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Share a Spoon - Peanut Butter Zombie Eyeballs

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Think Tank Momma

Happy Thursday Smackers!

It's Share a Spoon - Spooktacular

compliments of

Sexy Steph from The Blue Zoo

Stephanie is quite the baker, you can find her over at The Spotted Cake as well, and she loves the sweet treat themes.  She asked for Halloween Treats so we are getting tricky with it today!  Everyone say "THANKS STEPH!"

Now, for some fun Halloween made up stuff to make it sound cool facts.  Did you know that all ZOMBIES have bloodshot eyes?  Did you know their eyes are made from peanut butter?  It's true.  I'll show you!

Peanut Butter Zombie Eyeballs


2 sticks softened butter
2 cups peanut butter
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 lbs Confectioner's Powdered Sugar
1/2 bar Baker's Paraffin wax
2 bags Milk Chocolate Chips (Semi-sweet may be substituted)
1 bag White Chocolate Chips
handful of mini chocolate chips
 red, blue and green food coloring pens

In a large mixing bowl, or counter top mixer with the paddle attachment, cream together butter, peanut butter and vanilla.  Slowly add confectioner's sugar.  You may not need all of the 2lb bag.  I typically use about 3/4 of a bag.  However, in the summer when it's really humid I tend to use more.  Mix until the batter is thick and pulls away from the attachment with ease and is not sticky.

Roll into 1" balls and place on a sheet tray lined with wax paper.  Refrigerate rolled balls for an hour.

Over low heat, in a medium sauce pan melt the wax.  Once all the wax is melted stir in the milk chocolate chips one bag at a time until smooth and shiny.

Using a toothpick, dip the chilled peanut butter in the chocolate and allow the excess chocolate to drip back into the pot.

Work quickly.  Soft peanut butter balls will fall off of the toothpick when dipped in the warm chocolate.

Return the dipped balls to the refrigerator and allow to cool completely.

In a microwave safe bowl melt the white chocolate.  First for 30 seconds, stir.  Then  15 seconds, stir.  Repeat until white chips are completely melted and stirred smooth.  The consistency will resemble frosting.

Dip the completely set chocolate covered peanut butter balls into the white chocolate about 1/3 of the way.  Remove quickly, allowing the excess to drip back into the bowl.

In the middle of the white chocolate place a mini chocolate chip for the pupil.  Return the refrigerator to cool and set the white chocolate.

Now the fun part.  Color a blue or green iris around the mini chocolate chip and add some bloodshot squiggles with a fin tip red food coloring pen.

Voila!  Zombie Peanut Butter Eyeballs.  They are fun and creepy and the kids love coloring the eyes.  

(These look awesome in a black cauldron with gummy worms tossed in.)

If you are not into the creepy eyes, these look beautiful without the pen details.  Especially for a black and white dinner.

Cook's NOTE:  I have tried all the recipes for PB balls out there.  Graham cracker in the mix.  Coconut in the mix.  Lots of fillers.  This recipe yields roughly 60 1" balls.  Those recipes will get you more.  My recipe gives you a very creamy peanut butter center.  

Have a Happy Halloween Smackers!  Remember, cook with your kids!



Anonymous said...

How cool! We make peanut butter balls for Xmas, I never thought about making them into eyes. Hopefully I'll remember to do this next year!!

Thanks for letting me pick the theme!! I hope it does well! =)

Buffee said...

So freaking cute! Love them!

Anonymous said...

Cool, cool, coolage, cool! This is totally up my zombie alley!

Thanks for sharing.

Danielle said...

Those are awesome and I am sending this link to my daycare lady so she can make them for me! LOL

Shell said...

Oooooh, an excuse to make buckeyes???? YUM!!!

Go Mommy said...

I am all about buckeyes! These are so cute and I like your idea to use them without the lines for a black and white dinner!
I always make these for my bunko month, I go with only food that are shaped like balls... Yeah, I'm like that!

Babes Mami said...

very awesome!

Kimberly said...

ohhh I love these - I am going to make them as a surprise for my 2 zombie bounty hunters! :)

Thanks for another fun #shareaspoon

SurferWife said...

Good Grief those look delightful.

I have sad it before and I will say it again. I can't bake. I think it's because I don't like to backe that I claim I can't do it.

Either way, I am jealous of all of you that have the time, patience and capabilities to do this. I just spend a shitton buying these things.

Holly said...

I love these...eyeballs seem to be a huge theme this year (or are they every year and I never noticed). My kiddos would love this...and me too!

The Random Blogette said...

These look so yummy! I may have to attempt to make them for my Halloween party this weekend. We will see how my time management goes. And I am loving the new layout too. Super cute!!

Mo 'Betta said...

awesome eyeballs!

Little Mochi said...

Yummy! Reminds me of the Buckeye's my grandma would make just with a little Halloween twist ;)

Dee said...

Girl, I swear I haven't been myself the last couple of weeks! I keep forgetting about SAS!! I'm gonna try to remember next week...promise!! I'm sorry!

Nancy C said...

Now lusting for peanut butter. I love all these creative ideas.