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Wordless Wednesday - Oh Snap!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have a confession.  I'm obsessed with taking photos lately.  I got this cool new camera for Christmas.  It's not a big fancy camera with all the lens attachments. It's a Nikon Coolpix.  The one you see Ashton Kutcher hawking in commercials.  The camera that does night photos and motion.  Not exactly the camera that real photographers get giddy over, but me and my coolpix, we'z tight yo! obsession.  Every time I venture outside these days I have this trusty little wonder with me.  We have all sorts of new birds, and bugs, and flowers blooming because it's almost Summer here in Florida.  Ok...maybe it's still Spring.  It was in the 60s all day today.  Either way, everything is all anew and begging to be photographed.

These are some of my favorite shots from last week.

This is a female Luna Moth that was on my kitchen window.

This is a Leopard Moth we found on the deck.

This is a side shot of the same Leopard Moth.  Cool huh?

Egg shells left in a Blue Bird nest in a bird house in our yard.

The moths in these pictures are huge.  They look more like butterflies than moths in person.  The picture of the nest is in a bird house that my dad made for me.  He collects old fencing and makes rustic little bird houses out of the dilapidated fences.  A piece of the roofing had fallen off due to weathering.  At first I was afraid that an animal might have pulled it away and eaten the eggs.  However, I saw the family of blue birds had moved to another bird house so I am certain those little birds hatched which made my heart happy!  

Happy Wednesday Smackers!  Join me tomorrow for Share a Spoon CAKES!


princessr9 said...

Beautiful pictures!

Quirkyloon said...

Moths are Satans pests! They're so aggressive.

Me no likey.

But...those are fantastic pics!

littlemochis said...

What lucky sightings! Love the little nest photo ~ brings back lovely childhood memories ;)

Daffy said...

My camera is wiggin out on me....lesob!

It makes me so sad. One of these days I'll bank enough coin to get me a new one (2 dolla make you holla! *snap snap*)

I love these photos! Great captures. I can not wait for Spring to fully bloom here.

The Blue Zoo said...

Cool moths! we dont have pretty ones. Ours are ugly and creepy.

I miss spending quality time with my camera....

WhisperingWriter said...

I love your pictures!

Michelle Pixie said...

Can I just tell you I am sitting here with tears of fear streaming down my face...I am not kidding...I am SO scared of moths!! These pictures are great but freaked me out! Do you have a flickr account? There are so many bug groups that would love to see these!

gayle said...

Your pictures are great! I think my camera is messing up so I might need a new one. My husband bought us one but it's to complicated.
Is yours pretty easy to use?