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Share A Spoon Theme - Party Pleazers Appeteezers

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Think Tank Momma

Happy Holiday Weekend Smackers!

It's Theme Time Again!


This week's theme is compliment of Dee over at Homesick Cajun.  Let's face it, it's PARTY season.  Everyone is being invited to or having friends over for gatherings in the summertime.  It's fun to enjoy the outdoors (unless you live in FL on the sun's surface) and enjoy grilling, sun and fun.  So Dee asked if we could do an appetizer theme week.  We all know I am nothing if not a people pleaser. <-----total lie stretch

Anyfabrication, I thought this week since so many of us will have or attend some type of party in honor of the 4th (for those in the US) that we would do party favorites and appetizers.  What do you hope to see out for snacking at a party?  What do you like to take when invited?  What wakes up your taste buds and gets you ready to eat a meal?

Spill it with me this week folks!  PARTY PLEAZERS APPETEEZERS!

From Casa di Romano, please have a safe and happy Independence Day!


Buffee said...

Mmmm! Yummy yummy!

I think I've got this!

Dee said...

I'm gonna get hungry just reading all of these Thursday!

Unknown said...

I just drooled at that picture. Yummo.

MrsBlogAlot said...

Yum! I could live off appetizers!

Macey said...

Have a happy 4th!
Have you watched Julie and Julia?
She makes these appetizer things...looks like those bread things in that pic up there...anyway, everytime I watch that movie my mouth waters when they are eating them! LOL

Lothiriel said...

oooohhh! I'm gonna try to see if i can make ceviche tostadas before thursday!!! sooooo good!!