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Doin' the Duck.....FEST that is!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up.
~Mark Twain




Alright Smackers, you know I have a flair for the dramatic.  I had to add some flair of my own to this FEST OF FEATHERS!


So here is the deal...My BFF, THE DUCK from BATCRAP CRAZY lost her sister recently.  (If you didn't know, you have been living under a rock, just sayin'.)  BigSis was diagnosed with a benign(non cancerous) brain tumor.  Scheduled for surgery.  Before she could have the surgery to remove the tumor she suffered a major stroke and passed away due to complications of the stroke.  All of this was very quick and very tragic.  BigSis left behind a loving family and a husband and 5yr old son.   In lieu of flowers, the family asked for donations to a scholarship fund for 5yr old JD, as part of his mother's legacy.

Here is the dealio....there are a gazillion giveaways for some REALLY GREAT STUFF.

How do you participate?  DONATE $1.00 per entry for items of your choice.  There are a lot of things to choose from.  I got my eye on SEVERAL! is the other thing that is important.  We are using to generate the winners.  THAT MEANS if you donate $20 and you want all of it to go to one item, you have to leave 20 comments for that item.  I know that is silly, but that is the way works.  Don't miss you chance to win the item you want.

There are some FABULOUS things up for grabs....

There is a TUPPERWARE Chef Series Oval Roaster donated by Pixie Momma and I so want that bad boy!

My baby sister is offering a PERSONALIZED CROCHETED BABY BLANKET that is unbelievable!  I have seen these type blankets at craft shows go for over $100 and the quality isn't even close to what she does.
Ed over at The Currently Closed Funny Pages is offering one of his STICKMAN creations for your blog.  I know I will be donating a few $$ for this! 

SO...those are my favorites.  What are yours??

Check out all the links.  Especially my cook book offering (wink wink) and come back tomorrow and get what you want.  Duck Fest runs June 3rd-8th.  We will draw winners on the 9th.  If you don't have your email viewable, leave it in the comments where you enter.  If we can't contact you?  You CAN'T WIN!

SO REMEMBER $1 + 1 Comment = 1 entry

See you around the pond tomorrow.  I will be swimming my way through the giveaways.


MiMi said...

I have to go look at all the great stuff!

Nancy C said...

Hoping I can still squeeze in...otherwise, I'll just shop and have fun supporting a good cause. Do YOU know how I can link up?

Shell said...

Hey, girly, I'll repost my Duckfest post for tomorrow- can I have the code for the links to add to it?

I can't scroll DOWN on my bb, so I can't freaking get to chat. I've been told that rubbing alcohol on the trackball will fix it...but I don't think that people mean sweet tea vodka or captain, I need to go to the store! LOL

Menopausal New Mom said...

Great Post!!! We have to get the word out!!!

Anonymous said...

Cant wait!! Im so excited! Hope I win something!

Dual Mom said...

This just blows my everyone rally's.

Ed's break? Did you see his post today? I spit coffee on my computer screen.

Lee said...

Did the chipping in, because despite it all, I love you guys. And, you can give my entries to whomever strikes your fancy!

Erin said...

I chipped in but gave my entries to Angel. Some great things here!!!


Alex said...

Hey my love, stuck in OZ. Can I just donate some cash for Duckys family? Heart wrenching (just email me).