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Thinking of the smells of Fall.........

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here we are at that time of year again, when the nights start to get longer and longer.  Not that they really are getting longer, just that it gets dark earlier.  Which suits me just fine.  I love the night.  Love it!  It feels longer to me when it gets dark early.  I feel like I spend more time with the family.  Maybe because we wind down much earlier, the boys seem to be in bed and sleeping earlier, and then I have time to myself and the hubby.

My favorite part of this time of the year is the smells of fall.  The crisp smell of cold air in the morning.  The smells of cinnamon and apples.  Thick soups and stews to warm you up because it is cool outside.  The smell of burning fires each time you walk outside.  Pumpkin spice candles from Yankee Candle (personal favorite scent).  Football and the tailgating food.  Golf championships (yes I watch golf!).

I love wearing long sleeves and sweatshirts and being able to hang outdoors without being burnt to a crispy critter.  It's rough for my little pasty white self in the FL sunshine.  And of course, I love the Holidays.  Halloween, and Thanksgiving, Black Friday(that's right I am calling it a holiday) and of course Christmas.  I love all the baking and giving and the sense of family togetherness fall brings.

Now that I have told you what I love....let's talk about what gets stuck in my craw.  What is with the retail market putting out Christmas stuff  Seriously, first they didn't wait until Thanksgiving and it became like some forgotten holiday in the retail space.  Then they started creeping it back further and further.  Then they started putting stuff out for Christmas before Halloween.  Now they put out Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations at the same time?  It's September!!
I love to decorate for Christmas, and always wish I could have my tree up just a little longer, but this isn't what I mean by that.  I like fall decor.  What's wrong with scarecrows, pumpkins, multicolored leaves?  Give me time for my pilgrims and turkeys.  I promise Mr. Retail Giant, I will buy Christmas stuff too, but stop cramming it down my throat so early!  Let me enjoy my favorite season as it comes...that means, first some fall decor, next Halloween, then some more fall decor with Thanksgiving thrown in.  Then, as is tradition, I will purchase my REAL tree on the holiday I deemed so Black Friday.  Then I will decorate for Christmas Saturday and Sunday.

So raise your cup of mulled apple cider to fall!  I feel you coming like a long lost friend I haven't seen in forever!  I've missed you my friend.

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Ed Adams said...

Hey, thanks for the comments, and welcome to my nut house.

P.S. I totally agree with ya on the decorations. Retailers keep moving all the holidays up sooner and sooner. I won't be surprised to see the Easter Bunny handing out presents at Christmas this year.