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Own It - I'm Talented Ya'll

Monday, August 23, 2010

I've been thinking about the next evolution in the Own It, Work It, Love It series and I kept getting blocked by a post that I needed to write.  I started it last night and now that I started it, I seem to be able to think more clearly.

The post is about jealousy.  Not mine, but being the target of others.  Which oddly enough, gave way to inspiring this next exercise.  This definitely falls into the OWN IT category.

I have been given many gifts and talents in my life.  I think sometimes we all look at the talents that others have and wish we could do that.  However, we all have been given talents that are uniquely our own.

I am going to list my talents and what they mean to me, and then I would like all my Smackers, who are up for the challenge to take a good look inside themselves and OWN their talents and be appreciative for them.  Whatever they may be.

1.)  I am a writer.  I have been as long as I can remember.  It just comes easily to me.  I remember a poem assignment in high school.  I had a teacher who was hands down the biggest bitch on the planet.  I wrote a poem for this assignment and turned it in.  A few days later she asked me to come to her desk after class.  She asked me where I got the poem.  I looked at her like she was an idiot (I was a teenager after all).  She asked again, "Where did you get this?"  I retorted, "I wrote it.  It came from my brain, went through my pen, onto my paper.  I WROTE IT!"  Unable to find it anywhere, she begrudgingly gave me a "B" on it when she returned it to me weeks later.  She was certain there was no way a high school student could have written it.  I am thankful for this gift.

2.)  I can create anything in the kitchen.  I am a masterful cook.  I love this form of expression.  It allows me to share my talents daily with my family and others.  It is a joy for me and I feel "at home" in the kitchen.

3.)  I can draw.  I can play almost any instrument I pick up.  Not well mind you but I can.  I can sing.  I used to write songs, but usually just for myself.

4.)  I have the unique ability to help others see the big picture.  I have been blessed with or cursed with empathy and the ability to see everyone's stake in any situation. I listen.  I assess.  I advise while helping others see how their decisions and actions will affect those they love and care about.  *sigh*  This is sometimes a heavy responsibility.

The thing about your gifts is, if you sit them on a shelf and don't use them, you lose them.  The more you use them and share them, the stronger they become.  It's easy to be self conscience about your talents.  It's easy to hoard them and keep them safely tucked away.  However, I've learned there is great joy in sharing with the world.

What are your gifts?  I challenge you to write your OWN IT post.  Dust those talents off.  Give them a polish and work them.  It's rewarding!

It's your turn Smackers.  Own your talents.  I will link everyone up as I did with the original!  Now get to sharing!!


KristinFilut said...

I'm glad you got this out! I like the spin, exceot for the part where I hafta figure out my talents... I'm usually good at sleeping, but I couldn't even do that today! *facepalm*

Babes Mami said...

I can draw.

I can sew up a little bag or a quilt or pj pants. Don't ask for a jacket because me and collars don't get along yet.

I can bake up a storm.


I am crafty!!

Buffee said...

Think on this I will! A Jedi Master I have become! My post I will write! Ha!

You are most definitely talented my sister! I've always enjoyed your writing. ALWAYS! My ass speaks volumes for how much I enjoy your cooking.

(Pizza, REALLY)? I would have rather had wings again! Just sayin!

Shell said...

You are one talented woman!

Anonymous said...

You forgot eating!....You look like you way a slim 300 lbs! Think tank has one whale of an ass.

Nancy C said...

Another great idea. You inspire many.

SurferWife said...

oh NO. I am about to get all ghetto on the anon's ass. Who the fuck is so bored with their life, so goddamn pathetic that they need to actually come to a blog and insult?


Eww, now I'm all mad and pissy when I really wanted to tell you that your green fish needs to ride the short bus. He can't track the food at all and is always last to get there, looking all stupid and disoriented.

But instead, I want to just bang heads together.

Macey said...

Oy. That's all I got.
You are one talented woman. :)
But oy at the comments.

Marcela said...

It's true, it really is important to stop and think and be thankful for our talents.

MrsBlogAlot said...

You've got it all girl! And I'm great at recognizing awesomeness!

Oh, and I type110 wpm

There. Done.

Mammatalk said...

Good for you for "owning it". Wish i could steal some of that cooking in the kitchen talent from ya. I am all thumbs. I am trying, though. Good thing hubs is a brilliant cook or I'd be skin and bone!

Kim of Mo Betta said...

well, we know "anonymous" has a talent for being a dumbass. wonder if they own it.

Thought-provoking post. Thanks! I guess with 3 kids, I have a talent for breeding...have to think about the rest. wish you were my neighbor so you could share your culinary skills!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post.

People who lack talent usually slag off those that have it. Jealousy is an emotion and it's up to one to sort their own crap out.

They definitely need to own their own crap and stop having a go at others for being good at something.

I'm all for owning my talents, but then I used to keep them to myself because so many people bagged me for it. But now, if you don't like it suck it up peeps, it's your shit not mine.


Plantress said...

good post. You have been given a large portion of talents. Here are my gifts;

I can sing. I love to sing and have been singing my whole life

I make an awesome friend. I am very loyal

I can grow plants and love learning about them

I can cook
I have a strong faith
I can please my husband after all these years ;)

Also, I am having a giveaway on my blog for new followers
please come see!

gayle said...

I really love that you have listed your talents!!!!! I will have to really try to think about this because I have never thought that I had any.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You inspire me! I'll work on this challenge.

Anonymous said...

Well crap. I have no talents. lol Seriously.

Poop on your anon rude commentor. Ugh. They obviously dont have any talents either!

Dual Mom said...

I heart your face woman.

This is such a great post. It's so hard sometimes to be happy with the things we have and not envy others. Like every time I see someone with thick, curly hair..I just want to bring out my scissors. So not healthy.

I'm going to think of my talents now Zgirl!

Tamara Dawn said...

Anon has "weigh" too much time on her hands...

I like how you said if you don't use your talents you lose them. I used to be talented at a bunch of crap and then I had kids. I'm hoping to rediscover those talents in my 50's because my little buggers are sucking all the talent outta me at the moment!

Mama-Face said...

This is a fabulous post and a fabulous suggestion for a post. It's thought provoking and so honest. One time, after wondering aloud to my husband why anyone would slam someone for doing well, he said that "if someone isn't happy, they don't want anyone else to be happy". I think that kind of fits the problem of the pain of jealousy directed one's way.

Mama-Face said...

I hope you understand where I coming from with my previous comment; I'm talking about those who seem to be unhappy with YOUR success. I'm not implying that you are the one with a problem. :-)

Ed said...

Had to come see what all the fuss was about.

Anonymmous has no balls. You can't post a bullshit comment like that and not identify yourself.

Tracie said...

Anon. comments are bs. If you move to WP you can find out who leaves them.

You are very talented. I'm jealous of your musical abilities. I've always wanted to be able to sing.

Tracie said...

Anon. comments are bs. If you move to WP you can find out who leaves them.

You are very talented. I'm jealous of your musical abilities. I've always wanted to be able to sing.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I'm late but I put up a list. I love yours, I wish I had the gift for writing. I've had a couple of poems published but I am no longer an overly depressed teenager so they aren't any good any more. I guess I can't write happy.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hey There, well it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do, been so busy this summer, either on the road or having company up to my neck.

I see you're still having issues with privacy however I won't waste any of my attention or energy on anyone without the balls to post their identity (besides, I don't think I can write in baby talk and I'd say by their lack of grammar skills, they wouldn't be able to understand any words with more than 3 letters anyway)

Just dropping by to say "Hi" and to think about my own gifts, thanks for reminding us to focus on our talents!