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GR8! JennB says TAG, U R It.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My used to be buddy JennB over at JennB Says tagged me in a questions post.  I know I don't normally do these things, but Jenn is an overbearing painintheass a good friend who will cry like a little girl if I don't participate usually doesn't ask for anything.

So...I'm answering her questions because I didn't have anything else to post today I love her.  M'kay?  The rest of the post is to tag eight more people, and ask eight new questions to them.  Um...I am not the sadist that Jenn is and I love you Smackers so...I'm answering her questions.  That's it. 


1.) Jenn is giving us $1000 to spend on ourselves.  She wants to know what would I buy?

This is easy peasy.  I need a new Crackberry and a laptop since mine died.  Done and Done!

2.)  What kind of car do me and my significant other drive, love or hate them (the cars not the significant others)?

I drive a Jeep Liberty and BDC has a Isuzu Rodeo.  However, BDC is always in his shop truck which is a little Ford Transit.  I drive everywhere we go when he isn't working, so mostly we are in the Jeep.

3.)  If I had to buy Jenn a gift what would it be and there is a $50 limit?

I'd buy Jenn a strip-o-gram.  Sorry Jenn you said only $50 so your stripper is prolly some old saggy washed up wannabe stripper.  If you hadn't limited me, I would have sprung for the Dwayne Johnson lookalike.  Next time you will remember not to limit your gifts that way!

4.) Who is my favorite blogger to read big or small?

This one is tough.  I have lots of favorites, that are all different because I read funny blogs, serious and inspiring, family, mommy, cooking, etc..  One of my favorites though is my baby sister's blog.  The Truth According to Buffee  She is smart and funny and I have gotten to know her better by reading her blog.  She has shared some heartfelt stuff, and some really funny stuff that I wouldn't have known otherwise.

5.) When cooking which ingredient do I use most in my dishes?

I pretty much put garlic and onions in just about everything.

6.)  Who is my BFF in the bloggng world?

Ducky(DAFFY from Batcrap Crazy) is my BFF.  Together we're like SASS and FRASS, and anyway you slice that it's a whole lotta ASS.

7.)  Jenn wants to know one or some of my quirks or idiosyncrasies?

I'm a FOODIE.  All my Smackers know that.  HOWEVER, I have a whole lot of food quirks.  I don't like ketchup.  AT ALL.  Like just the smell makes me wanna yack.  I don't like strawberries, watermelon or bananas.  I have texture issues with food that make absolutely NO SENSE.  I can't handle jello, pudding, yogurt, etc.  Yet, ice cream?  I can handle that just fine.

8.)  What is my guilty pleasure as far as tv goes?

I'm not sure I understand guilty pleasure.  I don't usually feel guilty or embarrassed about stuff.  I'm sort of a television junkie.  I watch a lot of stuff.  But, probably the most ridiculous thing is soaps.  I DVR The Bold and The Beautiful.  What's even worse is I used to give my sister a ration of shit for taping her soaps.  She doesn't watch them anymore and I totally am addicted.  *sigh*  Don't judge!  Just go get your own guilty pleasure!

Alrighty Smackers, those are my answers and I won't torture you all by tagging you.  

But....since you are here, and tomorrow is Share a Spoon pie edition...tell me your favorite pie...and don't forget to come by and share a pie recipe tomorrow! 


Anonymous said...

Yay another tv junkie! I don't do soaps either.

I even watched Billy the Exterminator ONCE.

Just once.


Jenn said...

That's why I LOVE YOU! Except, can I bump your limit up to One Meeeeeelion dollars so you can just have Mr. Johnson show up at my house. Wearing a tool belt and a hard hat? Oh, lots of baby oil too. And he needs to bring cupcakes with him.


Thanks for doing this!

Buffee said...

At least when I was DVRing my soap it was Days and not Y&R and B&B, granny! HA!

So does this mean I don't have to do this then? You're not "tagging" me back or anything? Cause if I really have to participate I will. . . . but I am working!!!

I love reading your blog too! And you're my blogging BFF even though I'm not yours!

Buffee said...
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Anonymous said...

I just made the most delicious strawberry banana pie...turns out you wouldn't like it at all. favorite pie would have to be peach...or my mom's homemade apple pie...

Or any Hostess fruit pie. Do they count? :)

Kim of Mo Betta said...

I'm a soap opera junkie. However, since all my free time is now spent on the computer, I have about 30 episodes of Y&R and ATWT on DVR (and I've seriously thought about adding B&B). I've been watching them since I was a child! (so it's my mom's fault). And my favorite pie....chocolate, blueberry, cherry, cheesecake (is called cake, but it's a pie right?!) - oh, I guess that would be pies, can't choose just one!

Macey said...

Okay, I'm lauging my butt off at the old droopy stripper.

Ducky said...




*clapping hands like a loon*

Gotta love the ass! GOT-TA! Life would just not be the same if we had not found each other!!!

And yes, Buffee is so super awesome! I hope to meet her some day!

hugs and love