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Share a Spoon - Quick and Easy like Yo Momma

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Think Tank Momma

Happy Thursday Smackers!
It's Share a Spoon - Quick and Easy like Yo Momma

brought to you by
Alicia aka Queso Bonito from It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy!

Queso asked that we do recipes with 5 Ingredients or less/Quick n' Easy, I added the Yo' Momma joke.  It was Cheesy...just like her!  Ha!

So...this week's theme works out well for this Momma cause my boys are out of town and I have been enjoying the kitchen down time.  Which sucks for you Smackers because I have no pictures.  But this is EEEEE-ZZZZZZZZEEEEEE

My boys, especially BDC, ask for these pretty often.  They LOVE them.


What You Will Need:

Aluminum Foil
6 - Frozen Hamburger Patties (I use sirloin burgers.)  You can use boneless skinless chicken breast if you like.
Bag of baby carrots
6-8 red potatoes sliced
2 Large Sweet Yellow Onions Sliced
Olive Oil
6 pats of butter
Salt n' Pepper

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In a large bowl toss sliced onions, potatoes and carrots with olive oil.  Season with salt n pepper.

Cut 6 large pieces of foil off.  Lay flat on the counter.  Take your sirloin patty and place in the center.  Season with salt n pepper or your desired seasoning.  Add a pat of butter (do not substitute margarine this is a big flavor component).  Top with 1/6th of the veggie mixture.  Make a pouch with the aluminum foil and seal tightly.  Continue making pouches until all ingredients are wrapped tightly.

Throw the pouches in the oven.  Bake for 45-50 minutes.

Serve in the aluminum foil.  All the flavors meld together in the oven.  These really are simple and fantastic.

Tips and tricksWhen you are cooking with limited ingredients everything makes a difference.  Find ways to add BIG flavor.  Cook your rice in veggie or chicken stock.  Use infused olive oils.  Always season every layer.

So there you have it Smackers.  Hobo Dinners and a few tips for adding flavor in dishes with only a few ingredients!

Now, link up and share your Quick Fixes!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good! I think I'd really like it with the chicken. Im really into chicken boobs. =)

Kristen said...

Sounds delicious and simple... an awesome combo!!

And I just updated my outdated blog and added you to my blogroll! Hooray!

Buffee said...

Yum-O! I lurve these! When I make mine with chicken, I like to add sweet bell peppers and squash, (sometimes even green beans and asparagus)!

I see these in my near future!

June said...

That is a great idea. Trust me, we will be trying this one!

Sorry Momma B, I am not hooking up with you today on SaS but I will make sure to send a pic of Tamara when I see her!!

BigSis said...

I'm going to try this because I think Prince will like it. I KNOW he'll like the name. Why are little boys obsessed with hobos? Or is it just mine?

Imaginative Me said...

Thank you for linking me up! I might have forgotten to do that! LOL!
Love your recipe. Going to have to try it.

Maude Lynn said...

My daughter loves these!

Anonymous said...

I love those. We haven't had them in forever. I think we will be having some soon though.

SurferWife said...

This sounds yummy!

Nancy C said...

That's good stuff. My kids would have a blast making these.

Alicia said...

seriously you always make it sound so easy and yummy!! i love it!! i can't wait to go check out all of the other recipes!! i'm gonna have my boys help me with the hobo dinners! thanks for the love mama!

Macey said...

OH! Yum!!!

Marcela said...

This looks really good...will try!!!