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Share a Spoon Theme - PASTA

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Think Tank Momma

Happy Saturday Smackers!

It's THEME Time.

This week's theme is brought to you by yours truly.

You all have been slacking on asking for themes. *ahem*  Please leave what you want to see in the comments, or shoot me an email!


Notice the theme is pasta, not Italian.  You can find pasta in almost every single culture.  The possibilities with pasta are endless.

Think about it, all the dishes you can think of with some sort of pasta or noodles.  Everything from couscous, to noodles, to spaghetti, ravioli, orzo, macaroni, etc....

Stroganoff, kugel, Yakisoba, lasagna, Goulash, endless possibilities.

You can find noodles or pasta in salads, soups, sweet dishes, savory dishes. 

 Fried, baked, boiled, stuffed, whatever your preparation.

I want to know, what do you use pasta for!?!

See you Thursday for all your favorite pasta dishes.


Imaginative Me said...

Yay! I have pasta recipes!!! And am always looking for more. Pasta is a weakness! :)

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Oooh. Maybe I can try to take some pictures for this one!?! And actually link something up! :) Yum! I do have some theme ideas, I was thinking of them tonight. I think for October you need to do a pumpkin theme ... and maybe before then, for fall, you can do apples. :) And then I was also thinking of Squash, which I love but never know what to do w. any kind except for Spaghetti, so maybe just an overall gourd theme? :) Aren't you glad you asked?

Mo 'Betta said...

mmmm, pasta!! i love carbs :) I think an apple theme would be great, especially since I have lots of apples that I have to do something with fairly soon!

Anonymous said...

E 'vero! L'idea di un buon supporto.
E 'vero! Ritengo che questa sia un'ottima idea.

That One Mom said...

I'm with Andrea on squash!!! (And apples and pumpkin....)

From Tracie said...

Mmmm I love pasta.

My favorite thing is nice warm angel-hair pasta with Parmesan and a ton of Feta on top. I think I could eat that every day and not get bored with it.