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Think about when it was new....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh the woes of young love. When it's new, it's fabulous. The skies are bluer, the sun shines brighter, chocolate tastes better, and nothing can kill the happiness. That has been the last two weeks with Kenna and her boyfriend Tyler. Oh, but then in an instant, the clouds roll in and the sun will never shine again, and food has no meaning or taste. Ah...puppy love, ain't it grand?

But that newness, remember that? I think too many times in long term relationships people lose sight of what it was like when you met your soul mate. Remember those butterflies, the anticipation for the next touch? Remember how you couldn't wait to see him again. Every second apart was almost painful. The longing to be together. It's so exciting when it's new, so wonderful. The world truly holds more joy.

Not that the world hold less joy once love isn't new anymore. But, once you get married and have children, and the bills roll in, and the job sucks the life out of you and you are just too tired to enjoy staying up till the sun comes up just talking about your dreams and aspirations, joy is less on the forefront of every thought. I am truly blessed in my life with a husband and soul mate that I enjoy every minute with. We still enjoy each other's company, we still kiss and touch like newlyweds. We tell each other that we love each other everyday, every time we talk. Many of our friends joke that we are "sickening sweet".

I think that the secret is we still date. We still work at keeping the newness alive. I'll be honest, sometimes we have our moments, everyone does. But, we are best friends. That is the secret to our happiness. We tell each other everything. There aren't things that I run and tell a girlfriend first. We are that one person that the other thinks of each time we experience happiness, each time we work through sorrow, that one person you want with you through every moment, good, bad and ugly.

The cliche that opposites attract is not the case for us. However, we do balance each other very well. My faults are his strong points, and vice versa. I am fly by the seat of my pants, he is organized. I procrastinate, he gets it done immediately. I am an optimist, he is so not. But, we enjoy the same things. We are both funny and quirky. We laugh at all the same parts in movies. We watch the same television shows. We love cars. We like the same music. We play video games, together. We enjoy collecting things, albeit different things. I do believe, in order to have a successful and life long partner, that not enjoying the things that you will spend time doing together is a deal breaker.

My husband is the kindest and dearest friend of my life. I love him with all my heart and couldn't ask for a better friend, father for my children, lover and husband.

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