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Think dreams are sometimes silly....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So, funny story. As most everyone who knows me well knows, I am a real and true "Foodie". I love to cook. I love to develop recipes. I love to try new things with food. I love to go to my favorite resteraunts, find new ones and try all sorts of things on the menu. AND, I love the Food Network.

I have a deep and fine appreciation for all the personalities on the Food Network and have learned tips and tricks from all of them. BUT, there is one, one who I favor above the rest. Tyler Florence. Isn't he dreamy? I tease my husband that Tyler is my next husband. :) He knows that I just kid, but Tyler is so hot in the kitchen, and he could cook for me, and make dessert, and....well ya know. A girl can dream right?

So speaking of dreams. I have been watching Food Network forever. Tyler used to have a show called Food 911. Viewers would write in with their kitchen challenges and recipe disasters and Tyler would come to the rescue and teach them how to make the disastrous dishes the right way. So I watched everyday he was on. I was a Tyler show stalker of sorts. (Still kinda am, but he is married off now too.) So one afternoon I fell asleep watching Food 911, and you know how whatever is on in the background has a tendency to bleed into your subconscious? Well, I began to dream about Tyler.

Ok....get your minds out of the trash bins!! So Tyler arrived at my house, and I decide, being the accomplished cook that I am, that I want to cook for him. In steps my husband...he says "You can cook for him, but all you can make is Ramen Noodles!" What? RAMEN NOODLES? I can't make those things taste good. I try to make them in the microwave and they just come out mush. YUCK! I awoke being, one, mad at my hubby, and two, laughing at my silly silly silly dream. How dare my sweetie tell me I couldn't cook anything but Top Ramen for TYLER FLORENCE?

I relayed my dream to my hubby and he thought that was one of the funniest things ever. Not that I was dreaming of Tyler, but that he had "laid down the law" in my dreams. :D It is still a running joke in the house. Anytime one of the kids pulls out some Ramen Noodles we all get a snicker about my silly dream!


Mandi said...

We love love love the food network. I ate your cooking and it is amazing. If you picked it up from your fella at food network i say keep watching!

kys said...

LOL! Ok, you win. I lust after him but I don't dream about him.

Did you ever notice how the women would fall all over him on Food 911? I was always yelling at the tv, calling them sluts and stuff.