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Thinking out loud

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I tell people all the time that you should think before you speak. Some people, obviously, should pause, think and then rethink. You know those people, we all have that one friend who needs a filter, or a family member that causes a visible cringe in the room every time they open their mouth. Now, don't get me wrong there is a time and a place for the unedited version of everything, but why exactly is it that people choose the most inappropriate times to speak without thinking about it first.

People, if you are out in public, there are children listening. You go to the grocery store and you overhear the bag boys talking about "banging chics", which prompts a car ride home conversation about why would those mean boys would hit baby chickens with hammers? That is just one example, I have too many to recount, but you get the idea. Why as mommies are we always having to come up with explanations for someone else's inappropriate public behavior? And then how do we teach our children to do better?

Thinking out loud in public is something we have all come to know and love from children. It is a hoot when you hear something funny and less than appropriate from the mouth of a babe. Until it is your babe, and you want to crawl under a rock because you are mortified that your seven year old just asked "how come that man is so fat?" loud enough for the 450lb man standing not 10 feet from you to hear.

For my mommy readers: Remember next time you are thinking out loud, children repeat everything they hear. We can't expect more from little people if we don't edit ourselves.

For everyone else: Please THINK about who is around and listening before you swear, or discuss your sex life, or your bathroom habits, or your prescription drug high, or so on and so on....

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