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Another Sixty Seconds

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Minute

Once again, Ian...the original Pimp Daddy is hosting the Monday Minute.  And I am going to answer his questions.  You know, the Smack Talk way!

What's wrong with fake breasts?
There is nothing wrong with fake breasts done tastefully.  However, I think natural breasts are much more appealing to the female physique.  I am all for doing what makes you feel better about yourself from a self body image perspective.  So if it makes a woman feel more like a woman, or comfortable in her own skin, than more power to the silicone or saline.  I do think having size DD, DDD, or larger boobies on a size 0 frame is ridiculous though.  That is just objectifying yourself for the sake of ogling.  Then those women typically bitch about men staring.  REALLY?  You made your boobs the size of summer melons and your body is the size of the skeleton from high school biology class and you can't fathom why people are staring?  It ain't that you look hot honey!  It's that you look ridiculous.  Just sayin'

List your latest run-in with the Carnival of Idiocy.
You will have to tune in tomorrow for Gratitude with Attitude for my run ins.  I have a couple of them this week.  People never cease to amaze.  I will thank them properly tomorrow for sharing the STOOPID.

Name one thing you would like to tell your 10 year ago self.
You will find yourself unemployed in ten years with five children.  SAVE MONEY NOW.  And don't run up the debt!  Yeah, that's pretty much what I'd tell myself.

What's your favorite word that's not in the dictionary? 
I have several.  I make up words....a lot.  Which is strange because I love words so much, but nevertheless, I make up words.  I think it has something to do with having children.  They make up words all the time.  And once your children change words that's the way you hear them, and often speak them from thence forward.  For example:  Kooper couldn't say underwear.  He called them nunderwearsEveryone who lives in my house calls all under garments nunderwears.
Many of my favorites though didn't come from children.  Not by a long shot.  The "f" word is probably one of the best.  Fucktard.  Fackwad.  Stupify.  

Why do fools fall in love?
I don't think you have to be a fool to fall in love.  Though, love often makes us crazy out of our heads.  Love can make you lose all sense of the real world because you can think of nothing else.  And we often don't get to choose who we love, we just can't explain it.  If that makes us fools...I don't want to be a thinker.

Now go join the fun over at Ian's.

AND DON'T FORGET...tomorrow is Gratitude with Attitude!


Think Tank Momma


*LLUVIA* said...

LOL! I agree with the breast implants!! If you're gonna go grande, be ready for the stares and judgment that come with it!

Danielle said...

Nunderwears is my new favorite word!

That One Mom said...

I keep hearing about this Ian guy. I decided to follow him last night... Only because I like that his button is the bad guy from Superman.

Anywho, 10 yrs ago I woulda told me, the dumbass you're married to is gonna be dead soon. Save money. LOL...

Shell said...

Nunderwears! Love the words kids come up with!

Momma Fargo said...

Awesome answers. Can't wait for the rest tomorrow.

Mammatalk said...

I've heard fake boobies are great from far away, but not as nice up close. But, I'll never know for sure...thank goodness!

MiMi said...

I love the "f" word in any formation.

Anonymous said...

I love the words kids make up! My little guy calls chocolate hawkolate. LOL

Viv said...

You know what? I say fucktard...often.

p.s. I love that picture of you guys at Whitey's...almost as much as I love Whitey's.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think the whole teeny chick huge balloon jugs is a but too cartoon/comics for my taste. I have a friend who has faux tatas and they look very nice, size appropriate and tasteful.
Love fucktard. Genius word. I say Fuckwit a lot.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for women who get too-big boob jobs they get ridiculed forever then.

Brittney said...

the F word is great right.. so versatile you can use it for every emotion BAHAHAHA

Erin said...

I have implants. I am nowhere near a size zero (think double digits), and am 5'9" with a big boned doc wanted me to go bigger, but I'm happy with my basic C cup. I just wanted to look "normal."

ANd nunderwears....I am stealing it. love it!

Daffy said... I haven't used that word in way too long!

I'm all set to go for tomorrow *wink*

Alison said...

Add Fuck-Nut to the list...I use it ofetn when I am in my room hiding from the most recent craziness the kids have unleashed.
And "grumpalumpagus" is our most is a case of the grumpies that must be washed down the drain

BDC said...

Play dough is always fun for a little while it it tends to become hard as a rock later on. Real big boobies is where my hart is. Knead em bounce um just plain fun for a growing boy. that one of the reasons I married you.

gayle said...

I just want my back where they belong...not going to happen!!

We really are silly fools when we first fall in love!! But it looks so sweet!

ScoMan said...

Mmm.. I'm pretty sure it is only fools who fall in love. I took a sample, and the results speak for themselves.

The sample was only 2. It was me and my brother. He's in love, I'm not. He's a fool, I'm not.

Can't argue with those facts.

Australians love to make up words. If you enjoy it too, you should holiday here.

That should be our slogan to get tourists here.

Dual Mom said...

I'd sell a kidney for a boob lift.

Anyone need a kidney?

Powdered Toast Man said...

great answers! What is it with women that like to show off the 'girls' but get upset when guys look? That is some confusing bullshit.

Tracie said...

10 years ago, I wish someone had told me that I was still young and cute and I needed to act like it.