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Thinking a break is in order....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sorry I have been quiet folks.  It's been hectic around the Romano homestead.  Craziness I tell you.  Kamden broke his glasses, but we now have a new pair of "indestructible" ones.  Yeah, I will let you know as soon as my little superhero penetrates the indestructible "poly"whatever metal.

We had puppies.  These are my baby Chihuahuas.  Lola-Blu had four of them.  The blue one with the white spot is the only female of the bunch.  All are very healthy and seem to be doing quite well.

Last night I spent the better part of the evening n the doggie ER with my mother and her Chihuahua.  Folks, the emergency pet clinics cost a small fortune!  Sheesh!  But her puppy Laynee was really sick.  Not really sure what was wrong with her, stomach bug or something, but at 4.1 lbs you can't wait till morning.  Dehydration is an issue.  Anyhoo, after tests, fluids and antibiotics we were out the door, albeit with a much lighter wallet.

Mini-me, that's Kamden, has a cold.  He is such a giving sweet little guy that he shared it with Michael.  His mom called to let us know he picked up the same nasty cough while he was with us this weekend.  And, of course, I have developed the same cough.  GREAT!  I woke up this morning with it!

Still no luck on the job front.  It's slim pickin's out there.  Need to figure something out though!

And 18 years ago today....I went into labor!  She took her damn sweet time.  Her birthday is Friday.  Yep, you heard me....THREE DAYS of labor.  Not contractions every thirty minutes either....they were five minutes apart or less.  I can NOT believe my only daughter is almost an adult.  We were looking through college applications and preparation earlier this week and she informed me she would like to stay local and apply to UNF (University of North FL) for next fall.  She won't be going very far! :)

I'll post more about the loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg labor on Friday when my baby girl turns the corner from the hallway of childhood to the auditorium of adulthood!  Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! :)


Ed Adams said...

When I get things at my house that look like those, I buy traps.

Congrats on the glasses. Good Luck.

Alicia said...

awwww they are so cute!!! i want a puppy so bad, but i already have two giant boxers and i don't think the hubs would allow another!! but i can't wait to hear all about your 3 day labor! yikes!!