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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Think Tank Momma


So here is the game.  You know those people who you come across every. single. day. that just rub. you. raw.  Those things that just need, more than a casual "Excuse Moi?"  Sometimes you need to just go that extra mile to say "Fuckyouverymuch" "Thanks so Much!"  Being the loving, caring bunch that we all are, I know that you all will do the right thing and write out your weekly Thank You Notes, Think Tank Momma style.

Here is an example.  By now you all know how happy I am with the crack team of wizards running NBC.  Here is a Thank You Note to them.

Dear NBC,
I am so thankful that you are replacing the best show host of The Tonight Show ever, Conan O'Brien.  

Now I can go to bed without worrying I will miss something.
Not bitter at all,
Sleepy Think Tank Momma

So you get the idea now right?  Grab the button.  Join the fun.  And let the THANK YOUs BEGIN!

Dear Evil Bitch Scale,
Thank you for motivating me, one day at a time.
At least you have the decency to be going down!
2.3 this week.  That is a total of 14.4 lbs.
Thanks for talkin' Smack!
LIB Momma

Dear Moron Bill Collector,
Thank you for repeatedly calling my 10yr old's cell,
after being asked to remove the number from your list.
Jessica WhatevertheHell, doesn't pay her bills but, I
have plenty of minutes to burn.
Thanks so Much!
Bill Payer  
P.S. I needed to up my minute plan, you motivated me to get it done.

Dear 112yr old Traffic Director at Parent Pickup,
I know that we all do the same drill everyday to get the
kiddos, but I am so thankful that you are there to show
us how to do it right.  I am sure that we would never
remember without your exaggerated hand gestures and
constant shrills of "No, No, No" and "Go, go, go!"
Thanks for keeping it moving!
Parent PickUp Mommy

Dear Daughter,
Thank you for coming home from work on Saturday
and announcing that you thought of me when you
passed Krispy Kreme.  Thanks for then telling me how
you were going to stop and bring me home some donuts.
But then you remembered LIB!  It wasn't evil at all that
you taunted me that way.
You're the Best!  Love, Mom

Alright Smackers....grab the button, add your link in the little Mr. Linky thing below and bust out your SPECIAL appreciations for those who deserve them most!


Alicia said...

i'm loving this new tuesday theme! i'll have to join in the fun! and i'm so with you on the conan deal.... dumb d-bags at nbc, i friggin hate jay leno! grrrrr

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the new Tuesday!

Congrats on the 14.4 pounds!!! Thats awesome.

KristinFilut said...

LUV IT!!! You're brilliant!

About the Krispy Kreme, yeah.... The Man wanted Buffalo Wild Wings THREE TIMES this last week. Imma thinking the scale is going in the trash can come Wednesday morning!

ScoMan said...

The Conan one was great. Really, who cares about Leno? The man is boring.

And the last one was good too. It's great who kids (by which I mean me) say to their parents "I did consider you, but didn't go through with my thoughtful gesture, and it's really your own fault"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking good care of yourself, the 14.4 pounds is a good job. You are a winner!


MrsBlogAlot said...

Your Thank You's crack me up!

And way to go on the weight loss so far!
Cheers from the crowd!!! (-:

Ducky said...



Beautifully made

SO MUCH better than Post Its because I don't have to keep it to a minimum and get all ghetto 12 year old on my spelling. People will actually understand me!

Lee said...

You rock!! 14.4 pounds!! WOO HOO!! I am all for not having to read in eubonics!!

Unknown said...

I, too, love that I don't have to keep these notes so short! Great job!

p.s. congratulations on the 14 pounds and shame on daughter for talking about those donuts!!!


BigSis said...

What fun! And, I'm so impressed with the weight loss. I've been afraid to step on the scale this week. I guess it's time to put on my big girl pants!

Unknown said...

Well great now I have a whole other thing to do on Tuesdays lol.. or I can combine them both which I am famous for lol... Loved these, the daughter one that is a grounding right there lol

June said...


Dual Mom said...

Arrgghhh I already posted today's rant before seeing this! I'm so disappointed now, I may cry.

Dual Mom said...

Annnnndddd you must be seeing the loss of those 14 pounds??

Damn girl that's impressive...

Mandi said...

I could not agree with you more on the tonight show comment. Aaron works nights and watching Conan together was the best. Nothing like taking a excellent show off of the air. Great Idea!

Corrie Howe said...

I love the traffic director. I haven't seen one since I was 6th grade.

Moooooog35 said...

You're welcome.

Maybe I read this wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ack! We have a Nazi traffic director too!

Oh, the stories I could tell.

*ding ding ding* Off to blog! ha!

Actually I already told the major juicy story.

Lothiriel said...

this is great!!! Aw, I hate to be tempted like that with donuts! I miss them. *sigh*

I will have to feed the baby pretty soon, so hopefully I'll have time to join!!

Meeko Fabulous said...

ooooh freakin' bill collectors piss me of . . . my name's not aaron, aron, erin, eryn, whatever it is. It ain't me!

Holly Lefevre said...

I may have to join this next week...too tired to even complain about anything today. Oh how I love Krispy Kreme...thankfully we do not have one near us. Good job on the scale can suck it...I am going to change the batteries, nut I do not know if it will be better or worse!


PS-Grabbing your button and adding you to the blog roll! You kill me (in a good way)

Dame Nuisance said...

Alright, I'm in. For today, at least!

Nancy C said...

This hit me today. I'm so in.

And YAY you on the weight loss! Awesome!

Tracie said...

Woot woot! Yeah for the dropped lbs and the linky-loo!

I'm taking a break right now but I hope to play along next week.


carissajaded said...

This is a great tuesday post! I loves it!!

And more importantly yay for you tellin that scale who's boss! Congrats!

Tamara Dawn said...

Cute! Love the button and the idea :)

So bummed about Conan - but at least he went out in style - Will Ferrell and Freebird plus MORE COW BELL!!!!! *Sigh* My hero!

Shell said...

How mean about the donuts!

drollgirl said...

hah aha! these are hilarious! if i start with my hater rants, i can't stop. everything aggravates me! especially the fucktard clients i have to deal with!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh man. Food is everywhere this week! It wants to dry hump me!

You know, you can sue those debt collectors. I have a friend who kept getting calls for someone else on her home phone, and she repeatedly told them not to call her, but they didn't stop so she got a lawyer, sued them, and won money. She's not allowed to tell me how much or who it was she sued, per their confidentiality agreement, but she did make them pay.

SurferWife said...

This is a great feature!! I have loved seeing it around the sphere.

Foursons said...

Wow! This looks just like what we do over at Kmama's- The Daily Dribbles!

gayle said...

omg!!!! You are so winning! 14.4 in 3 weeks.....what are you eating...I want your menu!!!asap!!!Wonderful you!!!

So funny your daughter thinking of you when she past a Krispy Kreme...I love them!!! Love them but can't eat one!! Thankfully our closest one is 30mins. away

Ok so 112 Traffic Director bugs the parents.....I will let my fellow teacher assistant know.....probalby won't do any good.

I the 112 year old Hall Director that doesn't let the parents in the building unless they have signed in at the office and are wearing their id tag!! I have pissed many off!!

Love this new thing!!

Unknown said...

Okay... those were great!!
As is your blog ;)

So glad I found you in my travels today.
I must try and remember to do this meme next week!!
That was awesome.

Krispy Kreme = EVIL!!! lol

Unknown said...

Oh yeah,
and I "heart" your blog so much I had to give you a "shout",

So, you're my "Cool Site of the Day" ;)

The Peach Tart said...

I'm with you on Conan. Hey congrats on the weight loss.

Heather said...

New to following you and adding you to my blogroll, you, my dear, are fabulous. Love the Thank you note Tuesdays, it seems very theraputic!

Iva Messy said...

genius and hilarious!! congratulations on the weight!!! WOOHOOO!!!

Allison said...

Love it! My cell phone rings off the hook with bill collectors for some deadbeat named Lawrence something or rather. No matter how much I tell them to take me off the list...I think they think you're lying or something.

Congrats on losing the weight! I'm getting there too...slowly but surely!

Laura said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Your kicking some ass.

Can't wait to join in next Tuesday.

Mae Rae said...

two days late but know that i am here. I love the new idea. I gave up electronics at home for the week so I am commenting from an undisclosed location. I got me some thank you's to send along. Great idea!

Claudya Martinez said...


Congrats on the weight loss! Your hard work is paying off.