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Share a Spoon Theme - Bring me a Bushel Johnny

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon


Does anything say FALL HARVEST like a bushel full of freshly picked apples?

Fall means carnivals and festivals full of the best smells, sweet treats and candied or caramel apples.

This week's theme is brought to you compliments of my favorite former New Yorker!

I had the pleasure of working with the most amazing group of extraordinary women last month through Friends You Love.  One of those friends was Andrea from Good Girl Gone Redneck.  She is such an amazing caring woman, and I am proud to have worked with her and all the talented women who shared in the International Women's Friendship Month we celebrated.

When Andrea asked for an APPLE theme I was elated!  Apples are so versatile and it allows you bakers out there to participate.

This week's theme allows for savory recipes like stuffing, pork chops and applesauce, etc.  I expect muffins, cakes, cookies, tarts, pies and the like.  If you have a great mulled cider recipe break it out.

Whether you drink it, stuff it, slurp it, dip it, candy it or eat it, I just want you to bring it!

See you Thursday!

Bring your apples!

(All Images provided via Google Images.)


Anonymous said...

After we were talking about apples the other day I had the biggest craving for them! But I was all out of flour! =( So I made something up that is WAY easy, and healthy too!! I was all proud of myself. lol

Also btw - BB Chat wont let me in. Again. So annoying!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Yay! Thanks for picking apples ... now to come up w/ a recipe. I think I have one that's a fave, wonder if I can make it this week and take pics!?! YUM!

Danielle said...

I love me some apples, I'm so excited to make crisp,and I kinda want to take a bite of each one of those pictures!:)

Mo 'Betta said...

yay! I can't wait to get some apple recipes since I still have a freakin' ton of apples left!

Buffee said...

How about them apples?! Ha!


drollgirl said...

i had this crazy good chicken salad this weekend that had cranberries, celery and apples. delicious!

Kyttin said...

I enjoy your rants too ^.^!! And I don't mix the M&M's with the ice cream hehe

Pretzel M&M's and Rocky road Ice cream....I was wanting something sweet and salty hehe

Mama Bird said...

YUM!! I made a fantab APPLE CAKE last week! I will have to share!!