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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Think Tank Momma

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Summer Garden Fresh

The Memorial Day weekend always marks the start of Summer for everyone.  Summers are full of children, laughter, sun, water and fun.  Being a Florida girl, it means my days are full of HEAT.  One thing is certain, when it's REALLY hot, veggies are about the only thing that sound good.

I had a Twitter conversation this past week with my girl @goodgirlgonered discussing the heat.  I said it was too hot to eat.  My ever faithful @TheBlueZoo told us it's never too hot to eat.  Also, she called us crazy.  We love Steph, we do, but one thing I know for certain is that Steph has no idea what the HUMIDITY will do to an appetite when the heat index is over 100 degrees in the South.

So...SUMMER.  Nothing I love more about summer than the fresh veggies.  Whether you grow your own, go to the Farmer's Market or just visit the local grocery store, Summertime brings out the best in fresh veggies!  Sweet tomatoes.  Cool cucumbers.  Colorful peppers.  Juicy sweet CORN!  My mouth is watering just thinking about all the crisp, fresh, yummy goodness!

This week, it's all about FRESH SUMMER VEGGIES!  I want your favorite recipes.  I don't care if it's salads, sides, grilled, cooked, whatever!  Just share your favorites!  See you Thursday for some GARDEN GOODNESS!


middle child said...

I'm with ya on the "who wants to eat in the heat?" Veggies ane fruit are about the only things that seem appealing in the summer. Thankfully, my husband puts in a garden every year.

The Random Blogette said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. I have a really fabulous salad that we make all of the time. It is so yummy! I think that I may finally have to link up. I hope that not having exact measurements is ok. it's usually like throw some in here and throw some in there!

Kat said...

I live for salads. In fact, when I crave anything to eat, it's usually a good salad. Especially in the summer!

The Blue Zoo said...

lol What? I cant help it if I like to eat! =) And humidity HAS to be better than this awful DRY heat. It sucks the life out of you. Well, and that isnt mean to imply that there is any sort of heat here yet. No.. Its been cold!! Freaking cold!

Salt said...

Mmmmmhmmmm we got the BEST corn yesterday and the most AWESOME red peppers. I always end up eating so much better in the summertime!

Daffy said...

Oh man....humidity CAN kill an appetite! That's the worst too! The only thing you can do is sit in the shade and eat vodka infused watermelon.

Your garden grows that right? :o)