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The LISTS are in. Big Dreamin' Style

Monday, November 30, 2009

Alrighty peeps, I am back and rested and ready to comment, and spread snark, and blog baby!

It was a long break. I am apologizing now if I missed anything of epic importance. I had dragons to slay. O.k., so it was a turkey and a ham, and in-laws for the week/end, and Black Friday deals to snag(which was a sad showing this year). It was a lot. Gimme a break.

I am interrupting regularly scheduled programming aka Memoir Monday sponsored by Travis over at I like to Fish. I will be back with some silly story of my youth next week. But if you need to get your read on, go over and check out all the other stories.

So mini-me is obsessed ya'll.   We got Band Hero awhile back.  We got Band Hero because there are classics like Mr. Roboto, YMCA, Kung Fu Fighting, and more.  Kamden loves to sing.  He rarely ever plays guitar or drums, just give the boy the mic.  So there are several Taylor Swift songs on there too.  He sings them over and over.  It is EPIC!  He sang so much on Thanksgiving Day he was left with NO VOICE for most of Friday.  Poor kid.

So Thursday evening I requested THE LISTS.  What lists you ask?  The Christmas Lists of course.  C'mon ya'll keep up, there are only 25 days left.  So mini-me told a room full of people that he wants....wait for it....
TAYLOR SWIFT for Christmas.

How do you tell Santa that your kid wants a Pop Star for Christmas?

The other boys want normal stuff.  Ya know.  Video games, LEGOs, NERF guns. Normal.  Kenna wants normal stuff.  Music, clothes, Hello Kitty stuff.  Normal.  I want bling.  Normal.  Hubs wants Star Wars crap, geeky, but normal.

Sheesh...what am I gonna do with him?

So tell me peeps....any RIDICULOUS requests at your pads this year?  Apparently you can dream big.  And if Santa brings mini-me Taylor Swift for Christmas, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO asking for Taylor Lautner to go with my BLING!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the day!

LOVE!  Mwah!

Happy Turkey Day

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Morning Luvahs!

I took a break from the kitchen to come and tell you all Happy "Eat til Your Sick" Turkey Day Thanksgiving!
I want to thank you all for spreading and sharing the bloggy love today!

And of course, share what I am thankful for.

I am thankful to live in a country where I can freely speak my mind.  Regardless of what is on it.

I am thankful for a family who loves and appreciates me.

I am thankful for children who are bright, and funny and love me unconditionally.

I am thankful for a husband who makes my life complete.  He shares my love, passion, heartaches, pain, joy, sorrow and triumphs.  Regardless of what I do or say, he loves me anyway.

I am thankful to have a loving home and healthy family.

I am thankful for all the gifts in my life.

Thanks to all of you who enrich my day with your love and stories.  Because yes, I am thankful for you too!

Now go eat!  Love!

A Coming Out Performance and See ya Later Bye!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well, I have picked up quite a few new followers lately.  Welcome, welcome!  Glad you all have come to join the circus here at my place.  Sometimes I am funny (or so I hear), sometimes I am serious (when there is cause), sometimes I recount stories of the tragedy that was my teenage years, often I talk about the zoo that is my family, and then sometimes I comment on news, politics and other obnoxiousness celebrities.

Today, would be news, politics and other obnoxiousness.

So, by now, I am sure that everyone has heard about the AMA Awards and the performance by one Glamtastic Adam Lambert.  If not, just google it and find a video that hasn't been hijacked yet by ABC.  Basically, long and short of it, it was a bit over the top and could be considered lewd.  It was sexually provocative, and regardless of the orientation of the sexuality, would have gone over like a lead balloon with certain crowds regardless.  However, I am pretty certain that most of the people calling in to complain were only upset because he kissed a boy! *gasp*  What?  He can't do that on PRIME TIME television, what would the kiddies think?

Seriously people, get over yourselves!  It. Is. 2009!

Look, I don't want a bunch of nasty comments here.  I don't want your hate mail.  Leave it somewhere else.  If you are a hater, I might not be your cup of tea.  But hear this, we are all people.  Regardless of your moral beliefs, or religious affiliations, we are all the same.

Here is what I believe.  I believe that we all have our free agency.  That's right.  We are free to choose right or wrong.  That means you do not get to choose what is or is not moral for others!  You worry about you, and leave everyone else alone.  OKay? K!

So anyshock, Adam kissed a male keyboardist and he also pushed a dancer's head into his crotch.  Um....yeah, maybe not the classiest performance, but really ABC?  Canceling his Good Morning America spot?  That's a bit overly dramatic don't you think?  Oh, and CBS, nice!  Step up to the plate and grab those ratings bitches!  Got to love a t.v. executive with balls of brass!

So Adam, you know I love you.  You are GLAM-FUCKING-TASTIC!  But, sweetie, that performance was better suited for say....MTV Awards.  You know that the big 3 (CBS, ABC and NBC) don't deal well with shock and awe!  Hello?  Remember that infamous nip slip, planned, wardrobe malfunction on the Super Bowl performance?  By one Janet Jackson.  Ms. Jackson if your nasty? 

And, I know, since I brought up The Jackson's, that you are thinking, even back in the homophobic 80's that it was okay for Michael to get on stage and grab his crotch repeatedly and nobody said shit.  Well, you know that America plays favorites.  I don't even know what to tell you about that, accept to say that those uptight people fell in love with Michael when he was cute and adorable dancing on stage at 5 years old.  They watched him grow up.  He had a lot of lee way is basically what I'm telling ya.  You got a long way to go to get there my friend.

Super stardom will come.  You are just gonna have to be a bit patient.  Don't apologize for being you and don't stifle your creative vibe, but you might want to consider the audience before you go all SUPERSHOCK Rock Stah.

Dude don't make me regret having your back either.  Keep it real and don't be a douche!

Now, Oprah.  She is leaving the daytime talk show!  Woot!  Please, please Oprah.  Do us all a favor.  Do not promote anymore Dr.'s of anything to superstardom before you get your happy ass off the air!  Please?  And people stop it, stop allowing your opinions about life to be molded by Oprah and Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz.  Gawd, no wonder the rest of the world thinks we are a bunch of idiots!  Hello?


Buh-Bye!  See ya!  Take the docs with ya!
Oh, and quit putting your narcissistic self on the cover of your effin magazine.  We get it.  You love yourself.


Well, that's all I got today folks.  I will be back later in the evening to post what I am thankful for, and to wish you all LOVE!

Post-It NotesTuesday: Turkey Day Edition

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's TUESDAY!  You know what that means.  Lovely little Post-Its of Snarcasms!  Sponsored by the super fabulous SupahMommy!

If you don't lurve mine, go check out all the other peeps over at Mr. Linky at Supah's Place!




Well, that's it folks!  Next weeks installment should be fabulous.  Nothing like a house full of friends and family to make for great blog posts!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Remember to be thankful for all your blessings this week lovahs!


Memoir Monday: A New Rating System for Bar Flies

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's that time again.   My buddy Travis over at I like to Fish started this little thing we call Memoir Monday.  There aren't really many rules.  It just has to be a true story!

WARNING:  If you are easily offended, BIG DADDY CAIN aka The Hubs has guest posted (sort of) again.  DO NOT CONTINUE unless you are prepared.  (Linda this means you!)

I have a lack of inspiration this morning.  Serious lack of inspiration.  I spent the weekend cleaning before the holidays are upon us.  I will have a boat load of peeps in for Thanksgiving so I cleaned, and dusted, and cleaned, and dusted, and cleaned, and you get the idea.  So....uninspired today.

Therefore, Memoir Monday is the VERY recent past.  Like last Thursday night recent past.  The hubs aka BDC is such a peach.  He accompanied me to the premiere of The Twilight Saga:  New Moon.   He didn't bitch, or grumble, or ruin it for me!  What a sweetheart huh?  Yeah, just keep reading.

So we went to pick up the tickets from Carmike Cinemas, that I purchased several days prior via FANDANGO.  Fandango rocks!  Just so you know!  I walked in, handed the little attendant my confirmation print out, and presto!  New Moon tickets!  Easy peasy!  AND, I just want to give props, and a shout out to the staff at the Fleming Island Carmike Theaters!  THEY ROCKED!  They had chaos under control for real!  What would normally be like herding cats was well structured and the best organized midnight movie premiere I have attended!  And that is saying something.  I saw the long anticipated and waited for Star Wars Episode I at a midnight premiere and it was a nightmare!  So PROPS Ms. Janelle, and Mr. Matt, you two had your stuff together for real!

So after we picked up our tickets, we had a couple of hours to kill.  BDC wanted to go have a drink.  I said he was a sport about going with me, and that he didn't ruin it, I didn't say he was particularly happy about it.  So, since he was indulging me, I took him to MOJO BBQ cause it is right next to the theater and they have a nice bar.  We ordered some chili cheese fries and BDC had himself some liquid truth (151 and coke, neat).  If you don't recall what liquid truth does for BDC, please refresh your memory here.

We are chatting away and BDC notices a bottle of Knob Creek bourbon on the shelf.  The following is our convo:
BDC:  Do you know where the name Knob Creek came from?
Me:  No.  I am sure you are going to enlighten me though.
BDC:  Getting a blow job from an 'ol lady and her knees creeked when she was slobbin' the knob.
Me:  Nice!

He then comes up with what he refers to as Layers of Goodness, or a rating system for judging women who happen to be patronizing the establishment.  So brace yourselves.

Layers of Goodness:
I'd buy that for a dollar.
I'd rape that for 50 cents.
I'd finger that for a quarter.

I told him I wouldn't dry hump that with your dick.
so he then added: I'd dry hump that for a nickle.

So there you have it.  New Moon rocked.  Carmike Cinemas rocked.  And Big Daddy Cain gave you all a new rating system.  Happy Monday!

BTW - For those of you looking for Christmas gifts for FREE.  Go check out this Laptop Give-away!  My buddy David over at The Rest is Still Unwritten is giving away a laptop compliments of HP.


Friday's Follies and Fun Facts: Howl at the Moon and Drink Up Bitches!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Think Tank Momma may be off her game this morning.  Just a warning.  I was out really late last night(actually this morning) with the hubs and a wolf.  Yes, I braved the teenagers.  Bought me a ticket on Fandango.  Went to the theater and swooned while the hubs laughed at me.  He called me all sorts of nice names.  Pedophile, Cougar, SAD.  I can say no more, I promised my buddy Erin over at The Mother Load that I wouldn't spoil it for her.  Updates to come after all my NewMoon Mamas have had their opportunity to see it.

So since it is Friday. YEAH!  It's time once again to fill you heads full of useless knowledge.  Yes, facts that have no bearing on anything of substance.  Just useless shit you can bust out, mid-conversation so you can see your co-workers and drunk buddies make the WTF? face.

These first two are for all shout out to The Twilight Saga.  Big weekend in case you hadn't heard.

  • A hungry wolf can eat 20 pounds of meat in a single meal, which is akin to a human eating one hundred hamburgers 
  • The original  Manhattan cocktail was garnished with a drop of blood.

The next ones are inspired for my buddies:  Ed, Trav, and Moog.

  • Modern research has shown that a sharp decrease in daily calories results in fewer nocturnal ejaculations in men and an overall decrease in the sexual themes of dreams.
  • Jim Morrison was buried without pants.
  • Cuttlefish are chronic masturbators.  They only stop to eat, or if they have enough energy, to mate.
  • Pablo Picasso created some of his greatest works while wearing nothing but an apron and his favorite sandals.
  •  The lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of fingers.  Not even genitals have as much sensitivity as the lips!
 And finally, since it's the weekend, and you all may possible go out and hit Happy Hour, or have a beverage of the adult persuasion at some point this weekend, I share useless alcohol facts.

  • The signature cocktail served on the Hindenburg was called "The Flaming Drop"
  • While there wasn't any cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, or pumpkin pie at the first Thanksgiving, there was beer, brandy, gin and wine to drink.
  • Bourbon takes it's name from Bourbon County Kentucky where it was first produced in 1789 by a Baptist minister.
  • Vikings used skulls of their enemies for drinking vessels.
  • Anyone under the age of 21 who takes out the trash with even one empty alcohol container can be charged with illegal possession of alcohol in Missouri.  WTF? 
That concludes this week's factoids and nonsense.  Hope you lovelies have a beautimous weekend.  Love!

TMI Thursday: A boy, A phone and The Toilet

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is my first time participating in the little movement LiLu started known as TMI Thursday. SO, if this isn't up to snuff, give me a break ok?
( the link isn't working with the button.  I don't know why.  I saved the TMI picture after fighting with blogger for like a gazillion years.  Those little fucking gnomes move my shit, screw up buttons and links.  Anygarden, you get the effin general idea that this is a TMI post, and give LiLu her props and shit!  Fuck!  Who knew this would be so difficult.)

You are asking yourself why does this poster have a toilet paper sticker in the corner right? Well, I will tell you why my friends.  It is relevant to this story, that's why.

This is my son Koopster.  The child never can find his cell phone.  NEVER.  Every time we go shopping, and he wants to go look at Pokemon cards, or Bakugan, or toys, etc., I ask do you have your phone?  Answer is always, "Oh, I forgot it." or "It needed to charge so I left it at home."

If you don't have your phone on you then you can't separate from the group.  That's the dealio.

So, imagine my surprise this week.  I am sitting on the couch, watching Tyler Florence on the Food Network. *swoon*  I had just picked the childrens up from school.   bbbbbbbrrrrrriinnnnng!   bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrriiinnnnnngg!
Me:  "Hello?"
Koop:  "Mom?"
Me: "Yes son.  This is my phone."
Koop: "Uh...could you bring me some toilet paper?"
Me: "Where are you?"
Koop: "On the toilet in my bathroom."
Me:  "Really?"
Koop: "No. I'm making this up.  YES! Really!"
Me:  "And you took your phone in there?"
Koop:  "Yep!"
Me:  "Guess that was a good thing huh?"
Koop:  "Yep!"
Me:  "I'm kinda proud right now."
Koop:  "Could you be proud after you bring me some toilet paper?"
Me:  "Does it stink in there?"
Koop:  "Yep!  You might wanna hold your breath when you open the door and just throw it."
Me:  "Did you at least turn on the fan?"
Koop:  "Yeah, but it's pretty bad."
Me:  " you have the Hershey sqirts?"
Koop:  "No, it's just a really big dump."
Me:  "That's nasty."
Koop:  "Mom?"
Me:  "Yeah?"
Koop:  "Can you please bring me the toilet paper?"
Me:  "Oh, yeah.  Sorry."

The child never has his phone when I need him to have it.  BUT, he definitely had it when he needed it!

Movie Trivia - The Answers

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YOU ALL ROCK!  I enjoyed this game.  So I think we will do this one again.  Who  was the big winner you ask?  Hmmmmm????

She knew all of them but number #3

Honorable mention goes to Alicia.
She got all but #3 and  #6

So here are all the answers.  You guys ROCK for playing along!!!

1.) Ever After - 1998
"That was harsh Marguerite."  said by Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent played by Anjelica Huston
"You're just the same as me, a big nobody." said by Marguerite played by Megan Dodds

2.)  The Goonies - 1985
"I feel like I'm babysitting 'cept I'm not getting paid." said by Steph Steinbrenner played by Martha Plimpton

3.) Jerry Maguire - 1996
"But I still love you, ain't got nothin' but love for you." said by Rod Tidwell played by Cuba Gooding Jr.
I say this a lot.  I don't know why obscure passages stick with me.  So now if you read this from me, you know where it came from.

4.) The Godfather - 1972 (that was a good year, yeah, the year I was born!)
"In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns." said by Calo played by Franco Citti
This movie is a CLASSIC.  I can't believe some of you movie aficionados didn't know this one!  Just sayin'.

5.) Pretty Woman - 1990
"Can I call you Eddie?" said by Vivian Ward played by Julia Roberts
"The pressure...of a name....Cinda-fuckin'-rella!" said by Kit de Luca played by Laura San Giacomo
Seriously, I think I have seen this movie like a gazillion times.

6.)  Jumpin' Jack Flash - 1986
"Mick, Mick, speak English to me." said by Terry Dolittle played by Whoopi Goldberg

Thanks for playing! 

Noelle over a Because Nice Matters left me with two quotes to test my awesome skillz.
"It none of my nevermind." and  "These mashed potatoes are so creamy.  Mary mashed 'em"
I believe the first one is from the original The Parent Trap circa 1961 said by The Housekeeper, but I have no idea who played her.
The second is from While You Were Sleeping circa 1995 said by the mom Midge Callaghan, and I would have to look up who played her too.

If you have favorites that you would like to test my skillz on send em to me  and next week when we play again I will answer yours, to the best of my abilities!

Let's play a game....trivia style

I've noticed that there are quite a few more people commenting and following me recently.  To all my newcomers, WELCOME!  To the long time followers.  Please play nice with the new kids. 

Many of you know I am a television junkie.  I watch lots of shows.  Some I never miss, some I watch occasionally, all I watch on DVR.   I also love movies.  Going to the movies was a family outing that we did OFTEN when I was a kid.  We would go to the dollar theater when the movies weren't "new" anymore and see two in a day.  We loved to go.

I quote movies often, and I get giddy as a school girl when someone recognizes the movie quote and responds with the proper dialogue.  So since I am in a funk this morning, and I really can't get out since I am out of caffeine at present(don't worry, I am going out to remedy that travesty just as soon as I finish this post), I am going to toss some of my favorites out.

Here's what I want you to do.  If you know them, either tell me what movie they came from and who said it, character or actor is fine, if you get both, BOOYAH, for you.  OR, you can respond with what line comes next.  Don't feel like you can't participate if you don't know any of them, just leave your favorites, and I will guess what they are. we go, some of these are pretty obscure so I'll give you the year the movie came out too.

1.) "That was harsh Marguerite." (1998)  "You're just the same as me, a big nobody."

2.) "I feel like I'm babysitting, 'cept I'm not getting paid." (1985)

3.)  "But I still love you, ain't got nothin' but love for you." (1996)

4.) "In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns." (1972)

5.)  "Can I call you Eddie?" (1990)  "The pressure...of a name....Cinda-fuckin-rella."

6.)  "Mick, Mick, speak English to me." (1986)

Ok...that's enough to start.  Play along!!  Leave me some love!!


Post-It Note Tuesday: A Rogue, A Wolf and a Letter to Santa

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Tuesday Post-It Notes time again.  Sponsored by the ultra-fabulous SupahMommy! C'mon and join the fun.  You know you want to give it a whirl.  At least, go over there and visit, read everyone else's Post-It Notes, ya know right after you finish reading mine, and leave me some love before you leave too!

It's been a busy week here at Romano Central.  My Dad's family has been visiting.  We have been running back and forth to visit.  The boys have been really, really understanding with no t.v. time, limited video games, and all the grown-ups visiting.  AND they have been so well behaved!  Momma is P-R-O-U-D.   I want to give them some serious love.  The Hubs has been a sweetheart too!  Thanks Babe!  Love ya!  At least the family has enjoyed some fantabulous meals, compliments of one very tired Think Tank Momma.  Kenna helped too and made some beautiful LEMON pies for out early Thanksgiving dinner with our visiting family.  In case you're wondering, no I don't get to skip Thanksgiving next week.  The Hubs family will be here for that!  Yeah!  Go me!

So on with the Post-Its:




Well, there you have it peeps!  Have a lovely Tuesday.  I will be back to visiting and commenting and spreading joy Wednesday!


Awards Show

Monday, November 16, 2009

Settle in, pour yourself a drink, and get ready to raise your glasses to some very worthy blogsters!  I have several awards and public thanks to distribute.

I want to bow down to the Greatness once again that is Cameron over at Conquer the Monkey. She gave me the following awards:
I'd like to pass these to the following bloggers who's comments make my day and their blogs are as SASSY as SASS gets. (There are some male bloggers here, and yes, they are sassy.  But NOT in a gay way ED.)

Mr. Funny Man aka Ed over at Ed's Funny Pages - Mr. Sassafrass incarnate!
Moog over at Mental Poo - I mean really, what's more sassy than naming yourself Midget Man of Steel?
Duckalicious at BATCRAP CRAZY - I love Daff's SASS!  Love it!
Erin of The Mother Load  - Erin is sweet and sassy.  The definition of girly-girl!

Cameron also gave me these:

These loverly awards are most appreciated and go out to the following lovely sweet bloggy buddies.  Collectively these ladies are creative, fun, inspiring and the epitome of classy in blogland!

kys of Stir-Fry Awesomeness - She attracts the weirdos.  That pretty much covers all of you.  Go see her!
The Peach Tart - Just a good 'ol Southern Fried Lady.  Love her!
Cheesecake aka Tamara over at Mad Boasting of a Cheapskate Mom (She probably has them but a couple more won't hurt.  Right?)
Ashley over at Optimistic Cynicism -She is so cute.  I love her take on life and she makes me laugh!

And the last two I received from Cameron are these pretties:

These go to the following SUPERSTAHS:

TangledEutopia - I love her site.  She has some serious 'puter skillz!
DiPaola Momma at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom - What can I say?  Lara gives great blog!
Jen over at Hip As I Wanna Be - She inspires me to try to be a better, and thinner person! :)
Duckalicious at BATCRAP CRAZY - Ducky is the Queen of I give good blog!

Alrighty, that concludes the awards from Cameron.  Next up, TripleH aka Lee over at Headaches, Hotflashes and Hormones gave me this little gem:

Ain't it purty?  (That's redneck for "isn't it pretty" for those of you who don't speak fluent redneck.)

This award goes to the following badass bloggers:

Travis over at I Like to Fish.  If you read my blog, you know I have a lovefest with Trav!
LiLu who we all know is BADass!  What's more badass than TMI Thursday, and TMI Posters?
Lily of Tapdancing in the Dark my fellow liberal, is also a badass blogger who tells it just like it is!
Alex at Whoa Mumma!  I love her Aussie accent.  ;)
L over at Tampons & Chocolate.  I love her and so should you!

Finally, I received the following award from TangledEutopia, and I love it.

This goes to the following bloggers:

Alicia over at it ain't easy being cheesy.   I love and get lost in reading her hot little stories about her fabulous family!
Stephanie over at The Blue Zoo.  She blogs about her having a house full of testosterone.  Boys, boys, boys!  Gotta love 'em.
iNDefatigable mjenks over at A Crown of Thistles .  He gives Latin lessons.  Need I say more?  Smart = SEXY
Cameron, who is one bright little lady!  Plus, she is just as quirky unique as me!
TripleH this one's for you too!  I LOVE your humor woman!  Mwah!

So, thanks to all those who bestowed the LOVE on me.  I am thankful for your praise. 

To those of you I gave awards, I love your blogs, and your comments and your friendship! 

Please go see my friends and spread the love.  Mwah!