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You know you want what I got!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's a SPONSORED Giveaway!

Now you all know that I have two ADHD children, which makes for an interesting life, but it mostly means that staying on task, and being able to find your stuff?  Yeah, um....we spend lots of time at the LOST and FOUND at school.

Mabel's marketing?  GENIUS!

Labels for the stuff kids lose!®  

Seriously, it's like they just KNOW my children!

Mabel's has generously offered a giveaway, well, several actually for Friends You Love and those of us spreading the love!

I have a set of Mama Cards™ to give to one of my Smackers! don't have to HAVE kiddos to have these cards.  They are awesome and you can personalize them anyway you want.

I know you have been out and run into someone on the fly that you would like to catch up with and neither of you can find a pen or something to write on to get each other's info.  No?  Just me? would be super cool to have a card with your Twitter, FB, Blog, phone number (optional), etc. 

Here's what you gotta do to win:

MANDATORY:  Follow me GFC and FriendsYouLove.

Extra Entries?

1 entry - Follow me @adrienzgirl on Twitter.

2 entries - Tweet this giveaway and mention @adrienzgirl

1 entry - Follow @mabelhood on Twitter

3 entries - If you send someone new to follow me and enter.  They must mention you when they enter.

If you really want to win I will give you 5 entries for posting about this giveaway!!!

I will announce the winner next Sunday 9/26/10.  You have until 9/25/10 to enter!

OK..that's it Smackers!  Easy Peasy right?



Anonymous said...

Wait. Didn't I just read this at Daffy's?

I'm confused again!

Don't you all know an old woman like me hasn't got a lot of brain cells?

It's a plea for help.

Show me the Mabel's Labels!

he hee

*LLUVIA* said...

Cool! I want some labels! I follow you and Friends you love!

(i would do more entries but the iphone makes this shit hard). LOL

♥ Brittany Ciara ♥ said...

I really want to win some of these for my momma! :)

I follow you... or should I say that I am a lip smacker! ;)

♥ Brittany Ciara ♥ said...

I follow you on Twitter as @notaverageteen

♥ Brittany Ciara ♥ said...

& I follow Mabel's Labels too! :)

♥ Brittany Ciara ♥ said...

Pssst! I tweeted!


♥ Brittany Ciara ♥ said...

Here's my 2nd entry for Tweeting. :)

bigdisneyfan said...

I follow you and FriendsYouLove on google friend connect.

bigdisneyfan said...

I follow you on twitter (Love the Cinderella background!)
I'm @bigdisneyfan

bigdisneyfan said...

I follow @mabelhood on Twitter

bigdisneyfan said...

I tweeted:

bigdisneyfan said...

I tweeted:
Entry 2 of 2
(new tweet, I forgot to post the link in my first tweet!) - Oops! :-)

bigdisneyfan said...

I REALLY want to win these Mama Cards from Mabel's Labels!
I blooged about your giveaway:

Entry 1 of 5

bigdisneyfan said...

Blogged entry 2 of 5

bigdisneyfan said...

Blogged entry 3 of 5

bigdisneyfan said...

Blogged entry 4 of 5

bigdisneyfan said...

Blogged entry 5 of 5

bigdisneyfan said...

I just saw on your twitter posts for today that I can get an extra entry today only for re-tweeting. I so badly want these Mama Cards, so I re-tweeted:

Jacque said...

I'm now following you and FYL also. Can't wait to read more from you! :)

Jacque said...

I already follow you on twitter! As @play4school
Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Jacque said...

I tweeted for you! #1

Jacque said...

I tweeted for you - #2!

Jacque said...

I'm now following @mabelhood on Twitter as @play4school.

Thanks again for the chance to win! :)