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Wordless Wednesday - Spring Sprung

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I had the opportunity to really put my camera that I got for Christmas to the test this weekend.  The super moon was just begging to be captured.  Spring has really sprung in Orlando.  It has in Jacksonville too, but it's always 5-10 degrees warmer there.  So today I thought I'd share my favorite shots from the weekend.

Also....I'm guest posting over at The Pixie's Place today for Michelle while she soaks up some family fun.  Be sure to check that out, I get my funny on over there today!

Alright, see you tomorrow for Share a Spoon - CASSEROLES!  Now go see me over a Momma Pixie's Dreams!


Amber said...

Soo Pretty!! and Jealous! I want warm weather! It's freaking Snowing (and thundering and lighting) here!

Go Mommy said...

We had a taste of warm weather, now it looks like a winter mix is coming !!!! URGH!

Holly said...

The new camera takes beautiful photos - so pretty!

So casseroles tomorrow...hmm, I have nothing to mom NEVER made casseroles and therefore neither do I...but hoping to pick up some good recipes because it sure would be handy!