face because while typing up your post it disappears into thin air and you have to retype half of the things you wrote and they aren't nearly as funny the second time.

And finally.....

It's soooooo OKAY if you are so far past WAY OVER this SUMMER HEAT that you may or may not have turned the AC down several degrees in the house so that blankets and socks are needed so you can pretend that it's FALL.

It's also totally OKAY if you hit that Facebook "like" on my sidebar!!  hint hint!

Alright Smackers this was fun!  I might have to do this again soon!  Make sure you go tell the Whispering Writer that you love this idea!

#ShareaStraw Theme - SHAKEN NOT STIRRED

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Think Tank Momma

Share a STRAW Theme

"Martini Time"

The one and only Ducky asked that we have a martini theme.  YES, a MARTINI THEME!  Can you say YOWZAH?!?  Apparently Miss Daffy of Batcrap Crazy likes to shake her tail feathers real pretty while holding one of those pretty drinks!

Most of the time you think alcohol when it's martini time, but there are plenty of "mock"tinis out there for people who don't like alcohol!  And let's be honest....everything looks prettier in a martini glass!  Those glasses are just so perfect for a pink drink right?

I expect lots of drink links this week!  Even if you don't drink martinis, share your favorite drink.  We'll throw it in a martini glass and give it a pretty name! *wink wink*

That's it!  Join me for the HAPPY HOUR on Thursday when we Share a Straw!!

#ShareaSpoon - Parmesan Chicken Strips

Thursday, August 18, 2011

 Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon

"Chicken Boobs"

Images provided via Google Images

I am really glad that Stephanie of Babes Rockin' Mami and Steph's Rockin' Bakery asked for a chicken theme this week.  I love chicken.  She specifically asked for the breasts!  Um....that's pretty much all I eat.  I know that most chef-types, cook-types, food people prefer dark meat.  They say it's more flavorful, more juicy, blah, blah....whatever.  I don't like the dark parts of the chicken.  It's....well....slimy.   I'm comfortable with myself....I'll just say it.... I AM A BOOB GIRL!

When I go to grocery shopping, I buy chicken at the wholesale clubs.  Unless it's on sale for a ridiculous price at the local grocery store.  I usually buy two 10lb bags of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  I can get 10lb bags for $19.99 which makes it $1.99 per pound.  I can make that chicken go a long, long way for my family.  Depending on the size of the breasts, which are usually pretty large, 2 breasts usually will feed my whole family in chicken soup, chicken and rice, chicken pot pot, chicken and dumplings, and the list continues!

We do so many things here at Casa di Romano with chicken breasts.  I bake it,  BDC grills it, throw it in the slow cooker, and I cut it up and make it part of all sorts of yummy goodness.  I have some tips for you Smackers!  Many of those chefy-types, cook-types and other food people I mentioned earlier don't like white meat because it gets dry.  At least that's the complaint.  Um....don't over cook it!  When we grill our breasts and when we bake them, I usually make sure they are still half frozen.  Juicy chicken every single time!

I marinate chicken breasts as well.  For best results, take your frozen chicken breasts out, put them in a zip top bag, add your marinade, Italian dressing, whatever you like as flavoring and put in the fridge the night before.  Many of the store bought marinades say 30 minutes. it overnight.  WAY MORE FLAVAH!

My kids favorite thing is chicken tenders.  I make them baked, however, I also fry them on occasion.  I NEVER buy chicken tenders in the store.  For one thing, they are always expensive.  Another problem is they are really thin, which causes them to get dried out.  So, in order to make chicken tenders, I cut boneless skinless chicken breasts into tender sized strips.  I promise, once you try them this way, you won't buy the tenders anymore.  The thickness of the breast cut into strips gives a better mouth feel once you bake them or fry them!

Parmesan Chicken Breast Strips

4-5 boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into strips
2 cups all purpose flour
1 Tablespoon paprika
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon seasoned salt
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon cracked black pepper
3 extra large eggs
3-4 dashes hot sauce
1/2 cup milk or cream
2 cups seasoned bread crumbs
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Cut boneless skinless breasts into even strips.  You should get 4-5 strips per breast.

Set up 3 shallow baking dishes.  In one mix flour and all spices.  The second mix eggs, milk and hot sauce.  In the last mix bread crumbs and grated Parmesan.

Season your strips with salt and pepper.

Dip dry strips in flour.  Shake off excess.  Dip floured strip into egg mixture.  

Roll strips in bread crumbs and Parmesan mixture.  Place coated strip on a baking sheet.

In a large pot for frying, bring peanut oil (canola would be fine)  up to 360 degrees.  Gently drop 4-5 strips into hot oil one at a time.  Fry tenders for 5-6 minutes until nicely browned.

Remove from oil and allow to drain on paper towels or brown paper bags.

Now, don't be scared of the cayenne pepper or the hot sauce.  These tenders are not "spicy".  My mom doesn't like spicy anything and she loves these.  It just adds the ever elusive "FLAVAH" we all search for!  Don't be scared of the frying either!  When things are fried at the right temperature, they are greasy! One more thing, and this is IMPORTANT!  Are you listening?  You can bake frozen chicken, and you can grill frozen chicken, but DO NOT FRY frozen chicken!  EVER! your turn to share a boob recipe!  Get your chicken on!  Also, click that Facebook "LIKE" button over there on the right for me!   

What's all the fuss? No Big Deal....Yeah, I'm THAT Mom.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I've had this post running around in my head for over a week now.  On August 5th, Nikki Minaj was performing on GMA on ABC and she had a wardrobe malfunction.  I hate that term....wardrobe malfunction.  It's sort of ridiculous.  The fact is her boob popped out and you could see her nipple.

The Parents Television Council was upset.  Yeah, o.k., GMA probably should have been using a 5 second delay.  Whatever.  Here's my thing though.  Why the hell were kids watching Nikki Minaj on GMA anyway?  It's not like she is a kid friendly performer.  AT. ALL.  Her lyrics are meant for adults.

Here's my thing, why do so many of these groups focus on crap like this?  Why not find something productive to do?  Why put all your energy into getting upset about accidents?  Oh my goodness, a child might have seen Nikki's boob.  So what.  A better question would be, what kind of parent was letting their child watch the programming to begin with?

It goes deeper than that though.  It's like the crazy conservative groups who single out shows on television with inappropriate content <---their opinions not mine, and get all up in arms about them.  First of all, I will decide what is and is not appropriate for me, and for my kids.  Second, there are a gazillion and one channels out there for television viewing.  If you don't like a program, CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL!

Is it just me or isn't that common sense?  If you don't like what a radio station broadcasts?  CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL!  I know, it's a novel concept.  But, seriously people what's the big deal?  There are enough channels out there that there should be something for everyone.  Including and not limited to, what you or others consider filth. 

Here's the really really great thing about living in a FREE country.  No one, and I mean NO ONE, has the right to mandate morality.  Now, I know I am going to get all the comments about what if my child runs across something I don't want them to see, blah, blah, blah.  We have to protect the children.  

Back to that whole....I'll decide what is appropriate for me and mine thing.  It's a parent's responsibility to block content THEY deem inappropriate in THEIR homes.  It is NOT up to some council, some group of self appointed moral do gooders to decide for the rest of us.  Thems the facts kids!

What about you you get all up in arms about this kind of stuff?  Do you want others campaigning against all forms of entertainment they deem is inappropriate for you and yours?

#ShareaSpoon Theme - Split BOOBS

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Think Tank Momma

Happy Saturday Smackers!

It's #ShareaSpoon Theme Time!


Oh c'mon....that was FUNNY!  We're talking chicken breasts of course!

First things first though....we have some winners to announce!  The two winners of the Gevalia Heritage 1853 Prize packs were Kim of Mo' Betta and EmmaPeel!  Congrats girls!

Now, moving right part of the additional entries for the giveaway I asked for themes.  I asked and you all delivered!  This week's theme is BOOBS!  Chicken boobs.  O.k....split chicken breasts.  This theme comes to us from one of my baking buddies!  Stephanie of Babes Rockin' Mami.  Steph has her own Etsy Bakery.  You can find her Etsy Shop here.  Enter code 'SWEETLOVE' and receive 10% off any order!  That's a SUH-WEET deal on something SWEET for you Smackers!  Who loves you? 

Steph fancies herself a baker, but not a cook.  I think they are one and the same!  As a matter of fact, there is way less science (in my humble opinion) in the savory.  I often throw a little of this, a little of that, smidge here, pinch there.  AnyADHDcook, Steph asked for a split breast theme.  She wants to know what we can do with them besides bake them????

NOW...I know every single one of you has recipes for chicken breasts!  It's like the most versatile piece of meat in the kitchen!  I want everyone to link up this week and share your favorite chicken breast recipes.  Come by this Thursday and get some great new recipes too!

I am looking forward to seeing your recipes.  Chicken is my favorite protein.  I could eat chicken every single day and never get tired of it.  I eat chicken breasts in some form at least 4 or 5 times a week.  So BRING IT!  Ya hear me?

#ShareaSpoon - Pumpkin Spice Cake

Thursday, August 11, 2011

 Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon 

"Sweet Dreams"

It's Thursday Smackers!  Time for Sharing!  I am so glad this week's theme is sweets.  I have been craving something yummy and I haven't really been in the kitchen in my science geek mode in quite awhile.  I needed to get in there and create something new.

Several people have asked where I get my recipes, where I come up with ideas, etc.  All the recipes I share here are my own, unless I state otherwise.  I have shared adapted recipes, and I state so when I shared those recipes.  Most of the time though I go through a process.  

First I think to sounds good.  Self says..."why does sound good, but let's not reinvent the wheel if we don't have to.  Let's do some recon."  We go to the cookbooks.  We go to the internet.  We go to our favorite spices, flavors and then.....we go to the science.  You really have to know how to use baking soda, baking powder, salt, etc.  Leavening agents are important in baking have to either follow a recipe, or do a little science brush up before you start mixing.

That all sounds a little scary, but really, it's not.  If you find a recipe and think to yourself it sounds amazing minus the <insert spice you don't like here> then leave that spice out.  Substitute it with something you do like.  If it calls for lemon, and you think orange would be better, make the switch.  Citrus is citrus.  All you are looking for with the citrus is the acid.  In short, don't be afraid to experiment.  Science is all about experimenting and cooking is science.

Now, having said and baking are also artistic and creative platforms as well.  When an artist paints, she leaves her imprint in her strokes.  She paints with a certain color palette that lets you know the art is hers.  So does a cook leave her mark in the spices she uses.  The love she imparts in her food.  The care she takes in creating something satisfying, hearty, decadent and soul warming.

Alright, enough food philosophy according to me. I have been craving something pumpkin.  I am not sure if it's just because I am desperately hoping Fall will arrive early or what.  It's been so hot here in FL.  Record breaking heat.  Record breaking in August.  THAT MEANS HOT!  I am really over summer.  In case you didn't catch that.  

Anymeltedfloridian, I decided to make a pumpkin cake recipe.  I did some recon, as described above.  I went to my pumpkin bread recipe for my spice mix that I think highlights pumpkin perfectly.  Then I did some science and math, and here's the end result.

Pumpkin Spice Cake

3 cups all purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
¼  teaspoon ground cloves
1 cup granulated sugar
1 1/4 cups dark brown sugar (packed firmly)
1 cup peanut oil
1 Tablespoon grated lemon zest
4 extra large eggs
1 15oz can pumpkin
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


2 cups Confection's sugar
3 Tablespoons melted butter
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3-4 Tablespoons whole milk

In a large mixing bowl whisk together granulated sugar, dark brown sugar and peanut oil. 

Whisk in eggs one at a time.  Stir in lemon zest and vanilla.

Add pumpkin and whisk until mixture is smooth and completely incorporated.  I stir and whisk this batter by hand.  

In another bowl combine flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt.  Stir in spices.  Make sure you stir the spices in well.  I use a fork to make sure there spices are well distributed to avoid spice clumps in your cake batter.

Stir the spiced flour mix into the wet bowl a little at a time until the batter is just incorporated.

Spray a bundt cake pan really well.  Make sure to get all the sides and the center sprayed so the cake will slide out of the pan with ease.

Pour the cake into the prepared bundt and make sure it is spread evenly around the pan.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree over for 45-50 minutes.

Allow the cake to cool for 15 minutes before turning out onto a cake plate.

Whisk the ingredients for icing together until smooth.  The icing should run through the tines of a fork but still have enough viscosity to cling a bit.

Pour icing over the cake.  It should run slowly down the sides.  Keep going around the cake until all icing has been used.

Well Smackers, this cake was an instant hit here at Casa di Romano.  The boys loved it!  I was pretty pleased myself!'s your turn!  Link up a sweet dreamy recipe today!  Don't forget, everyone who shares a recipe can claim their +5 entries for the Gevalia giveaway that ends tomorrow night at midnight.  Make sure if you are sharing you get over to the giveaway and claim your entries.  Don't do it here, do it HERE.


Who's the Boss?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is there a power struggle in your home?  Does Daddy wear the pants?  Is Mom the boss?  Do you share responsibilities equally?  Is one of you the disciplinarian while the other one the playmate or softy? are Casa di Romano there is no balance.  We have a dictator in charge.  A tyrant.  We used to be a peaceful and free democracy.  But, a new boss of the world has come in and overthrown the government. the face of the most evil dictator to ever be in charge.

Just in case you all were wondering....her quest is WORLD DOMINATION!  Don't say I didn't warn you.  

Don't forget to enter my Gevalia giveaway!  It ends Friday at midnight!  Lots of entries up for grabs!

Share a Spoon Theme - Sweet Dreams

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon Theme Time

"Sweet Treats"

Happy Saturday Smackers!  It's been quite sometime since we had a sweet theme.  I know some of you don't participate in the savory themes but you love to participate in baking!  I thought it was time to give you all a chance to share your confections too!

I guess I am in sweet treats mode anyway.  I made cupcakes for Mini-Me's birthday party last weekend and I made a cake w/cupcakes for a friend as well.  I could have eaten the butter cream frosting with a spoon and been happy!  It was so yummy!

I used black, white and orange fondant to make the penguins.  The cake and cupcakes are covered with a butter cream frosting.  The snow is also butter cream.  I also dusted the blue frosting with a pearl powder so that it glistened like snow.  The little girl this cake was for was thrilled!  She loved the penguins!

So back to theme, this week anything sweet goes.  Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, anything that tickles your fancy or satisfies your sweet tooth!  If you share a recipe this week you also get 5 entries for my Gevalia giveaway!  If you haven't entered yet, get over there and enter!!

See you Smackers on Thursday for sweet sweet treats!!

Gevalia 1853 Review and Giveaway

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am so excited to share this giveaway with all you Smackers!  Two of you are going to get a gift pack that includes a collector's tin, 1 box of Gevalia 1853 heritage Blend coffee and 1 pk of filters.

I am always thrilled when I get the opportunity to work with Gevalia.  Gevalia seeks out, blends and roasts some of the finest coffee anywhere.  They are widely known for over 40 varieties of coffee and teas that arrive at your door via automatic delivery service for the ultimate at home coffee experience.  Gevalia is excited to share with you the limited 1853 Heritage Blend, a Gevalia exclusive which debuted a year ago.

The 1853 Heritage Blend is inspired by coffees procured over 150 years ago in Sweden by coffee Pioneer and Gevalia founder, Victor Theodore Engwall.  1853 is a medium roast of 100% Arabica blend with subtle flavor notes of caramel.  Roasted and blended in Gavle, Sweden this coffee blend celebrates Gevalia's rich history.  Available for a limited time, while supplies last you can purchase online here.

Caramel is one of my favorite flavors.  The subtle hint is wonderful in this blend but the smell is intoxicating while it's brewing.  There's nothing I love more than the smell of fresh coffee brewing, but add caramel?  OH MY!  I typically drink a bold dark roast, but this medium blend is a perfect breakfast accompaniment and a nice finish for after dinner coffee.

Now for the good part.  TWO.  Yes, two of you are going to get your very own collector's tin, a box of 1853 coffee and Gevalia filters.  I am going to give you multiple opportunities to get entries.

Mandatory Entry:  
You must visit Gevalia, come back and tell me what coffee or tea blend you would like to try.

Additional entries:

(Please leave a comment for each entry)
1 - Follow @Gevalia and @adrienzgirl on Twitter.
1 - Like Gevalia Coffee on Facebook
1 - Follow Think Tank Momma via GFC
5 - For each person who links a recipe for #ShareaSpoon this week.
5 - For each person who participates in #ShareaSpoon next week.
1 - For each person who leaves a theme they would like to see on #ShareaSpoon in the coming weeks.

This giveaway will run through midnight Eastern Time, Friday, August 12, 2011.  I will announce winners on Saturday when #ShareaSpoon Theme is announced.

*I did not receive compensation for this review.  All opinions are my own.  I was provided with a collector's tin, a box of Gevalia Heritage 1853 coffee and Gevalia filters for purposes of the review.

Share a Spoon - Breakfast

 Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon



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French toast is my favorite thing ever.  It really is.  I love love love it!  I remember watching my mom make it when I was little and I would be so excited to eat it once she poured that syrupy goodness over the top of that yummy eggy toasty bread!  YUM-MMMMMMMYYYYYY!

I've tried french toast on just about every kind of bread trying to find the perfect canvas for the custard mix I have created for the ultimate french toast experience.  Many breads work.  For quite awhile I was convinced it was Texas toast.  However, I can't always find Texas Toast on the shelf when I am craving french toast. evening while shopping and preparing to make a big weekend breakfast I couldn't find any and as I was walking to the checkout right in front of the register was a basket full of fresh baked french bread.

It was fate.  I'm not kidding.  It was the perfect canvas.  Oh. Yes. It. Was!  My boys were in heaven the next morning.  I was called ROCKSTAR mom on more than one occasion.  There were high fives, the angels sang, the sky was lit up with fireworks, it was magical!  O.k., I might be exaggerating a little.  Maybe.  Let my over excitement help you understand how perfect this french toast is though!

The following recipe will make two loaves of french bread.  I usually have several slices left over.  I freeze them.  Then when the kids want french toast a couple of days later they warm them in the toaster.  It's perfect!

French Toast

2 loaves french bread cut into 1/2 in slices
8 extra large eggs
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup whole milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

In a large bowl whisk together eggs, milk, vanilla and cream.  Make sure the eggs are all incorporated into the milk and cream.

Mix in sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Whisk until sugar is completely dissolved and the spices are well distributed.

Soak slices of french bread a couple at a time.

Heat a griddle or non-stick pan to medium high heat.  I use an electric griddle at 350 degrees.  I use a little butter on the griddle, but you can certainly substitute cooking spray.

Cook for a few minutes on each side, flipping occasionally until toast is browned well on each side.  Don't cook on super sonic heat or the custard will still be gooey.  

Top toast with a little butter, dust with powdered sugar and good maple syrup.


I'm told this toast is fabulous with fruit, I just don't like fruit on mine.

Alright Smackers, that's my favorite breakfast!  Now it's your turn.  What's your favorite breakfast??

Share a Spoon Theme - Breakfast

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

 Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon Theme

I know I am really late posting theme this week Smackers!  Gimme a break, I was busy and then I haven't felt well for the last couple of days.  Anyexcuses, I have had a couple of requests now for BREAKFAST.  I think it's been long enough since we did a breakfast theme that it's cool to dust this theme off and get some new fun recipes for starting the day off right.

Of course, here at my house, we eat breakfast anytime of the day so...there's that.  I mean seriously?  Is there really such a thing as a bad time for bacon?  Yeah....not in my opinion.

So....even though you are getting late notice, link up this week with your favorite fun breakfast ideas!   I have a fun giveaway and review going up on Thursday as well.  Everyone who participates in Share a Spoon will get some extra entries!!