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Friends You Love Blog Hop - There are Toys in my Tank!

Monday, September 27, 2010



Today is the final installment of Friends You Love's Monday Blog Hop.  I hope that everyone has found some new friends to follow and get to know.

We have had the opportunity to meet some amazing women this way, and also highlight some amazing women as well.

Last week, my good friend Holly from 504 Main graciously agreed to guest post on the FYL blog.  She offered me two posts to choose from.

I thought they were both amazing so this week I am posting the other post here.

I absolutely love Holly and I think you all will too.

I am just a little bit obsessed over old toys. There is a sweetness about them. A mystery too. When I go to the flea market and see a worn doll I always wonder who, what where did that doll come from? Same thing goes for the bucket of hot wheels cars or the toy train or the rocking horse or the Little People Farmhouse. Yes, in spite of my house being filled with toys, and the fact that I {and sometimes the kids} are continually picking them up....I do have a fondness for those well-loved toys.

I am always preaching to my kids to take care of their toys...because when I was a child, I of course, took the utmost care of mine. In fact they are in pristine condition {or so I thought}. I, of course, ultimately hope this is teaching them something about responsibility and respect.

I have been very anxious to share my childhood toys with my children. Every time my Mom says "Dad is going into the top of the garage (or the attic)," I ask if he could look for one of my treasures. Well, my parents are all for this - they are cleaning house - time for my brother and I to store our own stuff. So, now, every time they come to visit I can expect at least one new find to come with them. And I am so excited about it! Just giddy, in fact!

 I so wanted my own purple corvette and Ken!

My son looks at me like I am crazy {maybe he knows something the rest of the world can only assume?...hmmm...} when I tell him that I used to "use my imagination" when we played with Legos. When I suggest he can mix pieces from different boxes, he just about passes out {he likes order} - he cannot even fathom it  "But Mom they come in sets. You cannot mix up the pieces!" Of course, we had sets with were houses, police stations, fire stations, etc., but nothing like the $150 sets they sell now {seriously, I am so tired of paying $5 in shipping for a teeny-tiny 45 cent piece, which is necessary to finish building the battleship}.

Over the last couple of years, Puzzle Town, Legos, Barbies, Nerf Ping Pong, and an my Cabbage Patch Dolls have found a new home at my "big-girl" house. Most of them have remained boxed in a closet or garage, but recently we have started pulling them out to play with. Boy was I in for a shocker! These toys that I thought I had left in perfect condition look a little tattered and bruised...all because they were loved of course!

We have unearthed my Barbies - most of who have had a haircut and some even without heads, a purple Barbie Corvette, a Mrs. Beasley with "false" eyelashes - most likely drawn on with a marker, a stained but oh-so lovable Raggedy Ann, a beat-up musical bunny, two Cabbage Patch dolls - one of which is a boy named Carol Lennie that at the time, I insisted could be just be a tomboy...he/she was part of the first run of Cabbage Patch dolls and my mom {try as she might} could not get a girl doll. I now can see he was clearly a boy.

I love these toys and love watching my kids play with them. I am wondering what toy brings back wonderful memories for you? Or what toy have you passed on to your children?


Imaginative Me said...

How awesome! sadly, i don't have toys left over from my childhood, we had a housefire when i was a teen. But both my kids inherited stuff animals that my hubby had when he was a baby!
I love that Cabbage Patch doll. I had one when I was little.

Hanna said...

Hi there. I am your newest follower from the blog hop. Lovely blog:) You can find me at

Adrienne said...

I love Holly! What perfect pics! They bring back memories of all of the same items I had. Raggedy Ann was a big one for me. :) Great post!

Buffee said...

Way back when I had my own kitchen, it was decorated in Vintage Strawberry Shortcake! I miss my Kitchen!

FourJedis said...

Foolish gal here did not save any of her childhood Star Wars toys, so I had to rebuy them on ebay. Oops.

Great entry!

Before I forget, here is the etsy shop with the R2D2 cap I gave away:

Michelle Pixie said...

I have really enjoyed these! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I still have my Gerber baby doll. Sadly I have all boys, no little girl to share with.