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Think I married MacGyver!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

OMG...I married my dream man from childhood.  Seriously, I married MacGyver!  So you saw the pictures I posted yesterday, of one unrepairable pair of glasses compliments of my little mini-me.  It was a long day  Glasses broken, puppies being born, I went to sleep at 4:30 a.m., which if you know me wouldn't ordinarily be a problem, except last night I could've slept.....whew!  I am T-ired. back to the hunky hunk hunk I am married to.  You ladies remember MacGyver, I know you do.  And I know you are wondering how I snagged him.  Well, I am not sure.  He has been incognito all this time.  We have been married/together for like ever and I find out tonight that he is MacGyver????  WTH?  He has been holding out on me. Bastard!  All this time.....keeping a secret like that?!?  At least I think he is, or tell me what you guys think.  Cause I have evidence.  I do not come empty handed.  I also watched Nancy Drew as a kid.

My husband, the brilliant man that he is, told me while we were at Target, getting new glasses for Kamden that we had to pick up a few things while we were there.  That was after we asked the nice optician lady if there was anything we could do with the two pieces of glasses we brought her.  She politely giggled and responded with a quaint, ""  Crap!  It will take a week to get a new pair.  What to do?  What to do?  Kamden is pretty blind without his spectacles.  So we went and picked up some paperclips, epoxy and paper tape, along with a few other essentials.

We get home and MacGyver takes a paperclip, breaks a piece off, and uses the epoxy to glue it across the top of the nose bridge.  He let's that dry and adds another piece of paperclip along the bottom of the nose bridge with epoxy, thus trapping the two pieces that were broken, back together.  The tape will be applied in the a.m. for comfort purposes.  Genius right? all can see how with basic deductive reasoning skills I concluded that after all this time, I am in fact married to MacGyver.

Oh...and I know you guys are wondering.  It wasn't as painful as I had anticipated.  We ended up with some more wire frames that are all bendable.  We tried on a couple of different types and the nice optician lady told us that the solid frames break more easily than the wire frames do.  She recommended the ones we got, which were less expensive anyway.  Kamden is happy with them, they are his "style" he said.  FYI-glasses at Target with their Kid Care program,  GREAT DEAL.  I paid $129 bucks for frames, lenses and protection plan out the door last time.  Because of the program, new glasses (frames, lenses and protection plan) $69.  Sweet!

I will post pictures of the pups in the a.m. for you guys.....they are so cute!  Finally, we got blue!!!

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