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Share a Spoon Theme - This Ain't the Shallow End of the Pool

Saturday, February 26, 2011

 Think Tank Momma

Happy Saturday Smackers!

Theme Time!


My great friend Sexy Steph from The Blue Zoo gave me all sorts of themes.  This theme is just the first one from her list.  I decided we needed to do something decadent.  Indulgent.  Naughty even.  

What's more naughty than fried food?  Plus, I wanted the challenge of coming up with a new recipe.  You see, Momma B doesn't really fry food.  Like...ever.  Alright, when I cater I do fry Parmesan Crusted Chicken Tenders.  Usually 10 pounds at a time.  Trust me, that's a whole lot of frying.   But, at home?  We don't really eat fried food. 

The really cool part of this theme is we can see sweet recipes or savory recipes.  I am hoping some of you Smackers will share some churros, or doughnuts....beignets even!  That sounds fabulous.  However, a good fried chicken recipe, fried green maters, great french fries.  Let's face it...fried food is yummy!

So get your little Fry Daddys out and SHARE your favorite fried goodies this week!


Amber said...

oo I hope someone has a Mozz Sticks Recipe :) Thats what I really want. I can prob find a good fried Cheese Curd one :)

Kristin said...

Naughty is right! Everything better be fried in olive oil!

Mo 'Betta said...

Fried food is yummy, but I don't ever fry either. I've fried cornbread before, that's about it!

Michelle Pixie said...

We never make fried food so I am at a loss for this one. It will be interesting to see what sort of stuff people fry up! I was watching something once and saw someone frying up pats of butter, so I know anything is possible!

The Blue Zoo said...

I actually have a recipe for deep fried cookies! Thanks for picking me, now I have an excuse to make them. =)

drollgirl said...

well i wish i was invited to anybody's home that is frying up churros, or doughnuts or beignets. yum! i don't have a fryer at home. ack! if i did i know i would use it TOO MUCH! fried food tastes SO GOOD going down!