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Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Friday, October 29, 2010

We have almost given up the traditional form of Trick or Treating here at Casa di Romano.  We live so far out from actual civilization in the sticks so trick or treating out here is close to impossible.  Plus, if you pull up the trusty website with the registered perverts & sickos sex offenders & predators, the idea of going door to door is well, freaking scarier than living next to Michale Meyers and Freddie Krueger.

So instead of endangering the lives of the munchkins we have been doing the Trunk or Treat option provided at many churches in our local area.  It seems to be the thing to do here.

Kamalama the Jack O' Lamatern

Khylee the Jaguar Fairy

Trunk or Treat was Wednesday night so on Halloween we will be having some goodies and treats at home.  If we have Trick or Treaters great.  If not, well, we already had some good safe fun and we will just enjoy an evening at home.

So what about you?  Live in a great neighborhood?  Do you travel to another neighborhood where the candy is better it's safer?  Do you do a church festival or something similar?

Whatever the case have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and enjoy stealing the kiddos candy the tricks!!


Shell said...

What fun! Love all the costumes!

We live in a great neighborhood. I bought TONS of candy for our TOTers and I only hope it's enough.

For the last 3 years, though, we went to my brother's neighborhood to TOT. It's awesome. Everyone sits out at the ends of their driveways to give out candy, so no going up to the houses. And my boys love TOTing with their cousin. I'm really sad b/c we can't do that this year.

Yankee Girl said...

I don't get any trick-or-treaters in my husband and I are the youngest people on the block by at least 30 years, but I will be going trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew in the neighborhood I grew up in.

And we are having an adults only party tonight! It's going to be a fun weekend!

Enjoy yours!

Dee said...

We don't get any trick or treaters in our neighborhood either...which is fine with me! It drives my dogs nuts lol! The kids look so cute!! Awww!

MiMi said...

Aww, they're all adorable!! Seriously, I know the boys are supposed to be scary, but I think they're cute. :)
Also. How the crap did I miss the makeover??? I SUCK! But I love it, it looks great!

Marnie said...

That is some fabulously spooktacular make-up on the boys! You are a talented Momma.

Sadly I don't get any munchkins at my house as I live on a fairly busy street. However there is a small neighborhood near us that closes off all its streets and has the police and "pumkin patrol" folks keep the area safe for the ghouls and goblins. Others can donate candy to the cause that gets distributed by the neighborhood committee to all the local houses. It's a big community effort.

Alex said...

The kids look great and so does your page!

Halloween is just catching on here in Australia though my kids have always been obsessed with everything spooky.
We'll set aside a bit of candy in case of trick or treaters. If we don't get any, there'll be more for me!

Daffy said...

Your costumes turned out SO great! I love the trunk or treat idea and there are several places to do that around here. They too happened during the week and there are a few places doing that type of event tonight.

Sista lives in a an AWWWWSOME neighborhood that totally goes all out. The parents dress up, deck out their garages and front and back yards and even driveways. Its an awesome safe place to go and people actually caravan their kids in by the loads to hit this neighborhood. It was tons of fun last year and no doubt won't disappoint this year.

gayle said...

We haven't had trick or treaters at our house in years and years until our grandson Bryson was born. Don't live in a neighboorhood. So since 2007 we have had our very own trick or treater!!:) This year my daughter wants to give him the experience of going door to door (for a little bit) so we are heading on over to my husband's sisters house. Should be fun!!

gayle said...

OH the kids look sooo Cute!!