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Share a Spoon - The Witching Hour

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Think Tank Momma

Happy Saturday Smackers!

Share a Spoon - Theme Time

Midnight Snacks!

Brought to you today by the fabulous food lover Kim of Foodies Unite.

I titled this post The Witching Hour because, well, it's European folklore for when the "black magic" or creatures (i.e. witching, ghouls, demons, ghosts, etc.) come out.  And let's face it, for a FOODIE??  All sorts of imaginary voices start calling your name from the kitchen around midnight!  No?  Just me?

So this week it's time to share your favorite midnight snacks.  I don't care if it's chocolate cake, or grilled cheese sandwiches.  The only thing you can't post is cereal, milk, in a bowl, done.  Ha!

I have lots of great theme ideas from Kim aka @foodiesunite so now it's your turn, what do YOU want to see hear on Share a Spoon?  Also, if you have specific recipe requests, as opposed to themes, let me know.  I will share what I have or make one for you.  See...don't say I am not a giver!

Alright Smackers, I am off to Belly's birthday party.  Pictures to come this week.  Wait until you see the Princess Castle Cake I made!  It is awesome!


Mo 'Betta said...

Cake recipes would be a fun theme one week! My daughter has a b-day in march and wants something other than my usual chocolate cake. I don't have many cake recipes in my collection!

And hubs needs low carb dinners and I'm running out of ideas!

Hook a sista up ;)

Amber said...

cake would be good! I have a really yummy Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe that I got from someone who doesn't blog anymore. :) oh and cookies and Banana Bread!

Kim at Foodies Unite said...

I am so excited! xoxo Thanks for using my idea!

The Blue Zoo said...

Well crap! I dont eat in the middle of the night. Im just gonna link something up and PRETEND that I eat it at night.... lol

My ideas for themes -

Recipes from Grandma (some recipe that was passed down by gram)


Some sort of breakfast cereal theme - Everyone uses cereal in some sort of recipe whether its a savory dish, or cookies, or a snack mix. Cereal is more than just a quick breakfast!

Deep fry it!

Meatloaf - Every family has their own recipe, whats yours?

Ok- so there are a few of my ideas. You dont have to use them, just wanted to share. =)