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Think I am one woman on an island by myself sometimes.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I must be just as unique in my views and opinions as my little Kamden.  Let me explain.  I was FBing it today, that's short for Facebooking, and one of my long lost highschool-I want to be your friend now-but was never really your friend in highschool-but feel I need to keep up with you now because our 20 year highschool reunion is coming up posted something I was shocked about. 

She posted, and I quote "~ IF our schools take part in Obama addressing our students age Pre-K through 12...OUR KIDS will NOT be sent to school on Tuesday, Sept. 8th"  WHAT THE HECK?  Seriously?  It is an historic moment  for The President of The United States of America to address our children and you would deprive your children experiencing that piece of history because you don't agree with his politics.  Wow!  

Am I missing something?  When did it become a bad thing for ANY one, let alone the President of The United States of America to encourage children to stay in school, and try to achieve goals?  I realize that I am more progressive than many of my friends, many of my peers, and certainly my family members.  Progressive is also another word for "liberal" but I like progressive better.  It sounds "nicer".

I actually would consider myself more moderate than liberal, but most of my friends and family are so conservative that my moderate views are extreme to them.  I don't even agree with President OBama on many of his politics relative to education.  Having said that, I have NO misgivings about him addressing my children.  He is the elected leader of the free world.  Like it or not, he is, and there is something to be said for that achievement.  If he can inspire a love and drive in the children of this country to stay in school and set goals to help them achieve higher education everyone should appreciate that.  

We need something different in this nation relative to education because what we have been doing isn't getting in done at the end of the day.  And I just love that my state of FL has the loudest voice of them all in all the hoopla.  Jim Greer, the chairman of the Republican Party for FL had all sorts of kind words about the planned speech.  Not! can see how I would feel like a woman alone on an island.  I am one lone "progressive" mommy in a state full of haters.  I don't believe this has anything to do with politics.  I don't believe it's good for my children to hear all the Obama bashing on the news.  I think if my conservative public school doesn't allow my children to hear the address on September 8th, because of all the parental protests, I may keep my children at home and watch the address from here, with them.  It's history people, and IT IS IMPORTANT!


DiPaola Momma said...

That FB lead in cracks my butt up! I KNOW those people! They didn't know my name in HS but now they are all, "look at how great my life is, see my cute kids, my skinny butt, let's be friends" ... BLAH! Yeah I was yelling at the TV today when CNN ran a story with parents saying they wouldn't let their kids go to school either. But you KNOW if Mike Vick came in to talk they'd be all "get an autograph Junior" so what if he tortured and murdered dogs and is a convicted fellon, he is an NFL star!

Alicia said...

hmmmm i'm torn on this one...i think it should be the parent's choice whether or not their children view it. that's why we have tivo! they can watch it at home, on their own time...not a school...i totally see your side of it though, i just feel differently.

Unknown said...

They the parents can read a transcript on Monday if their panties are wadded...geesh Great post!