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Own it....Work it....Love it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I am one of the quirkiest people I know, and you know what?  I'm o.k. with that.  Actually, I am great with that.  I like what I like, and I don't really care if anyone else does or not.  I'm not here to please everyone else, I am here to make me happy.  To fulfill me.

I have always been comfortable with me.  Are there things that I want to work on?  Absolutely.  Do I let what other people's perceptions of who I am, or who I should be determine what I want to work on?  HELL NO. Absolutely not!

Owning who you are is difficult for so many people.  Especially women.  I have made it one of my top priorities as a mommy to teach my children to be comfortable with themselves for who they are and what they like.  I can't tell you how many times I have told them "If you have to pretend to like things just so others will like you, then they don't really LIKE YOU do they?"

That's a fine line though.  You have to make sure to teach them it's o.k. to try things that others like to see if it's something that you are interested in.  However, it's also o.k. to decide "You know, I like you and I like spending time with you, but THIS isn't really my thing."

So now for the quirky part....let's talk about things I like shall we?  Things that make me....self proclaimed #QUEENOFTHEGEEKS.

I LOVE red high heels, but I seldom wear heels.  I just own them.  Love them.  Admire them on others.

I LOVE the color pink.  I know it's girly.  I love it anyway.

I LOVE Cinderella and totally wish Disney would quit putting all the other prentenders princesses on my Cinderelli stuff!

I LOVE when little kids say inappropriate things in public.  Especially when they swear!  I know it's terrible.  Doesn't make it any less funny. 

I LOVE the smell of lemon dishwasher liquid.  I got addicted to the smell when I was pregnant.  I know it's weird.  

I LOVE comic books!  I collect all the comics adapted from The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series.  I collect other series as well, and I feel right at home when I go into a comic shop and see all the freaks and geeks.

I LOVE the original series on the Syfy network.

I LOVE to read the dictionary.  Seriously, there isn't anything better than being able to call a dolt, vapid and enjoy the blank stare you get back.

I LOVE the rain.  Thunderstorms make me want to get nekked and spend all day in bed with BDC.

I LOVE to have farting contests with my boys.

I LOVE sappy chic flick romantic comedies and will watch the same ones OVER AND OVER again.

I LOVE to sing REALLY loudly in the car by myself.

I LOVE to watch golf on television.  I watch it all the time.

I LOVE dark humor.  The darker the better.  If it makes you feel uncomfortable?  I am probably laughing out loud!

I LOVE that when BDC and I go out on dates we get asked if we are newlyweds every single time.

I LOVE wearing Christmas pjs ALL YEAR LONG!

So's challenge time.  I want you to own it, work it, love it!  Come up with at least 15 things about you that you LOVE.  Blog about it.  I want to know what makes you....well YOU.

Or you can just leave me comments!

Love!  ~Zgirl


Macey said...

You do comic books?! Your boys must think you're the best momma ever!!!
And, I love high heels, but I can not, nor could I ever wear them. :(

Unknown said...

I own one pair of red high heels nad have worn them once. You have to really own the attitude to wear them, and I confess I don't really own the attitude. I catch glimpses of it sometimes,'s rarely around for long.

Le sigh.

Jenn said...

I AM SO IN. Also, you should come visit. I promise you McKenna would use the word shit in a sentence IN THE CORRECT CONTEXT at least twice. She's 3.5.

At least she gets it honest!

Shell said...

Okay, I can't agree with everything that you said, but a lot of it- shocking, I know.

Let's see...
1. I think that flip flops that match my outfit = fancy footwear.

2. I like the smell of bleach b/c it means clean to me.

3. I love pink(yes, I'm totally stealing one of yours, but I do love it)

4. I love books- I can get lost in them and think it's okay to ignore my kids to read.

5. I love that dh and I can talk to each other in movie quotes.

6. I love that dh and I can say "you know that guy in that thing?" and the other TOTALLY knows what that means.

7. I love walking along the beach and looking out, realizing just how small I am in the grand scheme of things.

8. I love when my boys get knocked over by the waves in the ocean- I laugh b/c they laugh and just get up and dive in again- they don't ever give up.

9. I love to jump up and down when I'm really happy.

10. I love to watch Reality Competition shows like Top Chef and Project Runway- I even watch them in reruns.

11. I love a good cry- over a book or a movie or something that doesn't really matter, but just lets me get all that emotion out.

12. I love wearing sundresses because I feel put together and not as freaking HOT, though they sometimes make me feel HOT b/c they don't show all the flaws.

13. I love letting my boys have ice cream for dinner sometimes when it's so hot outside.

14. I love laughing like a fool with dh over something that no one else would find funny.

15. I love that I have the most awesome bloggy friends ever.

Anonymous said...

Dang! 15 things?

I like YOUR 15 things. Can I borrow?

hee hee

Ducky said...

The higher the heel the bigger my attitude. Dmanit! That's what I'm missing. I'm gonna slip a milehigh pair on...brb

Babes Mami said...

Great list! I will work on mine!

Unknown said...

I have about 4000 shoes in my closet. I wear the same shoes every day (lame flip flops). Hubs and I have sat through a Smallville marathon for the last week.
We were so seperated at birth.

Unknown said...

Love it, I am an odd bird myself. I am so who i am and don't care, I will work on my list....

tattytiara said...

What is it about red high heels? I always have to - have to, it's a definite need - own a pair. If I wear them it's very occasional, but they definitely have to be there!

Anonymous said...

I loved all those!

Except the golf one... I hate golf. Im sure people in hell are forced to watch golf. Crap, I better clean up my act then! Or Im gonna have to watch golf.

The Queen said...

I love that I love sexy tops.. I can't wear them,, but I do buy them and watch them hang in my closet.

I love that I love sexy underwear. There is no one that ever sees them but me.. but I wear them anyway.

I love that I belly dance behind the closed blinds. Old women shouldn't do that, but I love that I can.

I love that I'm a closet addict to "Reba" and "EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND" I watch endless hours of them in the evening,,, behind closed blinds.

I love that I am not afraid to blog, what I want to blog.. even though there are people that read it that I know in real life..


I love that I found your blog..

later duddette..

Michelle Pixie said...

I love your list!! What a brillant idea...I will have to get a crackin' on mine. ;-)

Dee said...

I'm behind on my blog reading, but I'll add this to my PINT post!! (If I can think of 15 things that I love about me lol!)

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Oh dear Lord....someone hide the heels from Daffy!! I have a feeling it could get dangerous...

Kimberly said...

I'm so glad I read you first today!! I was wondering what I was going to post about and this is perfect!! Off to blog about it NOW!

Stop over and see what I've owned!! :)
Cheers to this post!

Tracie said...

Right now I can't come up with 15 things. Sorry to be Debbie Downer because I really like your post.

Anonymous said...

I loved these. Just wish I could walk in them shoes! My list is posted over on the Slacker Mom blog.

Nancy C said...

I'll work on mine as well. Here's a head start at one:

When I was in middle school, I used to get OBSESSED with things and would read about them all the time. Some obsessions included: The Beatles, Gilda Radner, and the TV show St. Elsewhere.


gayle said...

First of all I love you more the more I get to know you....I think I have said this before....You know I could be your mother!!!! I love that you tell your kids "If you have to pretend to like things just so others will like you, then they don't really Like You do they?" I am saving that!!!
Working on my 15 things but about me but not sure if I can come up with that many!!! How did you get so wise????

Mama-Face said...

Great Motherly Advice-and great list. It is so difficult to teach our children that pleasing others by doing things they don't really want to is just no good.

And then to trying to internalize that after YEARS of self loathing is pretty impossible.

This list made me happy. Honestly.

Imaginative Me said...

We have several things in common lady! I am totally taking this challenge, I have nothing else to write about today. And I'm certainly not getting any cleaning done. First day back from vacation, I'm not ready yet! LOL! I actually like to read the dictionary too, I just can't seem to retain new info... e.v.e.r!!!

June said...

"I have always been comfortable with me. Are there things that I want to work on? Absolutely. Do I let what other people's perceptions of who I am, or who I should be determine what I want to work on? HELL NO. Absolutely not!"

That is Me to a fault.
I see it in all 3 of my kids too. They know who they are or who they are not.

I will join this party next week!!

Crazy Brunette said...


I wear Christmas PJ's all year long too!!!

My daughter called someone a dumbfucker bitch the other day at WalMart for bumping into her sister...

Sleeping Beauty is my FAV, she has been since I was a little girl. I make the girls watch it with me all the time... They just want to watch Twilight damnit!

I own 90 pairs of heels... but I wear them. Its an unhealthy addiction. But I'm only 5ft tall, and I like to feel normal and not like a fucking MIDGET!!!

Dual Mom said...

Ok woman - I'm going to call you on the fact that these are THINGS that you love, not necessarily things you love about yourself. However, I do agree that there is nothing more fabulous than red high heels.

So now, give us the 15 things you love about yourself. C'mon...I would love to see that list.

Lothiriel said...

I'm barely catching up on blogs...

I love all the things you love!! Well, except for the vampire stuff. I only like it! I'm more into X-Men type heroes and Spiderman and the likes!

mmm....only 15? that's gonna be tough! xD LOL

Aimee said...

I totally LOVE this idea. I first read Daffy's from Batcrap Crazy, then clicked my way over to your place, then spent the better part of the weekend coming up with my own. Thanks for the challenge! I needed a good one ;)