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Think it's time for some new glasses....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well....we tried to repair them, but there was little hope. 

Here is the before picture:

See how they sit nice on his face?

Well here is what they look like now:
He came out of the bathroom after his shower and said, and I quote, "Uh...Mom, I think we have a problem."  I looked up from the computer to see his glasses hanging on his face over each ear in two pieces.  Ay yay yay!  If the poor kid could quit with the constant ticks.  He is forever pursing and licking his lips (i keep Chapstick in business), he crunches his nose up when he is doing the lip moves, and then he arranges and rearranges his glasses on his face (there is a lot of eye and forehead movement too).  He must do those moves, in that order, at least 100 times a day.

So tomorrow will be a trek to get them replaced, which will take a few days but I have to take him to have them sized tomorrow.  He needed a new pair anyway, apparently they somehow managed to end up a dog chew toy at Gramma's over the summer.  So maybe that had something to do with the poor shape they were in.  But, I am thinking it had way more to do with my 52lb 7yr old than it did the 80lb lab puppy!

Pray for me cause I will need it.  My Momma chihuahua, Lola-Blu is in labor as I type, so I will be up with her all night (or the better part of it anyway).  Then it will be off to get glasses with Kamden.  The hubby and I discussed it and no more wire frames for Kamden, so I would imagine that there will be a major melt down in the eye department at Target tomorrow afternoon.  Kamden is quite particular about the way he looks, and I am guessing we will hear comments like "No those make me look like a geek."  "I wouldn't be caught dead in those."  "C'mon Mom seriously?  You wear them if they are so cute."

I will upload the pictures in tomorrows blog of the adventure.  Oh, and hopefully puppies too!


Ed said...

My youngest son,Sammy age 5,is on his 4th pair of supposedly "Indestructible Wire-Framed" SpongeBob glasses. Good luck tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I lived in fear of breaking my glasses. I hated walking around blind! I hope you find some that work!

Mammatalk said...

Poor thing! Good luck finding a replacement.