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Happy Happy...Joy Joy

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My good friend That One Mom from The Only Parent Chronicles was offered an exciting opportunity to participate as one of 77 moms across the country in Do Good Day sponsored by 77Kids which is a new kids store opening.  The point of Do Good Day is to inspire people and show them there are things you can do to make a difference every day.

Mahatma Ghandi once said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Think about that.  What do you want to see change in this world?  What do you on a regular basis that reflects the world you want to live in?

For me, I want to live in a world of laughter and joy.  I want to always see happy, healthy and smiling children.  I want everyone I meet to know joy the way that I know joy.  I think if I had to go through very many days without hearing laughter and seeing someone smile I would end up in a padded cell somewhere blubbering in a straight-jacket rocking back and forth banging my head on the white walls.

To pay it forward, or to show others charity, doesn't necessarily mean you have to give money or time that you don't have.  Random acts of kindness produce a smile.  Often, a smile that will melt your heart and give you a sense of accomplishment that is just indescribable.  

We often forget in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives to be kind.  Head down, get it down, get home, whew!  No incident.  I get it.  Truly I do.  Especially if you shop at Walmart.  However, even then, it takes less effort to smile back than frown and lower your head.

Make someone laugh today.  Make someone smile.  Do something kind.  And remember, change starts with me and you!

As part of my effort to make you smile today, I have a little blurb from my buddy JennB.  She made me laugh on Friday.  She emailed me a drink recipe which is HILARIOUS!  I hope she doesn't mind if I share it.

Jenn B's 'special' drink:
1 Bottle of Crown
4 oz apple juice
2 Ice Cubes
Use the ice cubes to cool you off by rubbing them on your forehead.  Once they're melted and gone, and you're cool, follow the next steps:
1) pour the apple juice into a cup (preferably one with a lid.  You don't want it to spill)
2) open the bottle of crown
3) hand the apple juice to your toddler and send her off to play
4) take the desired number of "slugs" or "chugs" or "pulls" off the crown bottle
5) find a closet with a lot of room
6) lay down and take a nap

Now, go do something to make someone laugh.  And don't forget to link up with me tomorrow for Special *Limited Edition* Share a Straw!



Yankee Girl said...

So many times I feel like I can't make a difference because I don't have money and hardly any time. It's important to remember that it is the little things that count the most.

Love that drink recipe!

Ed said...


Anonymous said...

That's a hilarious drink recipe! And kudos to you for reminding us of the power of a smile.


Jenn said...

Awww, I'm glad I made you laugh!

Now, for my next joke...*crickets*

Much love, ZGirl!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Random acts of kindness outweigh dollars in my opinion =)

Great post B!

LOL about the recipe!

Chief said...

Im not funny like Jenn.

Im trying to come up with something to outdo her but I can't

Shit... now I have to try to make someone smile somewhere else. Maybe I should try JEnn's recipe first

Jenn said...

Don't let Chief lie to you. She's fucking hilarious. Like, she literally tells the best stories EVER. They're so funny! I'm dying laughing just thinking about them!

Chief is funny!

Ian said...

I agree with you and Tamara. Random acts of kindness. Holding a door open when you see someone coming from 20 feet away for example. It's the little things that make the biggest difference.

drollgirl said...

laughter and joy are the way to go. i try to find humor in as many things as i can, and i try to share that. i try! sometimes the bad stuff gets in the way, but you gotta keep trying to make things better. you know. and i know you do the same! :)

Buffee said...

So I held the door open for some old lady today at the mall (on lunch). She smiled and said thank you. In my head I thought how funny it'd be to slam the door in her face, but I didn't. It was just a brief moment of my warped brain thinking about letting out some aggression!But its the act of kindness that counts, right! HA! (Did I make you lagh)??

Anonymous said...

I think you said it perfectly. The little things count too!

blueviolet said...

You never know when those little gestures are exactly what turned someone's day around. :)

Nancy C said...

This post was an act of kindness. You made me smile.

I love watching Owen hold the door open for people. He feels like such a big boy, and it makes people smile to see a four-year old holding the door. Especially the older ones.

Love that kid's heart.

June said...

What a great drink recipe!!

You always bring a smile to my face B!

SurferWife said...

Try to make someone laugh today. Ok. Will do. Does it count if it's a pity laugh because my joke was so lame?

That One Mom said...

Hahaha! I don't even know if I could drink a swig of Crown... I'm a wodka girl...

Shell said...

I think I need to go follow those instructions. :)

Mammatalk said...

Agreed! Random acts of kindness!!

MiMi said...

That's the best drink recipe ever!!

Holly said...

I was a Big Sister for 5 years and it made me feel so good to be helping out the kids!

*LLUVIA* said...

I don't have much money to do anything big, but when I was younger, I did a lot of volunteering at nursing homes, but that just broke my heart at everything that I saw.

I now volunteer at the NM Solar Energy Association. We're working on bringing solar power to the state. Pretty much I do office work for them from the house and do flyers; things like that. Help spread the word.

We're having our annual Solar Fiesta in September. If I find a sitter, I'll volunteer for one of the booths.

But you are right, it's anything that we can do. I used to think that I needed to have all this money to do good things.

I love this post!!! :)